Forceful Pollination

Once enlightenment …. For the lack of a better word and risk of the return of the ego starts to take place . One begins to understand one beautiful fact . One becomes like a perfect flower in a endless field . The peaceful , perfect manifestation of a flower does not crave anything other than to just to be , it understands the beauty in simply allowing things to unfold freely and make choices around it . The flower in its perfection does not crave to pollinate the searching bumble bee . The flower does not call across the field of choices to those that might be willing to listen to the forceful lip service of ones newly found truths and ideals . The flower silently awaits in perfect oneness , ready for any bumble bee that might fly along craving pollination and inspiration .

The flower confidently , in perfect acceptance awaits any bumble bee that comes along and seeks sweet illuminating nectar . Those that crave to drink of the cup of higher truth will land on your eternal petals … Your job is to merely stand in your perfect harmonious glory, bringing new light and beauty to an endless field . Yet in this state of allowance , never forcing or chasing . Always open and willing to those that openly search to reach out and pollinate. ! And so the new flower is born , beyond force , beyond ego ! 

Be ever so careful of the the soap box , my gentle and beautiful dear friends



The being known as Nathan Raaths

In this tempory  illusion of separation


  • Isabella says:

    Beautiful Nathan. I can’t stop reading Nathan..

  • karinhennorganiclove says:

    Beautiful. Thank you!

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