What is Cosmic love? (Accessing the higher mind)


What is Love and are you ready to feel it?

We, that experience ourselves as conscious beings, are merely observation points within the same single sea of energy. Observing all the facets of that which we are, from different reference points in the sea. We are all a single organism and our compounding belief in separation is the underlying reason behind all fear and suffering.

Once we embrace that we are in fact swimming in the mind of God, we embrace our limitlessness, we realize we can become anything … simply because we already are all things, we just simply move our point of observation. This becoming and choosing a different part of the sea of God to experience as, that which you are! That point of observation is akin to a laser reading information of a hard drive of endless information streams.

The limitations merely lie in correlation to the amount of negative reinforcement you unfold through fearful thinking and judgement. Judging anything you see makes no more sense than the finger hating the toes. All forces exist equally in our true essence; the mind of God gives home to all that is and all that ever will be without favoritism. The sea holds them all in her bosom. The dark and light dance hand in hand in a cosmic waltz. We cannot remove these parts, good or bad from our true fabric. We can however choose that we have surfed in the dark waves of hopelessness for too long, we can decide that we have seen all we want to see in separation. And in so doing we do not heal ourselves of dark, we merely move our observation point to another beautiful loving ascended state, and thus become that! We assimilate and read another program, skip to another chapter of the movie. It’s is important to remember that the rest of the movie does not cease to exist or become any less important, it is just not that which you choose to unfold and watch as consciousness and identity!

Rejoin Oneness, step back into the River of Life. Drop your walls, when you are ready you will see we are all one being, capable of self-realizing and multiple points of observation unfolding as experience. Your whispered stories tinged with sparks of the divine within the matrix are not needed where you are going. The beliefs that you hold to so tightly have kept you warm in the cold for so long … they are your small fire in a winter, and it can last as long as you want it to. It is now acting as weights keeping you from floating into eternity, into an abyss that has no doctrine, merely choice!

With each box and label you place upon yourself from a belief system to your soccer team, you re-enforce your separation. To say that you are one thing is to say you are not the other. It has come time not just to realize the boxes you have placed around yourself are too small, and not to get out and look for a bigger box as in the old times. The time has come to liberate the need for boxes.
You do not need a label. In the mind of God you already are all things.

The human mind of this age would set a picture from a newspaper before them, let’s say, depicting a group of people. They would observe those people as separate beings that are not joined in any way in the picture, the souls that are reconnecting look at the same picture and merely see many pixelated dots across the page. They don’t only see the different people that are represented as separate in the picture, they realize that if you zoom in there is only one sea of coloured life-giving dots moving and changing in form of expression. Each time you turn the page, through conscious choice, you move the point of observation and thus actually become a different part of a picture. We have coloured inside the lines of rules and conformity in this reality for way too long. I challenge you, to put down your pens, and pick up the wax crayons and begin to joyously colour outside of the lines like a child again.

Throw their rules and conformity back in their faces, they shout at you, at what to do, yet they are miserable and unable to experience their true joy. Yet when a sheep tries to step out the flock, it is them that bring you back into line long before any wolf needs to get involved, we are therefore, a self-enforcing system!
Embrace the rebel in you, renegades of light, paradigm shifters.
You are the bringers of the dawn!
Imagination can transcend any obstacle!

Every face that you see in the world is merely a cell of the body that is you. You can experience yourself merely as a single, confused cell as long as you want to. But if you so choose, you can also experience yourself as the entire body. The only thing changes is how much of the full body conscious awareness you wish to experience. If you wish to be the hand then that is ok, and in many ways you will feel you have become far greater than that which you were. Yet as we now see, you have just made a new choice of what you want to experience within us.

When we are ready we can embrace more and more of the mind of God. We can experience our true nature. You are the only one who can say what the boundary is of what you choose to be. Are you something in that picture or are you the sea of pixels and dots?? …… correct, you are both!

In this symphony, no single sound or instrument is more important. We can focus on just the dark sound of the oboe, or we can dance with the light of the clarinet. We can focus on a single sound, or begin to experience the entire orchestra as it swells and lifts and rolls and grows and crashes back down into the sea of all life. The music of the stars is ready to re-embrace you!

Next time you stand watching another human (part of yourself)… Next time you decide to pull out your laser of opinion… remember that with each word, with each gossip, it is in actual fact yourself that you are surgically removing from this perfect organism.
When you truly understand that you are merely facing yourself, you will embrace anything you see in a state of neutrality. Let that point of perception (a part of you) have the experience that he chooses at this point in linear time!
Love is merely a clear understanding of what you see around you. If you know what you are looking at, then you realize it is all reflective aspects of yourself unfolding in form. The world is your mirror! When you realize what you see, you understand why your relationship with God, and understanding of love is absolutely bound by the relationship you have with yourself. The relationship you have with yourself is the relationship you have with God. When you know thyself and love thyself, what you see around you changes … Once you can accept yourself, or current point of observation, you are also ready to love all that you see around you!
Love becomes the only logical response, and any lack of it is merely a sickness based in disconnection myths.
I love you all … for the simple reason that you are me!
And if you are not ready to admit that … I really don’t blame you, I don’t blame you as I really and truly do have ugly feet 🙂
Hopefully we can soon accept this about ourselves!

Reach you hand out to another part of you …. It gets lonely in here while we are playing victim. A bit of warmth can melt away the walls of separation. And this has been no easy journey!
Flex your heart muscles tonight… Ask the cosmic mind behind closed eyes and slowed breath ? Whats is love ? 

And you might find like me , that the thought that we can love one person and not another is an impossibility . You might find like me , what I thought love was , was far more conditional and ownership based . Now I realize that love is the only logical solution and reaction , to every single situation .

Even reaching out to the dark souls pixels on my page of experience , I think how beautiful you are in the contrast you give to me . I wonder how many times , as we have built these mighty scenes , how many times we have silently and unknowingly swapped rolls

Nathan Raaths