We are all 269

As I peer through the my limited understanding of our history . The thing that always fascinates me is what was excepted at the time and how that conventional wisdom and excepted doctrine gradually changed .
And It always changed oh so gradually . It has always been fashion or trendy to join in the moral stance of the tides of change that slowly moved through the planet . Whether it was the painfully slowl removal of public slavery or merely the gradual implementation of what we perceive as democracy today .
It appears to me that the secret to remaining popular in each tidal influence was to always be outspoken to the issue, stating that something had to be done but to always be clear that the issue is not as simple as people like to think . Some of the darkest moments in our history have been outplayed by educated men debating and fringing around clear black and white facts . Its almost as tho we have always been so scared to stick our necks out that in each stage of our history nothing was ever able to become general accepted sanity until the general consciousness slowly caught up and untold damage had already been done.

I think we have always known what needed to be done at each stage of our history but we cowered in the safety of the fact that everyone else still excepted it and made it ok …. and as soon as the slow throng of consciousness gradually catches up and points out how dark our actions are , suddenly it is tho is is so clear that we are disgusted by anyone who does not conform . We are only disgusted by acts that are done out of the accepted shadows of our current culture !

To truly be a light bearer in a world of hidden dark conformity . I feel that surely few brave souls have to step forward into the uncomfortable front lines and risk been called a nuisance even if it just means that people slowly begin to accept the new paradigms of love and light a light that are gently slowly always expanding and calling to us .

The question is really simple , are you in the safety of the slow dark moving tides .. always accepting their opinions as they give them to you . Or do you truly want to feel true light on your cheek , the light that hits your face when you step forward from the masses and you dare shout out what your heart already knows . And in your sacrifice love gently bows to you in the part you have played in the unstoppable process towards oneness .

I know it is really really hard to believe today , but one day we are going to be absolutely shocked and appalled at the fact that we sacrificed or killed any single living animal on the perfect planet of oneness . The meat and dairy industry is killing millions of animals a day , the suffering is beyond imaginable and still perfectly acceptable from a conventional sense of where we allow the darkness to lie. Until you dare step forward ahead of the throng and slowly and softly you exercise your lungs for the first time as you gently shout out to the new light that touches your cheek. Love you shout out “I see where this is going , I sense the change is among us as it has so often been, Love you you have never lead us wrong , I am only sorry we are always so slow to feel you” …. Love you shout out even louder ” This time I will be one of the first in your army of light , I will step forward and declare a new era where no animal will ever be harmed again,I bow down to the light in me and I like so many in similar struggles before me declare myself a soldier of light …… I raise my hand in the air , eyes filled with purpose , I hear your cries little ones……. Your screams are etched in my mind and I will stand by no more . I will no longer let them slit your throats to fill their bellies ”

269life the revolution is coming ! Are you on the front lines

One day we will be shocked it took so long…..

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