Are humans ready to experience love without ownership ?


Are humans ready to experience love without ownership?

How much substance can well-intentioned lifetime of commitments or promises of eternity ever have, when they are made by beings that can’t be in the ever present now?
I think we will one day release the need to try and quantify our connections with friends and lovers through external illusions.
Illusions like time and ownership to easily taint what is already perfect for the period it needs to be so.
We can in earnest, make no promises about how the ever shifting sands of consciousness will interact with others whom are constantly shifting in their own winds.

In earnest we can never belong to anyone.

Never make assurances based in the illusion of time. The deepest commitment and respect we can have in an intimate union is the promise to be fully present in the eternal moment of now, that constantly presents itself.
When aligned with your higher aspects, with a soulmate, one can honour the promise to be fearlessly open and honest, share and take part in the moment that is before them.

Furthermore, make the promise to lovingly walk away when the energies are no longer a vibrational match. A pact to never destroy one another while trying to honour an agreement made in illusion and insecurity.

Too easily is the unquantifiable internal force of love cheapened by external based concepts of ownership and time.

Truly all are soul mates.

When freed of the linear perspective of events, one will see that each intimate thread and connection eternally exists in the spectrum of your soul.
Love does not exist in the realm of future and past. It is always found right now.

The same place it has always been.

Nathan Raaths

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