Battle Star-Earth

Its got to be the strangest most all encompassing feelings I have every had but I am slowly starting to realize why I am here … It must be said that if you climb off the track of the world of conventional knowledge and acceptable behavior and you begin to ask the really big questions …… slowly but surely you will find your own personal meaning ……. and If anyone out there is in a place as deep and dark as my tour went ….. all I can tell you is that if you start asking the right questions , the beauty and perfection of the picture that will slowly come into view , will far exceed your hopes and tearful wishes.
No matter how you look at it , Earth is a tough place , and this human experience is not for sissies, and even in my personal experience when the clarity of what I sometimes see fades , I hang on to those moments when I am allowed to see glimmers of the big picture … and all I can tell you friends is hang in there , you will not be disappointed.
Until then let love taint your every word and action so that others may learn to light their flame from you.
I am right here in the trenches with you

Nathan Raaths 532300_10151487252043280_1736443822_n