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Perhaps there is no ultimate truth like so many of us humans like to think.
In an infinite myriad of realities and perspectives, truth is merely juxtaposition. A perspective created by the angle from which you view an issue.
At the highest level of awareness we might become aware that all truths are relevant to a degree. Perhaps even a stepping stone in the vibrational staircase to higher awareness.
Perhaps the highest level of belief, is not be trapped by one juxtaposition but to be aware of the perfection of all interwoven truths.
Perhaps when beings get to a certain level of sentience, or super consciousness, they are no longer bound by an individual juxtaposition on the board of reality.
Perhaps they hold an awareness more of the entire proverbial chess board than the game at hand.
Perhaps at the highest level of awareness, beings become aware of how opinions, judgements, and beliefs, no matter how seemingly evolved, keep us anchored into isolated positions on this board of life.
Once we are able to release attachment and defence on certain perspectives we can begin to hold that higher frequency of truth.
The awareness pulls back and encompasses the oneness of the board in its entirety, and gives us a true glimpse of the epic dance between dark and light.
It gives us a peek behind the curtain of reality. Where two seeming enemies, push and pull one another into constant growth and acceleration. This is one mighty prime creating consciousness emerging, and then splitting into many fragments on the board.
That same consciousness that exist in all things, like behind your eyes right now, perfectly neutral, until thought, opinion and personal truth kick back in, and root us firmly to our position in this reality once more.

Nathan Raaths


So Your Ex Is A Bitch Hey?

So your Ex is a bitch hey?
I can’t say that I can relate in any way to the tons of posts on Facebook that focus on belittling and ripping into our “Exes. ”
It’s amazing how many people jump on the bandwagon and the level of nastiness that gets expressed. I think we conveniently forget that at some stage of our lives these people were our best friends, our lovers and our confidants. And of course we are always just magically the ones that did nothing wrong.
I am blessed to say that I have no demonic “Exes.”
I just have a group of special ladies that I was able to share a part of my life with, and hence I learnt from them. I also accept that I wronged many of them in some way as I learned to grow and mature.
So… thank you to those wonderful people that joined your hearts to mine at some stage. Thank you for the lessons. You live in my memories now.
I recognize and salute you

Nathan Raaths


What Is It That I Can Become, If I Am Already All Things?

I already have all of the oceans of love and fear present and available to me in this drop that I see as self. Ever present, able to make itself manifest and known through my choosing.

The magnitude of every strain of light and dark already interwoven into the tapestry of my being, ready to be reflected in any way I choose, with every magnificent strain of frequency in-between.

What is it I could ever become, If I am already all things ?

Surely I can not become light nor dark.

Perhaps I can become more conscious, as a creator, of what part of all things I wish to perceive, to which I give my awareness and daily energy allowance whilst in this form.

I am already all things, it’s just learning that I can choose what part of the wind I want to dance in.

It’s choosing when to be the leaf dancing, or when to be the wind blowing.

It’s about knowing that I am the creator of the wildest storms as well as the calm Eye at the core .

Nathan Raaths



Most people tell me that time fades everything until its a vague memory . I have never understood time or the distance it creates in our hearts. I certainly don’t live in the past. Yet when I sit in silence and allow my memories to flood forth. I remember every friend I held close. I remember every kiss, every love. I remember my most painful moments with such clarity. The emotions are so real and authentic to me still. I carry every love in its original essence.
These impressions that certain people have recorded into my soul seem to transcend any erosion of time .
As tho it was just yesterday that those smiles, smells and connections filled my world.
I am certainly not haunted by my past. Yet I find my inner worlds often flooded with thoughts and images of people from decades ago .
I hold every connection I have made in a special vault . One that seems impervious to the ravages of time .
Its on quiet nights that I open it , and have a look around

Nathan Raaths


Fall In Love With Humanness

The fact, that you could ever be broken, is just as much an illusion, that you could ever be whole. At least the part of you considering my statement couldn’t. You are a multidimensional fractal of pure ever changing consciousness,expressing in a frozen moment in time and space. Essentially we are a single organism, so any adventures of self-actualized identity we choose to adventure into, will always leave spiritual and emotional holes, as they are fundamentally based in illusion in the first place. The leaves sometimes choose to fall from the tree of safety and benevolence, but the ornithological adventurer screams out in pure delight falling all the way down, even though fear of separation may well be present on baited breath. We are not expressing as a whole right now. We are tasting the highs and lows of separation and free will. Pure peace will elude us all, while we perceive ourselves in any form of separation. We can however reconnect to the sheer childlike sense of adventure that brought us to choose to perceive ourselves as individual, lost and separate in the first place. The childlike spirit that launched our leaves into the wind away from the safety of the tree. You can fall in love with your humanness, with your missing puzzle pieces, and the sheer madness of our own separate mind, and the boggling pain of a lonely heart. You can fall in love with the cosmic adventure all over again.

Suddenly there is nothing to fix, you see only imperfect perfection staring back at you in the mirror. You will see such beauty in your shattered pieces, finding higher truths and love anyway amidst a sea of chosen confusion and chaos. And you laugh to yourself thinking, ‘If I wanted to experience individuality and separation… I may as well do an epic job of it so that I return in full appreciation to what we were all along. I want to be lost and it’s actually an epic journey as I slowly find my way home. Chances are I have found my way home many times before in full enlightenment.’ Yet it does not take long before the child in you says, “Hmmm where else can I go? How deep into amnesia can I explore and still find my way home? Dare I even try somewhere like Earth?”

An adventurous question that is impossible for an old soul not to explore.

Nathan Raaths


Broken On The Inside

I watched a cripple man hobble past me in a very uncomfortable looking way, it amazed me he was even walking. I started thinking how the majority of our generation are also crippled inside. We are literally crippled and deformed inside, mentally and emotionally, plain and simple. The sickness of separation runs through our veins.
The hard thing about this kind of disability is that because no one can see it, they don’t believe that it is there. In an almost sick twist of fate our ultimate disability is hidden to those around us. We sometimes become so desperate to try and show, and express this pain, we try somehow to scream out. We try and hold up our broken wing that keeps us from flying, yet there is nothing to show.
This kind of disability is mostly ignored and eats away at our Souls. Some try look for attention in crazy ways, become drama addicts, even cut and hack at their very skin.)
Crying out for someone to see them bleeding internally.
Society tries to box and label them, making up new bullshit disorders and imbalances every month. Societies way of pointing the finger away from itself. Many souls lose themselves to addictions, suicide and desperate acts of attrition. I used to be one of those souls … I lived in the hell, while trying to be in what we call normality and civilized society at the same time!
No one taught me how we create our own reality, I was so deep into my own pain that I could not take ownership or responsibility as I do now. Little did i know that the more I focused on what was wrong with me, the more that experience unfolded. These are times of desperate screams in the night I would rather not relive.
Thankfully I started to control my creation eventually, after some rather comical turmoil.
Thankfully I found the strength to step out of the mould society tries to force us into as well, I began to forge my own path that many frowned upon. I am blessed to have found my healing and peace, yet I am haunted about how desperate this life can become. I see it in so many faces. With the love and empathy I now carry I do what I can to assist.
I don’t perceive that anything in life comes with any meaning, all life is actually meaningless in some way. Now before you get angry … another way of putting it, is that the meaning of life is to give it meaning.
You are the architect of the experience, as well as the narrator of the story. You decide what story to attach to the adventure you are creating. I decided to make my extreme insanity and suffering something that had helped me train to assist others in there later in my life. I do not perceive that this was true or not true before I made this conscious choice of what it is my life had been about for thirty years. If I had attached a different story to the events I had masterminded, my life would have a very different meaning and experience right now.
I ask you to ponder on this idea right now…
What story do you choose to attach to the events of your life?
Those who have eyes to see know that a powerful wave of love, healing and change is truly washing over everything! It brings tears to my eyes to see, even to be a part of it.
Yet sadly it is still too late for many on this round, I have lost so many brothers, seen so many friends fall. And on a planetary level, just the thought of what we have done to each other makes my heart break a thousand times!
Yet I have seen behind the seeming chaos, to the sheer perfection of how perfectly balanced all that unfolds truly is.
The love of my eternal soul has washed me clean now, I have let go of the old painful ideas and beliefs, the ones I gave meaning to now consciously serve me so well.
I still feel daily for those I see fighting the deep inner wars around me.
I hold a deep space of love and acceptance, devoid of any opinions of the behaviours you use to deal with your current pains.
I, as so many others do, hold space for you, while you learn to get that magnificent creation machine under control.
Just as you do with me…

Turn within.
We are all the same inside!

Nathan Raaths



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