Brother Time

Oh, Brother Time, why do they think you are linear?’ the lost soul asked one starry night.

‘They fear the possibilities if I am not’ came the soft reply from the realm beyond.

The soul sat quietly watching the glinting of infinite life dancing across the sky. The breeze caressed her face and she felt a welling inside her to seek and understand.

‘So, after each life we progress forward in history?’ the soul enquired quietly.

The night stayed eerily quiet. The moon gazed down on the soul as she waited patiently.

‘You return to the whole that is source and then breakaway to emerge anew. To be born rejuvenated an exact whole in spirit as the one you were before?’ the soul mused aloud.

The silence of the night embraced the soul and she felt embolden to continue.

‘Do we drink from the river of forgetfulness, in a timeless quest to always move forward?’ she said raising her voice in a plea.

‘Yes and No, little soul. There is no forward just another time stream. You are never the same, you may choose to bring more of your star family essence or less as you divine the potentials ahead.’ Brother Time mused as he walked to sit next to the soul.

She stared at him in wonder, as the visage of a man engulfed in shadows came to sit beside her.

‘Can you tell me more?’

Brother Time contemplated before his husky voice permeated the night.
‘Have you contemplated that fact that I, time am in constant flux?
That I bend and flow and breath the energy of our Mother.
That your soul may yearn scenarios that the stars behold outside of chronological time.
That you may exit the matrix and re-enter years before or after.
That you could die in 2016, and be reborn in 1624 and then thereafter incarnate in 2202.
That you could interact with that which you were and are.’

The soul sat in contemplation. Above a shooting star raced across the heaven in a majestic display.

‘More?’ Brother Time asked.

The soul smiled and said, ‘Yes, always more.’

Brother Time smiled knowingly and continued.

‘The statement “do unto other as you would have done unto you”
Is most poignant because there will come a time that you will interact with that which you identify as you.
An almost perfect essence of the ‘you’ when you are not part of the conscious whole.
Contemplate that you are living fragmented multi-dimensional versions across time.
Sometimes unaware of the other, sometimes not, submerged in the drama of Now.
That you are history in poetic action, effecting cosmic change with every thought.
You are a small majestic spark of the Whole, but you are immeasurable in vibrational possibility.
That your sacred soul family is so tightly intertwined into the fabric of Earths evolution,
That you can tap into the wisdom of the ages with your very breath.
You are Déjà vu, serendipity, destiny and prophesy in infinite motion.
As your awareness grows, so will you draw those fragments across time,
To unite in a memory and conscious Now that spans the eons,
You are here and you are there,
You are existing in multiple energetic dimensions,
You are man, woman, child and other or more,
You are the persecutor and the lover, the light and the dark,
You are the Eternal Dragon and it’s time.’

With that Brother Time disappeared into the night.

~ Whispers of a shattered soul


I am a daughter, sister, mother, wife, friend and more and less. I am a manic reader of various genres, and I love to express myself through writing. Sometimes it feels like I am just the interpreter of our collective emotions. Putting pen to paper to share when the inspiration strikes... I marvel at the freedom and surrender when allowing the rhythmic candescent glow of creative release. I constantly reinforced that life is all about the small stuff, the minutes in-between the focal points of our day, the special people that prompt you to live with intent, laugh with gusto, appreciate small gestures, rejoice in everyone’s individuality and find the wonder in every aspect of being part of the human race.