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Are you special , a chosen one or saved ?


Are you special , a chosen one or saved ?

It’s amazing how the most successful doctrines and belief systems have always been based on the same basic principle … “You’re special, chosen, or even saved”. Although I am sure that the common foundations of love and brotherhood, even the connection to an eternal cosmic aspect that they all share are well placed, I think it’s evident that the part where they use it to separate us, segregate us and even make us feel superior to others are all man-made additions. It is pure genius! They have added aspects to faith based systems that do so much to blow up individual self-perception, that an ego-based society will always be hypnotically drawn and held together by how special they are in comparison to others.
It’s funny how some people see so clearly that we are all talking about the same cosmic force, described and segregated by the limited mind of man. It’s worth noting these same people can only see the powerful similarities in these beautiful bodies of teaching.
However those human “cosmic mouth pieces” that we so ardently follow, seem so obsessed with the differences . They split hairs more each day.

They are slowly tearing the world apart with their shallow human interpretations of eternity working through man.
It’s really not that complicated, love above all else. Any information, organisation or individual that tries to separate us or segregate us, are liars?
And we all feel the same unconditional cosmic force behind closed eyes.
Don’t we all have a right to name it what we want, and express it in the way our heart so desires?
Is that not the point?
I denounce segregation and superior thinking on every level in my soul, in my life, in my community and on this great planet. I, like so many others, understand that all violence stems from segregating beliefs and thinking!
I will never cast myself above or ahead of a single one of your creations mighty Prime creating source of all life!
I see the simplicity and truth shining through mans twisted tales of control disguised as love.
Many others feel and see it too.
We are almost ready to be one … all special, chosen and saved!
I stand with open mind and heart.
Thank you for this beautiful journey we weave into the fabric of what love really is.
I am awake!
Nathan Raaths


Who the hell is driving this thing ?


It’s almost like as a culture, the more aware we become of our outside appearances the less aware we are of what is going on within us!

Being disconnected to the internal reality of your true-self, literally leaves us as beings without free will. Then we begin behaving compulsively to feelings and reactions that we don’t understand or feel victim to.

It’s impossible to understand how you are creating your reality from the light within your soul, by focusing on the reflections it casts onto the outside world… these are the illusions we understand to be real.

This obsession with a mere reflection of true reality leaves us powerless to change anything. We live in a society almost guaranteed to spend a lifetime wondering why things are happening to them, slipping into victim or giving our power away by claiming its someone else’s plan is an expected result.

This state of confusion and powerlessness leaves so many empty and scared, left to try and find more solutions outside of themselves. Like empty ghosts chasing shadows on a wall.

Tired lifeless eyes searching for the light without that they actually already are within!

Never turning back into true reality, the eternity behind closed eyes and slow breath, to add some wood and stoke the fires of their ancient soul…

Truly the more focused we become on what the vanity and consumer driven society shows us, the more we travel away from one simple fact that was once common knowledge:

  1. We are creating it all … Every moment, every experience with no exception.

Until then, every time we have a proverbial “car accident”, we will continue to jump out the car outraged & wondering who the hell was driving?

Nathan Raaths 


This new power at our fingertips !!

As your individual frequency rises, the speed by which you can create your reality increases. This means that not only can you create the most incredibly connected states you can also literally create hell in your life in a blink of an eye. This is the way that the universe slowly teaches you to take responsibility and fully understand the upcoming reality. The reality of instant manifestation is what waits for many of us as the frequency steps up more each year. This fact is becoming massively evident for many of us, as exciting as it is we also often find ourselves with paint all over our faces. Like tops learning to spin at higher and higher speeds, we also often lose focus and spin out of control sometimes with new found and shocking momentum. What many of us are experiencing is a comedy of errors. It’s an absolute roller coaster of realities, learning to harness this new power. One day we feel like we are so connected and balanced that we will never fall again, the next day we unravel and feel like we have gone backwards.

My message to you tonight is to be gentle with yourself. A handful of colorful and somewhat humorous swings are to be expected as we learn to control this new power that slowly grows. We are still left to create any reality we choose with this impending gift, even a dark one if we choose. One thing that you will never have again, is doubt of who is choosing and creating this all. This is all your doing. One incredible tutorial of a new reality squashed into a few meager years. Soon we will have full awareness and be able to take responsibility of every word, thought and action. Hence we can be fully responsible for our vibration, and all that we create … How exciting!!

I just wanted to share some of the insights given to me in my inner worlds tonight.
It really helped me.

I am winding the string around my top again right now, after a rather epic speed wobble. A few deep breaths and I’m ready to throw it and start the lesson again.

This new power at my fingertips!

Nathan Raaths 


purple spinner

The Fabric of Truth : An understanding that can free our souls !

7th September at 11 am -13:00 

Suggested Value exchange :
R 200 per person ( R300 if you bring a friend )
Or a donation that suites your current reality

Mind ,Body and Spirit Sanctuary Germiston 

Unit 10 Majestic Nursery, 90 Webber Road Lambton

I can think of no single understanding that could literally transform individuals more powerfully than the knowledge of what truth is !

On a grander scale if people where only taught the mind blowing constructs of truth they would deal with each other so differently it would literally cause a global shift in consciousness

The truth my friends will not set you free ……. Understanding the fabric of truth will !

I can give you no greater gift , those who can fearlessly explore its construct with me . If we are able to realize how perfectly constructed each individual perception and truth is, we are able to understand that we perceive the world , and even higher worlds in a way that no other individual ever can . Our truth is such a unique special construct that it leads us to what our purpose in life is .

This incredible understanding helps you live your reason for being s . Each person path tailor made to perfection . It also frees you of so much of earths pain that comes from expectations and trying to impose our truths on others .

I would go as far as to say its the single greatest problem in the world .

Once we have taken what I guarantee to be a mind bending fresh look at what truth really is , we delve into how our truths create our beliefs .

Quite literally every time you feel any emotion , good or bad . It is because you have a belief about what is outplaying before you … place , event or person .

No single thing can free your soul more than learning to uncover what beliefs you hold about the things outplaying around you .

Understanding , and having awareness of how our truths lead to beliefs , and how our beliefs literally mold reality , is in my view the most important skill we in this great awakening can possibly harness

Join me for a no holds barred adventure, as we do what most fear to do .We peak behind the curtain at the very fabric of reality and truth ….

And lastly how this outplays to create the reality we experience


No I dont want to save your Kitten ….. or Pit bull thank you !!!

No! I don’t want to save your kitten… or your pitbull. Thank you.

This is why …

I wonder when people go on about animal cruelty, are they talking about all animals, or just ones they can keep as pets.

I can think of a few species that really need us right now.
The ones that are bred by the billions in the most disgusting appalling conditions you could ever imagine. The ones that live a terrified steroid filled industrialized life… in order to have their throats slit to make it to McDonald’s in time for our happy meal!

Entire species labelled as a slave race to such a point that we are absolutely blind to ANYTHING that is being done to cheapen and speed up this ‘bloody’ industry.
The screams and pain, the football fields of unhealthy tortured beings easily kept from human conscience by simple illusions of happy farm animals. A sense of unquestionable entitlement over the species that as far as we concerned exist for this reason and have no other use.

The industrialization of billions of Earthlings a year, without question, is the greatest shame in human history!

There is a reason why they keep the slaughterhouse images away from us, there is a reason why they put pictures of pretty happy farms on labels. We have always been kept from the truth that we don’t want anyway, as it would create an epic inconvenience. So we let them scream or suffer in silence no matter how bad it has become… after all our ancestors ate animals, why can’t we keep taking it up to the next notch in the spirit of efficiency. It’s just bacon!!!

Every species of animals has consciousness. From cows and pigs, to chickens and sheep. This is quite literally hell and we are the devils. They are trapped in cycle more terrifying than you can ever envisage. Terrifyingly it shows no signs of letting up as their human brothers are not even close to their stage of evolution to question the fabric of their society.

If you even suggest that someone needs to step in, that things have become disgusting… people treat you like you have a hippie dis-ease.

People say that its personal preference, how on earth does one species enforcing its will upon another convey preference?!?

I challenge anyone to go and spend a day at the slaughterhouse. I dare you to go and stand with a line of cows waiting to go into the room where they can hear their brothers and sisters scream out in their last breaths. I dare you to sit on the wall and watch their eyes as they desperately look around. I have never seen a more disturbing thing in my life… and I have seen people pass away and many corpses.

I saw one animal crushed up against the wall, as his beyond petrified brethren where trying to crush back away from the door… the door that they all knew would bring them a horrible end to their shitty lives!

This cow looked into my eyes and absolutely begged me. I still see it at night. I saw more consciousness and awareness in those eyes that day than I have seen in many beings in this robotic culture we have built.

Never mind the miserable life he had led up to that second, the same life his ancestors had led… Thank God not as bad as it will be for those that come after him.

I watched in terror as it was eventually his turn. He was shocked and prodded to force him to enter the room. If I had a weapon on me I think I would have shut the whole plant down and gotten myself in more trouble than I could imagine.

Of course I would have been painted like a hippie lunatic in the news and those around me would have openly mocked me.

“How far will we allow this to go?”, my broken heart asked me. We already breed chickens so fast in such disgusting conditions that they don’t even develop eyesight anymore. It’s getting worse by the day. This financially driven society is always looking for the next shortcut. No questions asked!

The best part is that so many people are going to be upset by this picture and this post. As though I am completely overstepping the line to suggest that we have become selectively evil in the deepest sense.

If I were to post a picture of a pit bull completely covered in blood, people would be shocked and they would be outraged and want to help.

Why? Because we have decided we have a connection to this species. We are so childish that if we can’t pat them and hug them and understand them… we condemn them. We are so brainwashed, reinforced by one of the biggest industries in the world… Meat. The marketing behind meat. Always keeping the happy farm image in our minds while the savagery behind the continuing development is incomprehensible.

I do think that humans beings are slaves themselves, and their suffering grows each day as well. I feel in my deepest heart that no God or Source of light and love will ever step in or help us as a species for one simple reason: If we can’t love and respect those that are in our care, if we can’t look after those under us, why should we be treated in any other way?

As above so below.

Those beings that are more advanced than us are allowed to have the same reign on us as we have on cattle. We are, through “instant karma”, paying for our actions without even realizing that the more we enslave these poor creatures the more trapped we become.

So I guess when it comes to where my thoughts are I do not want to save your pitbull or your kitten. The reason is I think there are at least an army of people fighting for them.

I love every single animal. I see the range of awareness and emotions that every single one has. I love pitbulls and I love kittens, I would never harm either of them.

Yet it is the calf and the piglet that keep me awake at night.

For it is them that showed me with a few desperate glances… what I really am!

I guess most of us are not willing to see truths that cause great inconveniences. It’s easier to sit and discuss animal cruelty over your eggs and bacon. After all, your pet is under the table and you saved him from the vet.

It’s easier to see ourselves that way. I know, I always have.

Now I sit wondering If I want to be human at all, at least not in the traditional sense. Perhaps it’s time that a whole new subspecies of humans begin to evolve. Those that can actually question the fabric of the truths handed down to them.

With a glint in my eye and a gentle smile I say… I have begun to meet them. They are already here!



The arrogance of our truths !

The only responsibility that we have in teaching our brethren , is in leading them back to themselves . Teaching them to turn within , discover their own inner guidance system and Guru . The only true path of higher guidance is to teach people how to look for and connect to their own Truth . Anything beyond that seems like a self imposed embellishment of ones own ego . Projecting ones truth on another is in my eyes a sure sign of a person who deems their perceptions to be superior , a kind of arrogance of juxtaposition that has led us wrong for eons .
Be wary of those that send you searching on frivolous expeditions outside of oneself in a search for clarity and truth , and be even more guarded against those that claim to hold your answers and liberation in book, word or action .
Every single living organism has the perfect God frequency flowing through them , that allows us to easily and openly understand , connect to , and even merge our wills with the source of life within us .

Animals that we so arrogantly claim to superior to , easily stay connected to this flow . They remain in harmony with their purpose and their current experience !
The search for things outside yourself , no matter if it is for, Love , truth or even answers . Will truly lead you in circles for thousands of lifetimes .
Each time it will lead you back to where you started , back to yourself . The only Guru , guide and even savior you will ever need .
You are the thing you so ache and crave for .
You are the redemption you seek . It could be no other way !
Behind closed eyes and slow breath , even deep prayer lies everything you have ever searched for .

Once you have reconnect to your own inner compass , your only responsibility is to help others find theirs !
No matter how perfect your life path has led you to certain conclusions and realizations , no matter how sure you are of your purpose , never allow the ego to step in and tell you to project that onto others .
Each beautiful manifestation of life has an inbuilt map and blue print with in it !
Each one personal and unique , a story like no other . A new expression on the infinite variations of life !
One day we will sit back and laugh that we used to actually think you could ask someone , or go to someone in search for truth for yourself . One day it will seem like madness that we ever thought that anyone but ourselves in the sanctity of our own hearts and minds could ever define the greatest journey and relationship of our lives ….
Our epic unique journeys back into the mind of God !

Nathan Raaths