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Hearts on Fire

Regardless of the outcome may you all be blessed to truly experience a love so deep that it's beyond logic and reason. The outcome is irrelevant beyond the mind of fear, ownership and control. The gift of experiencing ecstatic love stands alone in memory as an eternal mountain of passion in the generally flat land of conscious life. It will stand proudly as a sacred spiraling precipice in this current time and space. For those that can see this, even for just a moment, will see it dwarfs all conscious imprints and will be eternally burnt into ones soul. May you all be permanently burnt at least once.

And with full consciousness, without anger or victimization, truly and deeply may you understand the beauty of your often painful soul branding.
An experience that once appreciated and accepted for the momentary gift it was, may guide and inspire you always, in its perfect imperfections. Guided to deeper love as you open to deeper pain.
Leaving you in cosmic wonder to greater wounds of this existence, understanding that a little bit of God is hidden in them all.
How much of Him do you wish to know? How many dark storms will you walk towards to find the epicenters within?
May you just once glimpse the link between insanity and Divinity.
May you just once understand the paradoxical link between the seemingly different forces of perfection and chaos.
May you see why the beings that laugh the most are hiding the greatest sadness.And yet those that face the greatest sadness, find ultimate joy.
And for the rare heroes, may you, while filled with fear, dive straight into the illogical and terrifying recesses of the trembling and the aching of your hearts calling.
Your courage and madness will find reward
Following the scariest but most divinely connected compass of the soul, one whose call never stops, yet sadly over the years begins to whisper. Always shrouded in a fearful mist. A mist dark enough to keep even the bravest away. Guarded, like any treasure of substance would be. In plain sight it’s tucked away within.

A mist always hiding the very Sun we so crave on our coldest nights.
A veil covering the liberation of the dark and lonely.
Only these few crazy, heart driven souls may be shown the deepest secrets of the Divine. Like why it is that fortune favours the brave? And why a heart on fire can never be challenged or stopped by any mere mortal? Just as it always has been from myth to this current day. And why one purely passionate soul can change the world? As we have seen so many times. Unhinged men and woman collapsing societies and raising entire nations.

Sadly this is not the path for most, the frozen and scared beings of this world will slowly and painfully discover that the highways of the glorified mind, all lead to the same crowded place. A highly suggested social destination of logical thought, comparison and emotional compromise.
All safely arriving they find themselves nowhere.

This is where entire generations are cursed to live and die.
Where they will eventually confused and disappointed, take their last few breaths and lay down to share fates with billions of cold dead men. Men that like them, even before degradation was at hand, had a disability blocking ‘aliveness’ of any true kind. Eons before had the world begun to fill with safe grey souls.
In death all men are equally united, now simply by new things. Cold grey granite stone, very few with a courageous glow in an endless night.

Life ending, they lie down after a path that was mentally accepted and sound, but gasping out, when death knocks at their door they realise that travel to the grey slates all alone
Even if someone holds their hand till the very end, it dawns on them that they wish they left with the deepest scar and the most romantic brand.

They wish they left, regardless of the wounds, with their hearts on fire
Nathan Raaths

Is It True ?

We often share things in the hope that they will change peoples minds. In truth humanity does not move consciously all that quickly, for the simple reason that we seldom actually change our minds about anything at all. People rarely have their beliefs defined by the things they see and read. They tend to first decide what they believe and then with ease they attract and find constant evidence to support their truth.There is a whole world of information and experience happening around us. Every truth as hard as it is for the linear mind to understand actually paradoxically exists. Side by side and simultaneously in cosmic intelligent harmony they stand. Two people believing completely different things about this world, can be standing side by side and both find evidence for what they believe, while both be completely correct.

How a bizarre a thought? We as beings live in such black and white perspectives. We see examples of this mostly in relationship based arguments or religious conflicts. The logical mind says it must be one or the other when complex issues are at hand. Lets say for instance you are not willing to accept this multidimensional possibility, it is easier to explain it in a more literal fashion.

If you decide to walk through your neighborhood tonight and look around, you might notice that as you walk you literally travel through heaven and hell. You could walk down a street filled with beautiful trees, exploding fragrances coming from the summer flowers. You hear children playing gleefully and freely in their garden. Sounds of absolute joy escaping like angelic bubbles slowly floating over the wall. Glimmering noise spheres rising to intoxicate the street with innocence. One might turn the corner and while walking through a darker part of your local park, see a worn out soul collapsed beneath a tree with a needle still protruding from his tired vein, stuck in his broken body. This might be the reality that beholds you only a few minutes later. The most incredible thing about earth is that all realities collapse and mingle, overlap and collide. From the most profound divine expressions of love and beauty to the deepest darkest disconnected actions and events. Reality is all things…

When I was 18 years old I wanted to buy a VW beetle, the excitement of driving out of my house in the passenger seat of my mothers car is so clear. I can still remember what is smelt like that day. I had seldom come across Beetles, but the few I had seen had helped me build the story that made me really love them. I wanted one. I wanted so much to be unique and special. The strangest thing happened, just that morning, starting a mere block away, I saw beetles everywhere. It is as tho suddenly the universe had placed them on each turn, taunting me. Deep in thought I wondered, had they always been there, and why had I never noticed them before?

I can not and nor do I want to tell you what to believe. I however suggest that true power lies in first deciding what kind of story with what kind of reality and deep truths you wish to entertain first. For in some magical cosmic way they all exist simultaneously.

Choose who you wish to dance with before you put out your hand. If you did not believe in universal intelligence before this, you are bound to after a few weeks. The penny will soon drop. The story that you have chosen to hold in your heart will be supported and proven a thousand times over in the days to come. Their is a beetle on every corner for the man who looks for it. The primordial om is singing it’s song… The galactic floor is filled with every character you can imagine, ready to play along.

Choose who you wish to dance with before you put out your hand…

Nathan Raaths

A Child In The Sun


As a child I was never sure what beauty was… for it was all beautiful. We stood in fields at night listening to the intense debates of rain in all its possibility among those we called the adults . That land smelt of red magic, it was even red to its earth, it left red dank on my hands at night . I once heard my grandfather call it the red lands. And I often delighted as a child at the sound of a thousand seeds falling from my clothes as the attempted to bathe and cleanse us. Sometimes in the fields I would go to my knees completely lost in the size and enormity of what I stood within. The smell of of pure earth is what most haunts me. I was exhilarated and terrified at the same time. Sometimes running full speed half in excitement half in terror it felt like perhaps the fields went on for ever. I would crouch amidst an oasis of beauty. Half filled with wonder and yet almost panicked from the powerful buzz of a million bees. Kneeling in fear and wonder I looked up to the attack on my childlike sensual being. Every creature for a hundred miles had come to worship the sun. So I calmed my fear, turned my head and felt the first rays landing. I begun to understand a wisdom that lay beyond my years. Beyond the field of seeming unconscious yellow. This was my first true expression of worship in my life. Before me a thousand perfect geometrical organic heads turned expressions towards their god, and without hindrance of my innocent observation, silently danced before me
As their majestic glowing heads turned towards the primordial one. Each one in symmetry, without question they aligned effortlessly. They danced and swayed in quiet worship
It was quite divine
I as a human child was the last one to understand
It was not a logical thought, more a sudden gentle knowing that washed over me.
Thoughts of fear and separation dissolved, I closed my eyes and surrendered to the one
Life would often repeat this miracle
To the light that makes all things, thank you for dancing for me
Thank you for letting me truly see
Nathan Raaths

Wash Me Away

The more I understand that I have always been, and always will be in existence, the more I realise that there is nothing to fear.  All my perceptions of pain come from the moments in time I hang on to. From the moments we try and freeze. We are only afraid of change. We actually only suffer from the moments we try and control or turn back. Eternity and constant flux are the only absolute constants in reality. I understand more deeply this morning how many levels of surrender there are, and the freedom that lies waiting for those who courageously let go. Flowing and accepting no matter the change at hand, from rejection to death .
Your pain is measure by your inability to let go. Your healing is always found on the other side of surrender and acceptance. Even your ability to align with the divine is held by your ability to let go
All pain comes from resistance.
Whether you like it or not, fighting against the river will not stop it from washing you away.
The mind has convinced you that you are a dead stone in the river. One that must cling for fear of been washed away from this moment in time .
When you work on your inner reality through ceremony, meditation and prayer, true reality begins to emerge. You realise that you cannot surrender because you have no faith in the perfection of source energy emanating through you.
When you cultivate the inner worlds. Your find your terrified grip slowly release in powerful realisation

I am the river !

It is myself I have been fighting all along

You throw up your arms in happy tears ……. just as it washes you away

Nathan Raath

Its Effortless To Love You

For many years I walked around in a profound state of bliss. I could never quite explain to people what it was that I was feeling. Such is the nature of life, the last few years have since been really challenging. I have walked some seriously difficult experiences. I know many of you are no stranger to the “Dark Night of the Soul” … And its fair statement to say that amidst all of my desperate attempts to cope with one thing after another, I secretly started to wonder if the person that I knew myself to be was even in there. I actually began to question if I had been deluded. I now find myself this year, becoming more and more the person I always knew myself to be. Its sounds very clichéd but I can truly see and feel the amount that I have grown and shifted through the trials and tribulations that I faced.
I find myself back in that state that I lived in for so many years. Only this time I can actually pin point what I am experiencing. I am experiencing being in love. Absolutely head over heels in love. This love that I feel is not directed at any particular person. I am just in an ecstatic state of being in love. In love with myself, in love with all those around me, in love with our deep struggles. Regardless everything around me just seems filled with collateral beauty. Life truly is an epic, beautiful, savage bitch. One which I feel we take way too seriously. It feels good to be in love again. I can’t stop smiling. I am naughty and mischievous in thought, as I always was. And I experience the same gift that love brings to all of us. It just makes everything glow a little. I am madly in love, there is no doubt that this is what I am feeling. I don’t see why there has to be another person involved I think I found the one, and it’s me.
Playfulness aside, I thank the divine emanation within us all for the way our souls grow and unfurl unimaginable beauty through the trials and tribulations brought to us. Thank you for the suffering, I see more clearly each time. And more and more, all I see and feel is love The cracks truly are where the light enters. I feel like there is less and less of me left each time, yet I have become more and more of everything else. It is effortless to love you.

Nathan Raaths


Gangsters Of The Heart

Build up those around you. Hold a space free of opinion for those that are at war with themselves. Love fucking hard. Express your appreciation openly for all the beauty you behold. Allow your enthusiasm to spill from your touch .

Love like a child, spill that shit everywhere .
Contaminate your environment with unhindered passion. Hold your vulnerabilities proudly for people to touch and stroke.

Wear your tears without ever looking away
May your life lead you to laughter and tears in the same breath
Light every candle you pass with the embers of your smile

Cry … but never remove your gaze


Nathan Raaths


Characters Furnace 

This is something I have always known in my heart as someone who loves to write and observe society. A truth that makes people very angry if you suggest it to them. No matter what situation or behavior you observe around you in another person, no matter how foreign or pathetic you find their feelings, behaviors or actions. If you gave me the power to pen in, certain events, situations and moments into your life script. Creatively thinking of course… I believe I could get you to act in the same way as that person, that only a moment ago, we were looking to, in disgust.

Eternity is spliced open into character building moments!
The furnaces that forge our steel lie deep below the waters of wandering eyes. If you contemplate this thought deeply, a profound truth exposes itself. One that makes judgement and opinions externally cast a pathless land with no clear sky.
Perhaps this cosmic intelligence is going to leave us all here… changing roles over and over for eons until we figure it out.

We can’t point our fingers at anything outside of ourselves without pointing directly at a part of ourselves expressing at a different time and place. It is just another part of the consciousness that births us all, merely moulded by different storms, words and songs.
Yet behind us all, lies the same mighty wind. Silently dancing with itself .

Nathan Raaths


Broken On The Inside

I watched a cripple man hobble past me in a very uncomfortable looking way, it amazed me he was even walking. I started thinking how the majority of our generation are also crippled inside. We are literally crippled and deformed inside, mentally and emotionally, plain and simple. The sickness of separation runs through our veins.
The hard thing about this kind of disability is that because no one can see it, they don’t believe that it is there. In an almost sick twist of fate our ultimate disability is hidden to those around us. We sometimes become so desperate to try and show, and express this pain, we try somehow to scream out. We try and hold up our broken wing that keeps us from flying, yet there is nothing to show.
This kind of disability is mostly ignored and eats away at our Souls. Some try look for attention in crazy ways, become drama addicts, even cut and hack at their very skin.)
Crying out for someone to see them bleeding internally.
Society tries to box and label them, making up new bullshit disorders and imbalances every month. Societies way of pointing the finger away from itself. Many souls lose themselves to addictions, suicide and desperate acts of attrition. I used to be one of those souls … I lived in the hell, while trying to be in what we call normality and civilized society at the same time!
No one taught me how we create our own reality, I was so deep into my own pain that I could not take ownership or responsibility as I do now. Little did i know that the more I focused on what was wrong with me, the more that experience unfolded. These are times of desperate screams in the night I would rather not relive.
Thankfully I started to control my creation eventually, after some rather comical turmoil.
Thankfully I found the strength to step out of the mould society tries to force us into as well, I began to forge my own path that many frowned upon. I am blessed to have found my healing and peace, yet I am haunted about how desperate this life can become. I see it in so many faces. With the love and empathy I now carry I do what I can to assist.
I don’t perceive that anything in life comes with any meaning, all life is actually meaningless in some way. Now before you get angry … another way of putting it, is that the meaning of life is to give it meaning.
You are the architect of the experience, as well as the narrator of the story. You decide what story to attach to the adventure you are creating. I decided to make my extreme insanity and suffering something that had helped me train to assist others in their pain later in my life. I do not perceive that this was true or not true before I made this conscious choice of what it is my life had been about for thirty years. If I had attached a different story to the events I had masterminded, my life would have a very different meaning and experience right now.
I ask you to ponder on this idea right now…
What story do you choose to attach to the events of your life?
Those who have eyes to see know that a powerful wave of love, healing and change is truly washing over everything! It brings tears to my eyes to see, even to be a part of it.
Yet sadly it is still too late for many on this round, I have lost so many brothers, seen so many friends fall. And on a planetary level, just the thought of what we have done to each other makes my heart break a thousand times!
Yet I have seen behind the seeming chaos, to the sheer perfection of how perfectly balanced all that unfolds truly is.
The love of my eternal soul has washed me clean now, I have let go of the old painful ideas and beliefs, the ones I gave meaning to now consciously serve me so well.
I still feel daily for those I see fighting the deep inner wars around me.
I hold a deep space of love and acceptance, devoid of any opinions of the behaviours you use to deal with your current pains.
I, as so many others do, hold space for you, while you learn to get that magnificent creation machine under control.
Just as you do with me…

Turn within.
We are all the same inside!

Nathan Raaths


Our Inner Flames

Our souls can be can so inextricably linked with another, that a few mere meetings of connection and the experience of soul freedom can leave us craving that souls oxygen for decades.

Craving and longing to bring our fires back alive to once again rival the sun, in a world where we are taught to feel guilty to shine any brighter than a streetlamp, or where it is painted as madness to chase down your deepest souls desires and highest hearts joy.

As though your truest being could be anything but of that essence…

As if our very own souls pull would lead us in the wrong…

What is built between the heart and soul of two seemingly separate beings, knows no time.

It needs merely a few precious minutes of ecstatic bliss or joy with another, to construct a shrine, a sacred empire that will forever be held between those beings.

Beyond time and space.

Beyond reason and understanding .

Often this spontaneously erupted heart flame will stand like a towering jewel over an inner city that despite lifetimes of construction, not once ever seems to fall into the shadows.

Or ever lose its longing glow.

Nathan Raaths


They Just Not That Into You!


This year I walk away when undervalued intimately … so simple. Romantically, in friendship or more. If you are even debating what I might be to you, long before your decision is made, I’m out the door and long lost to you!

Love thyself … that’s all. Don’t be a second choice to anyone anymore.

For the right person you are unequivocally the only one.

There is no doubt or question or sway … when we burn for someone no excuse can get in the way.

If they don’t seem to move heaven and earth, if you are not coming across as everything to them … I softly say, “Then you are not.” That role is played by some other being.

Even if you feel underplayed in your value, stuck in soul-esteem games and you so want to believe you’re their One… Trust me.

Fuck clever words, and the fancy sentence said to sway. You will know if you are the person that balances their entire galaxy.

If it’s you…

You are the Sun, the Moon and Stars to someone.

They will make it so clear, dark matter will glow.

You will be their milky way, no doubt nothing but stars reflecting in locked gazes, from billions of wishes coming our way in twinkling eyes and passionate displays … no stories to fluff or excuses to display. If it’s love, they will find a way. Fuck! They would move a mountain with a spoon if that’s where you hid that day.

There are no but’s or complaints amongst men that are burning to see their Supernova again.

Cosmic fusion does not involve stories like “maybe soon”.

It compels a man to reach for the very Moon.


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