Hearts on Fire

Regardless of the outcome may you all be blessed to truly experience a love so deep that it's beyond logic and reason. The outcome is irrelevant beyond the mind of fear, ownership and control. The gift of experiencing ecstatic love stands alone in memory as an eternal mountain of passion in the generally flat land of conscious life. It will stand proudly as a sacred spiraling precipice in this current time and space. For those that can see this, even for just a moment, will see it dwarfs all conscious imprints and will be eternally burnt into ones soul. May you all be permanently burnt at least once.

And with full consciousness, without anger or victimization, truly and deeply may you understand the beauty of your often painful soul branding.
An experience that once appreciated and accepted for the momentary gift it was, may guide and inspire you always, in its perfect imperfections. Guided to deeper love as you open to deeper pain.
Leaving you in cosmic wonder to greater wounds of this existence, understanding that a little bit of God is hidden in them all.
How much of Him do you wish to know? How many dark storms will you walk towards to find the epicenters within?
May you just once glimpse the link between insanity and Divinity.
May you just once understand the paradoxical link between the seemingly different forces of perfection and chaos.
May you see why the beings that laugh the most are hiding the greatest sadness.And yet those that face the greatest sadness, find ultimate joy.
And for the rare heroes, may you, while filled with fear, dive straight into the illogical and terrifying recesses of the trembling and the aching of your hearts calling.
Your courage and madness will find reward
Following the scariest but most divinely connected compass of the soul, one whose call never stops, yet sadly over the years begins to whisper. Always shrouded in a fearful mist. A mist dark enough to keep even the bravest away. Guarded, like any treasure of substance would be. In plain sight it’s tucked away within.

A mist always hiding the very Sun we so crave on our coldest nights.
A veil covering the liberation of the dark and lonely.
Only these few crazy, heart driven souls may be shown the deepest secrets of the Divine. Like why it is that fortune favours the brave? And why a heart on fire can never be challenged or stopped by any mere mortal? Just as it always has been from myth to this current day. And why one purely passionate soul can change the world? As we have seen so many times. Unhinged men and woman collapsing societies and raising entire nations.

Sadly this is not the path for most, the frozen and scared beings of this world will slowly and painfully discover that the highways of the glorified mind, all lead to the same crowded place. A highly suggested social destination of logical thought, comparison and emotional compromise.
All safely arriving they find themselves nowhere.

This is where entire generations are cursed to live and die.
Where they will eventually confused and disappointed, take their last few breaths and lay down to share fates with billions of cold dead men. Men that like them, even before degradation was at hand, had a disability blocking ‘aliveness’ of any true kind. Eons before had the world begun to fill with safe grey souls.
In death all men are equally united, now simply by new things. Cold grey granite stone, very few with a courageous glow in an endless night.

Life ending, they lie down after a path that was mentally accepted and sound, but gasping out, when death knocks at their door they realise that travel to the grey slates all alone
Even if someone holds their hand till the very end, it dawns on them that they wish they left with the deepest scar and the most romantic brand.

They wish they left, regardless of the wounds, with their hearts on fire
Nathan Raaths