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A new understanding of love

You cannot complete me , I know this to be so . You cannot make me happy , therefor I will not lay that on you . I am responsible for my own state , and I love you so deeply that I will never lay that impossible burden upon you .

Hold my hand, stand by my side as I fight my own wars . I can always hear your voice when I am in the dark and I can always feel your hand when I feel so alone . It gives me strength in my darkest hours .

I will not ” Fall” in love with you . I am done with taking and need. I am done waiting for someone to do it for me .

I will rise in love with you .

The freedom and oneness of my soul spills into my every touch .

I have many wars to fight to fight and things to face as I come into my true power . As I fan the flame of my own happiness inside . I too know that you have much work to do in your own special world .

I honor you enough to always step back and allow you to do what must be done , in the way you see fit on your own personal journey .

I will be honored if you will hold my hand while the storms rage , honored if you would hold my hand while the sun shines to .

Knowing that in my deepest heart the doorway to my world has a secret passage that runs into yours, is my finest thought . It is my greatest treasure .

We will watch each other creating these beautiful worlds .Like artists admiring one anothers canvasses. Laughing at each others blotches , yet deeply feeling each others tears .

And when I kiss you gently , when our deepest passionate moments unfold . The doorways open and connect , as our worlds mix . I immerse myself into your beautiful soul .

Nathan Raaths