Are you special , a chosen one or saved ?


Are you special , a chosen one or saved ?

It’s amazing how the most successful doctrines and belief systems have always been based on the same basic principle … “You’re special, chosen, or even saved”. Although I am sure that the common foundations of love and brotherhood, even the connection to an eternal cosmic aspect that they all share are well placed, I think it’s evident that the part where they use it to separate us, segregate us and even make us feel superior to others are all man-made additions. It is pure genius! They have added aspects to faith based systems that do so much to blow up individual self-perception, that an ego-based society will always be hypnotically drawn and held together by how special they are in comparison to others.
It’s funny how some people see so clearly that we are all talking about the same cosmic force, described and segregated by the limited mind of man. It’s worth noting these same people can only see the powerful similarities in these beautiful bodies of teaching.
However those human “cosmic mouth pieces” that we so ardently follow, seem so obsessed with the differences . They split hairs more each day.

They are slowly tearing the world apart with their shallow human interpretations of eternity working through man.
It’s really not that complicated, love above all else. Any information, organisation or individual that tries to separate us or segregate us, are liars?
And we all feel the same unconditional cosmic force behind closed eyes.
Don’t we all have a right to name it what we want, and express it in the way our heart so desires?
Is that not the point?
I denounce segregation and superior thinking on every level in my soul, in my life, in my community and on this great planet. I, like so many others, understand that all violence stems from segregating beliefs and thinking!
I will never cast myself above or ahead of a single one of your creations mighty Prime creating source of all life!
I see the simplicity and truth shining through mans twisted tales of control disguised as love.
Many others feel and see it too.
We are almost ready to be one … all special, chosen and saved!
I stand with open mind and heart.
Thank you for this beautiful journey we weave into the fabric of what love really is.
I am awake!
Nathan Raaths


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    I am awake!

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