Revolution and mass insanity : do you understand whats going on ! (Not for fearful minds )

The world is slowly but surely splitting into two camps . There is a line been drawn silently through the sand that many have not even begun to sense .

What is this revolution everyone speaks of ?

I was talking to some friends the other day and the one friends said to me , all my friends have gone insane , you wont believe some of the shit they say , they sound like lunatic conspiracy theorists …. of course I just smiled and kept quiet , little did she know that she was ( from her perspective ) sitting next to the nutball himself . I didn’t even attempt to debate with her as I realized anything I would say would make her even more scared and uncomfortable than her friends did .

The following day I was talking to a friend who is in the medical world , and was absolutely stunned to hear that he was just as off the  frigging wall of accepted consensus reality as I was . Really excited to talk to such an educated balanced guy who is what I call ” wide awake ” to what I consider reality …. and others consider lunacy .

His comment really blew me away and started a massive train of thought and inner guidance followed soon.

He looked at me and said ” Before I thought there was no one trying to control us  ,shit sounded like lunacy to me , now the more I study , the more I think freely and the easier I accept it ”

This blew me away a little because I immediately understood the very issue that was silently splitting the world in two .

There are two definitive camps immerging in the world . And amazingly they are both batshit insane from each others perspectives .

The question that divides most people is simply

Do you or do you not think we are being controlled ?
Before you even think about dipping your head into the wealth of knowledge and thousands of free speaking revolutionist that are rocking the structures ….. you have to ask yourself this question ?
A simple exercise in why this question is so important
If you do not think we are being controlled then the following conversation is lunacy
lets for a moment just by a stretch of the imagination assume that human beings are being suppressed and controlled on a mass scale

It does not take much of stretch of the imagination to realize ….. they would start with our water !

And anybody with a library card and the internet and a keen mind will discover the following mind boggling mysteries

Nearly all public water supplies in the world ( which would filter into every beer , drink or food item ) contains fluoride.
Fluoride is one of the most hotly debated substances on the planet , and I am not going to get to strongly into it as to miss the point of the essay …. but what I will say is that fluoride is poisonous to the human body and mind.

The FDA has three times convened in the USA over the last 30 years about the potential banning of fluoride …. research is finally pouring out about its dangers.

Now here is the interesting part , I am not trying to start an argument about fluoride and what it can and cant do , but I would like to point out , that if the world has been locked into debate for thirty years about whether fluoride is toxic to us in all ways , then why is it still in our water , surely they would at least remove it until they sure …. surely the slightest discrepancy would make them take it out . Even more puzzling is why is it in there in the first place ? You can research far and wide and not find a convincing source that it benefits our health in any way …… and why are they even risking it ?
Lets throw in at the end that it costs them great deals of money to add it ??

Now try not to get upset with me , lets assume that your still playing along and you believe there is some mysterious hierarchy trying to control the masses .

OK good so your still with me , lets go further down the rabbit hole . Lets start figuring out where Fluoride even comes from … when did they start using it ?

A few searchers later you will discover that it is common knowledge that fluoride was first experimented with in Nazi Germany with there massive science program
Now who in the class would like to guess what they where trying to use it for ………. Mind control
According to certain scientist it literally has the ability to dumb down the population , the most impressive part of fluoride is it seems to disconnect people from any spiritual thoughts or feelings ….

AS many people know many of those scientist spilled into USA after the first war and literally master minded the completion of the first atomic weapons for america … even tho many where German.

And guess what ?  Suddenly mid century through the mighty nation of USA it becomes common practice to put fluoride in water .

Now if you are not feeling stretched out enough , the best way to pull off a scam is not to hide it , we where taught that it was good for us , they brough it out into the open .

Of course now one asks any questions and those that do are removed or integrated , and suddenly they decide to put it in the other thing we have to use every day … toothpaste

And they even boast on the  packaging that it is full of fluoride ?? They have even tricked us into only looking for it !
There are entire university studies that now claim that fluoride rots your teeth (never mind the huge health concerns )
Yet when I went into Discem to buy my fluoride free toothpaste, only 1 out of 52 brands where not using this controversial substance that basically adds no value and might an have extremely dark side to it ..

To go even further down the rabbit hole , certain studies are now showing that fluoride is responsible for calcifying the pineal gland (covering it )
A little more research will show you that according to the oldest spiritual practices , lets use Buddhism as an example … according to there ancient teachings the Pineal gland is your antenna to god … they describe it as the gateway and Ariel to the higher worlds of light and love .

Now let me ask you , if you are trying to control an entire world . The first step is you have to separate them from there light , from their memories , from their meaning , you have to destroy their connection with a higher or god self .

you have to convince them that they are alone !!!
mmmmmm food for thought
Now in fairness , i realize the only reason you read this is because I asked you to step into my world for a second , even if you where just pretending .

The point of this perceptual essay I hope those that read my work realize, is nothing to do with fluoride , I am merely trying to illustrate a point . The point is simply that if you believe we are being controlled it will be easy for you to understand allot of there information flooding the revolution streams .
If you however do not , they really seem overboard .

This fluoride story is just touching on many of the things we know for a fact have been exposed ……. I could write on vaccines and frequency control for days !

The sad thing is that we are so controlled , through food , frequency , water , media , organised institutions and religions …
We are so controlled they have dumbed us down so much that we cant even begin to accept some of the things that are in plain sight for anyone who is fearless enough to awaken. We cant even fathom the enormity of it , and therefore we underestimate the scale of the control !


We are controlled by one massive weapon … FEAR
And fear is a liar …..
If you want to know if you are being controlled by anybody , anything , any place ….. ask yourself , does this make me afraid , am I afraid ? ???
I can promise you from the depths of my soul as my memories and understandings flood back into my soul that there is nothing to fear … we are eternal perfect creatures trapped in a system of slavery that has gone on for longer than you would believe.

Fear is a liar , they have brainwashed you to be so afraid that you are always looking for truth outside yourself when God gave you your very own Ariel to ask and communicate with anything and anyone about things you need … your truths are inside you.

Fear is a liar , nothing in the universe should make you afraid , nothing can happen to you that is worse than what already transpired here .

If you have the courage to push fear out of your soul , if you truly  want to seek the truth for yourself , the answers will come .

I can tell you right now that the journey of awakening is a very difficult one , and your mind and heart will often feel overwhelmed with fear .

The process of awaking for me was like waking up in the middle of a dream and I honestly could not believe the things that where slowly shown to me , I often wished I could go back to sleep .

One fact will begin to penetrate your mind
Truth is stranger than fiction
And the rabbit hole goes so deep .

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Before you become afraid , before you have sleepless nights over my essay . Let me tell you that if you decide to join the revolution , if you choose to open your eyes and claim your freedom , you have chosen the most beautiful moment in human history . The war has already begun , and most people don’t realize , the light is already winning . Do not be fooled by what you see around you , the revolution first takes place within you , you first claim back your freedom , you begin to reconnect with the eternal light and guide within , and like lamps going on in the night … the darkness is beginning to fail ….. critical mass has been reached , and the light is spreading like a wave of unstoppable love and light .

Its spills into our minds and opens our hearts . All around the world , revolutions are taking place , people are standing up for there sovereign right to be free . Countries turning on governments , organised belief systems based on fear and control are crashing down .

Not even the lies that the media is feeding us can stop it now .

The revolution will not be televised , the revolution will be broadcast from your soul . When you open your sleepy eyes for the first time and you claim your sovereign freedom , your light goes online ….. and I promise you that we are going to light up the whole world

The revolution will not be televise , it will be felt deep inside your soul


The first step to awaking is anger
Until you realize what has been done to you , until you finally admit that you do not have free will , you are a slave .
If you knew how long you had been chasing after the things they convinced you you wanted. If you knew how long it has been since you have been free . If you knew how long the free-will that you perceive to be yours has been compromised, if only you knew why you ached for light , love and romance in a reality where our sparks have been out for so long ……. You would become angry enough to stop the wheel from turning, you would become determined enough to stop the game , only when you begin to put the game on pause can you begin to clearly observe it for the first time .

WE have been tricked more and more each year into believing we are alone and separate , that we are mortal and fragile , that we must put ourselves first or the world will eat us .

We where infinite creatures who would journey to earth for a human experience , and they trapped us here , they switched off our communication , they dumbed us down , and scared us into constant submission . They raped the earth and its children for longer than most are ready to comprehend

I ask you to open your eyes my friends , I know its scary , but there are so many of us that will hold your hands and talk you through the fear . Join me in a world where we are all joined , not only to each other , but to the mother beneath us . Join me in a world where love is the answer to all questions , where we celebrate that every man has a different truth and that is the the beautiful power of the spectrum , join us in a world where we speak openly with our guides , angels and higher aspects of ourselves . Join us in a world where you do not ever have to feel alone or afraid anymore , because once your light comes back online , your link to eternity is inside you in the silence, ready to be accessed at any time . Join me in a world where your true gifts begin to unravel and you begin to perceive yourself as absolutely limitless .

The children of earth have awoken , the revolution is on the way . The systems of the world must fall , but do not ever go into fear , for soon we will begin to see this as the great impermanent adventure into bodies that it used to be .

It is time to awaken , it is time to stop looking for truth outside yourself .

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The revolution will not be televised , and will be explained in many ways . Its spreading through the world whether you like it or not . The world as we know it did end in 2012 , we are not even in the same reality anymore . All the struggles you have ever known are over and now if they continue are self imposed .

Even when you look back over the last year you are suddenly awestruck but how much you have changed , you almost see just a few years ago as a different lifetime and reality … well newsflash , it was . The rulz have changed , your jail cells have been opened and your chains have been broken !

The light has heard our Call and answered

There is a new sheriff in town , and freedom is his name . You must liberate yourself from the machine . Just as the movie “The Matrix ” was released at the start of the revolution to gently prepare you for the shock , it is time to unplug .

I know what I just wrote seems like insanity to some people , but truly when you tell me that no one is trying to control us , I think you are insane

So it looks like it is insanity across the board …. after all , truth is merely a point of perspective defined by ones juxtaposition and experience to the issue at hand

So I guess before this conversation will have any meaning to you , you need to go and look in the mirror right now and ask yourself

Am I free ?

If you are ready to admit you are not , I can not prepare you for the rabbit hole you are about to go down, and the realization of who has been in charge and how ….. but I will be honored to see your light shining across the water as we gently awaken more lost souls as you whisper in their ears that fear is a liar

If you decide that you are free ! and that we are all mad , well the revolution will continue regardless … but i challenge you one last time to go sit in silence with your eyes closed and tell me you don’t feel the light burning inside , I challenge you to tell me you are not changing , I challenge you to try and fight a war or addiction or inner battle that you have always lost one more time …. and victory I promise you will be yours. The cells gates are open and the chains are removed , all you have to do is realize that you are now free and safe !

The only thing keeping you enslaved now is yourself and old programming , and the tired weary mind , beaten in a thousand lost battles .

…. we are all back online , and all we have to do is claim and acknowledge our true selves .

The journey will be different for everyone , but the unity and perfection of the picture that slowly unfolds with each march , each article , each speech
… will give you goosebumps .
The revolution has begun

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I am awake
we are one

Nathan Raaths

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    The simple answer as I see it Nathan is economics. To have obedient consumers requires non critically thinking humans-robots that say yes to authority. its about prodiucing obedient consumers of fear guilt and product needy humans

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