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Pleasure expressed completely free is gold, but the sanctity of heart that can be born of souls not hidden to one another in any way, is the deepest timeless essence. Groundwork upon which true, albeit allusive foundations, can be cast in rare endless purity. Containing the longevity we so deeply seek in love

Nathan Raaths


A Plague On Both Your Houses

I am equally haunted by my infinite seeming mistakes, as I am cosmically ignited by the seeds I have seen grown by my feet
I am haunted by every face I have teared… Particularly one
Yet I am gratefully driven by an equal madness, by the beauty that drips from my soul when I allow
Beast and God housed as brothers
Slowly as called, we will find peace somehow 
A plague on both your houses… Still led to the greatest love story somehow


Hearts on Fire

Hearts on fire are Divinely inspired.
Regardless of the outcome in a world beyond ownership and structure, may you all be blessed to truly experience a love so deep that its beyond logic and reason. The outcome is irrelevant beyond the mind of fear and control. The gift of experiencing the ecstatic mind stands alone in memory as an eternal mountain of passion in the generally flat land of conscious life. It will stand proudly as a sacred spiralling precipice in this current time and space. For those that can see the Sacred, even for just a moment, will see it dwarfs all conscious imprints Universe-wide and be eternally burnt into one’s soul.
May you all be permanently burnt at least once.
And with full consciousness, without anger or victimisation, truly and deeply may you understand the beauty of your often painful, beautiful soul brand.
An experience that once appreciated and accepted for the momentary gift it was, may guide and inspire you always, in its perfect imperfections.
Leaving you in cosmic wonder to greater wounds of this existence, understanding that a little bit of God is hidden in them all.
How much of Him do you wish to know? How many dark storms will you walk towards to find the epicentres within?
May you just once glimpse the link between insanity and Divinity.
May you just once understand the paradoxical link between the seemingly different forces of perfection and chaos.
May you see why the beings that laugh the most are hiding the greatest sadness.
And yet those that face the greatest sadness, find ultimate joy.
And for the rare heroes… may you, while filled with fear, dive straight into the illogical and terrifying chaos of the deepest recesses of the trembling and the aching of your heart’s calling.
Your courage and madness are a reward as one, a reward as won.
Following the scariest but most divinely connected compass of the biological soul, one whose call never stops, just sadly over the years, feeling ignored, begins to whisper.
Always shrouded in a fearful mist, a mist dark enough to keep even the bravest away. Guarded, like any treasure of substance would be. In plain sight it’s tucked away.
A mist always hiding the very Sun we so crave on our coldest nights.
A veil covering the liberation of the dark lonely plight.
Only these few crazy, heart driven souls may be shown the deepest secrets of the Divine… Like why it is that fortune favours the brave. And why a heart on fire can never be challenged or stopped by any mere mortal. As it always has been from myth to this current day.
And why one purely passionate soul has and can change the world, way before the supposed importance of the human mind even tries to unfurl.
Sadly for most, the frozen and scared beings of this world, they will slowly and painfully discover that the highways of the glorified mind, all lead to the same crowded place. A highly suggested social destination of logical thought, comparison and emotional compromise.
All safely arriving they find themselves…
Nowhere… Our favourite human place.
Nowhere… Free of Love’s true grace, the one that hinted once with passion and clarity, but came with a madness face.
This is where entire generations are cursed to live and die.
Where they will eventually, confused and disappointed, take their last few breaths and lay down to share fates with billions of dead men. Men that like them, even before degradation was at hand, had a disability blocking ‘aliveness’ of any true kind.
Long before the world had started to fill with these safe half-dead men.
Once more united, now simply by new things… death and cold grey granite stone.
They lie down after a path that was mentally accepted and sound, but gasp out, ready to die, they realise that after all that safety, now, the end on their own.
Even if someone holds their hand till the very end, it dawns on them that they wish they left with the deepest scar and the most romantic brand.

Where do you start and where do you end?

Where do you start and where do you end?

People are really beautiful, if you watch them without the virus of judgement, they all feel a little lonely at their core. These varying degrees of perceived separation lead to so many behavior traits that we would never consider or desire if we realized that we were all one organism, one magnificent body of limitless energy. A body of limitless energy perceiving itself constantly through the eyes of a myriad of observers and creatures within itself. Each point of consciousness, birthing a unique way to perceive ourselves. One of those points of observation being you … and what you think you are! Like one finger looking at another on the same hand .
The disease of seeing yourself as separate to everything you see around you is the thing that you are now being called to from within to heal in these times. However the journey back into the stream of life is a magnificent one filled with realizations that will bring tears to your eyes. Warmth that will slowly flood your heart as the ice cold illusion of separation dissolves and you take your place back in the bosom of eternity … where you were all along!

Be patient with yourself and with those around you as you slowly free yourself of fear, and come back into true reality. Be patient with yourself remembering that this is part of the journey and experience you came here for, to slowly find one’s way home, and also to truly know thyself for the first time!
Unconditional love for all those around you will slowly become as natural as breathing, on the way home you will experience everything that you are not! It is an experiential journey by which your judgments of yourself and others have no place or merit, no more than a toe can judge a finger.
We as a single consciousness are all things already, we cannot become anything. We cannot become bad or good, we cannot become free or angry … we are all these things. We can however choose to experience anything that we are. We can choose to experience darkness or separation as so many of us have. We choose to experience many things within the never ending realm of who we are. We do however never become them … as we are all things. There is no permanence , merely the choice of which parts of our ocean you wish to swim in next .
Understand then that you can choose to experience anything, you can move your point of perception anywhere on this endless sea of who and what we are. When you understand this, the absolute absurdity of judgement will dawn on you. And you will allow others to have their choices and journeys more freely expressed, as well as your own!

We are all being called home. If you allow this healing to take place you will be sitting in silence one day, looking down at your hand and you will ask yourself “Where do I start and where do I end?” A warm smile will spread across your face, followed by bellowing laughter … you remember the joke for the first time in so long. “God”, you think to yourself, “we really do have a magnificent sense of humor don’t we, and not to mention our ceaseless appetite for adventure!”
Looking down on your hand still bellowing with laughter, watching how suddenly the world around you becomes part of you again and the gentle sound of the Prime Creators heart beating within yours begins to soothe you, you begin to sense yourself as part of all things. Sitting in silent commune with God within you, suddenly you think to yourself, “We are all things, but what do I wish to experience next?”

A mischievous smile spreads across your face, and inside you hear us all say, “Go on, I dare you.”

Nathan Raaths (and you )


The Anti

A basic understanding of cosmic law makes one realise that being anti-anything has never brought any more light into this world.
And the paradox is the more against something we are, the more often we become the very thing that we speak so vehemently against.
Focus and feed on the things in life you wish to charge, they will thereby increase and multiply.
The results of the international war on drugs speaks for itself.
The shift in racism made by those who self riotously engage and deliver hate towards the hate is toothless. Nothing good will ever come from your anti-energy. You merely charge and engage, and give new life to archaic ideas. Let go of self-riotous condemnation. Your ego has hijacked your energy for anger in the name of morality. Instead open your heart and mind… burn with passion.
Make the world feel excited about a new way of being. Of new possibilities.
Let the old ideas shrink away in the light of new beautiful landscapes, painted and moulded by the song of your life.

Nathan Raaths




One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen

One of my boxers once asked me a personal question after class. Something he had heard about me but was always to scared to ask .
I for some reason decided to tell him the story behind his question. I noticed near the end of the story that tears slowly welled up into his eyes and begun to express down this hardened athletes cheeks. He did not break eye contact me for a single moment and he just allowed the tears to gently find a path across his face and fall unencumbered to the earth .
He thanked me for sharing , shook my hand and walked away .

That was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Not once did he lift his hand to wipe away his tears in shame . He allowed his soul to openly express the pain he felt for what I shared.

I was walking through the mall today when I found my heart opening and I felt this great sadness escaping me. I realised that tears had begun to form.
I felt so sad I couldn’t hold it back, almost embarrassed to be there and suddenly I remembered my friend .
I allowed my heart to open and kept walking through the mall. I made no attempt to hide it. I just allowed the warm tears to flow quietly across my face. I walked past throngs of people wearing my pain .
I even smiled to a lady through my tears to assure her I was fine.
I was just feeling right now
And thats ok

Nathan Raaths



My friend Jean got me thinking last night. A statement he made resonated with me, “It is my shamanic inclination to perturb the system.”

I have always been fascinated the way certain people trigger others into strong social responses. I started off at a young age avoiding these people, I had very stormy waters within, and I found these people to be unnecessary and inconsiderate.
In later years as my inner waters stilled more and more I begun to perceive the whole thing from a different angle. Was it possible that these social rejects were actually a shamanic expression in action. As if the Divine Expression grew these flowers in humanity to keep the garden from getting stagnant.
This was one of my first revelations to how chaos would slowly reveal itself as divine perfection to me.

I think I spent so much time observing people in this way, in the way that we consistently trigger each other’s unresolved shadows and wounds, it is no surprise I created what I did.
I walked into my Varsity dorm room on the first day and I was introduced to “Johan” my well rounded hardworking Christian roommate from Pretoria. He was fanatically devout to Jesus and avoiding all things dark, which I soon realised was pretty much anything in his perception.
Of course it was not long until I heard about the evil man who lived across the hall from us. The students spoke about him in the lunch area with deep fear that I seldom saw. Of course this led me to a simple conclusion I had to meet this man. The man that openly admits, to being a child of the dark.
The meeting was very odd indeed. I saw this long-haired, completely tattoo-covered creature, and as he walked people actually moved away and began to whisper. It looked very lonely to be him.

I walked up to him and started to speak to him. He looked me up and down with serious distaste. We were like chalk and cheese. I don’t remember much of what he said to me, but I do remember him calling me a bulky Tarzan-looking bunny hugger (I had long hair).
The insults just flowed with such grace.
I waited for him to stop, and when he did he paused to wait for my reaction. He was almost cautious to see if I would respond aggressively…
I found some of what he said to be so brilliant, he dissected me so brutally and with great observation, I just burst out laughing.
I put my arm around him, and when he asked “What the fuck are you doing?”, I replied “I am hugging a bunny.”
It was a really weird first meeting but we both ended up walking to Lithographic class together
Keegan was a body piercer and he was covered in tattoos. He had about twenty rings and loops just in his face. I think the most fascinating feature was his bar code tattooed across his arm. Underneath it said, “Manufactured by Demons.”
He was quite a sight to behold!

It only took a few days for our friendship to cause problems, I was disowned by my roommate for entertaining darkness. Low and behold I was placed in a room with Keegan.
This friendship taught me so much about people. Behind these angry eyes I found a sensitive teddy bear with unimaginable cynicism, but even greater insight into the human condition.
We had endless conversations, between him snarling and scaring people on the walkways, and many a day behind closed doors I had him cry in my arms.
He was a beyond special human being. We were so freaking naughty together, naughty to the max, yet within both of us, not a single malicious bone.
He is one of the most kind and caring friends I have ever had, and he was accepting and non-judgemental on a level that we can all hope to reach one day. He carried so much pain inside him, the world from his perspective was a horrible place he could not wait to leave.

I realised watching him walk the hallways one day , people smirking and commenting as he went , what a mighty medicine the Keegan’s of this world are.
People that Source Intelligence puts amongst us, to trigger us. This causes us to face our own judgements and insecurities.
It’s a medicine in action, if you look at it from a certain perspective. Although for Keegan, I am sure a very hard path indeed.
The greatest leaps in consciousness can be made by asking yourself, why certain things trigger you. For Keegan he was merely the mirror to all the people afraid of their own darkness. There are many others that trigger us regarding, disability, sexuality and even belief. Many of us even get triggered by others behaviours as we refuse to accept our own humanness in this epic adventure of the Divine into seeming limitation.
I have found that it is quite possible to be around any ideas or behaviours without hooking into them in anyway, and when I find myself hooked in I realise that there is something I am not working through or a wound I have not healed. It is in this moment in time that perfect chaos unfolds as medicine in action.
The whole system is so perfect that those people that can trigger you on the deepest levels are usually cast as key players in your life. Lover, mother, friend or other family member.

It is often those in our lives that we conceive to cause the greatest conflict, that hold the most sacred eternal contracts with us. You would only ask someone you have a deep connection with to play such a key role. When all these pieces go back in the box, the bond will outlast any issue you chose to trigger in one another, here in this reality.
In a strange way our enemy is sometimes our best friend on a cosmic scale.

I realise today that people that are deeply at peace and assured of something can’t be triggered on it.
I want to thank Keegan for what he taught me. I know it’s only a matter of time before I get triggered again. Although I must say I think deeply now days before I fire and unload.

Nathan Raaths 


Sacred Rebellion

When I express and connect to the feelings of my being, I am connecting to my body’s emotional intelligence. This is a process that can only be authentic when it flows unencumbered by thought and analysis. Your true emotional spectrum has its source birthed beyond the mind.
The emotional body that stirs and dances while the mind slumbers can be trusted. These are communications from your inner whisper. The god in you is having an emotional experience.
Too often we see that mankind has learned to trust and act upon emotion created with rampant thought. A mind that runs untrained, is like a clumsy hippo running through still and peaceful waters below, stirring up an emotional muddy pool of confusion and doubt where a simple clarity once lay.
Overthinking is the undisciplined err of our times. We as a species have allowed ourselves to become possessed by a single sense. The constant hypothetical analyses, the insistent judgment and the deep ingrained suspicious mind chatter. Always showing us where we, or others, fall short. Overthinking is the wild winds that we allow to blow over the authentic oceans of our inner being.

The emotional confusion of our era is that we have learned to trust the storms so born!
Sometimes we react, even in a volatile way, to the waves crashing inside, victims to our own clumsy stirring and trudging.
It is a great misconception to think that our thoughts belong to us, or are unique to us in anyway. It is simply a radio frequency shared by our species, a single floor of reality upon which we have all stopped and set up camp. It is a general consensus, a station upon which we are all adding our emotions too.
One of the greatest things we can learn about ourselves as a species is that we actually have a single hive mind. We are so absolutely joined in the most intimate way, yet we walk around thinking we are separate.

Understanding that you are connecting to a hive mind will bring great enlightenment and peace into your life. For the more misinformed and misguided we, as a species become, the less you want to pay credence to the minutely bulletin playing in your head. To take the constant announcements and ideas that play in your perception as the true nature of your being, is a path filled with suffering and confusion.
To identify with the hive mind as your identity, means you will always have your experience of this reality dictated by the general consensus and overall consciousness of the planet. And as a whole the species is scared and confused and has its priorities so blurred and backwards .Do you wish to have your experience to be so?

The path of enlightenment on earth is one of the child choosing to reject the voice of the parent in its head. Even though as a species, we are psychically and biological hardwired to identify and comply with the connection without question.

To begin to not engage or identify with thoughts that do not serve your inner waters is a great act of rebellion!!!
It is a matter of going against your own instincts.
Rewrite your circuitry from within.
Enlightenment is you becoming identified with the eternal ghost in your own machine.

It is a great act of rebellion to reject ones thinking…

To throw back one’s head and laugh at the absurdity of an idea, even when it is cunningly broadcast in your own voice.
Imagine how different we would be as a species if we taught children that they are not that voice that never stops talking in their mind. Imagine we explained that that is a joint creative adventure, one that we are all contributing to. Imagine how different your life would have been if you had not spent it thinking they were your thoughts, and the measure of a person lay in the secrets of them.

Just as one can tap into thought stream, we can also tap into the galactic mind, the omnipresent intelligent source. That is why shamanic ancestral energy has been called back so strongly . The parent energy has been hijacked , so we must turn back to the grandmother and grandfather frequency of eternity. We must rebel from our own hive mind . When if enough of us have disconnected , the momentum will be slowed enough for us to redirect and examine .

Don’t trust emotional waters born of a busy mind, less you want to feel what the planet’s people feel.

If those thoughts are not your own, then the emotional storms born of them are even less so.

One must learn to guard ones sacred inner waters with unwavering discipline. You are the childlike empress at the gate, a guardian forced into maturity by an oppressive parent.
Too much respect is given to the illusion of maturity. I am stepping aside for my eternal child, one who has not fared well while I have made clumsy storms.
To calm ones inner waters is a great act of rebellion.
To feel safe and calm is to override your entire species.
All perfectly possible!
Unplug from the matrix of your own mind…
Rebel with me!

We that unplug will be the bringers of a new dawn
Rebel with me !


Nathan Raaths


The Human Experience

The human experience is infinitely profound.
I think only us, who are still in the midst of the experience, could ever lose touch with this. The pure rawness of very concept of a life on earth! Every soul filled with cosmic amnesia and regardless of the belief system they piece together they will, time and time again be called to find inexplicable bravery.
At their essence every human being is born bare and exposed in more ways than one. I doubt there is a single human life story that would not be deeply touching if followed through its highs and lows.
One can only imagine the amount of tears, laughter, screams and prayers that have filled our ethers expressed from the proverbial naked man. The music and art, the poetry and writings, all stand as testament to the beauty that escapes our often wounded souls. Expressions of emotional power made manifest by beings, submerged in the enormity of the experience.
In that paradoxically long, yet comically short period between birth and death, there are two inexplicable and unknowable portals to man. The only way in and the only way out. It is there, that we are each left the freedom to build a truth about the experience, from within the experience.
So many stories…
So much love…
So much pain…
The human experience is infinitely profound.
I think the ultimate gift is available to those who amidst the dream, wake up in a state of gratitude to the miracle in action . I don’t know what life is, none of us do, but I am eternally grateful for this opportunity to experience pure human rawness.
I can sense that I will always speak of my time in a human body. I am here right now and I am not going to let a single minute of my personal miracle escape me.
I hope many beings find a way to see their own miracle in action, as opposed to finding appreciation somewhere in time and space, and finding an appreciation only in hindsight.

Nathan Raaths



Perhaps there is no ultimate truth like so many of us humans like to think.
In an infinite myriad of realities and perspectives, truth is merely juxtaposition. A perspective created by the angle from which you view an issue.
At the highest level of awareness we might become aware that all truths are relevant to a degree. Perhaps even a stepping stone in the vibrational staircase to higher awareness.
Perhaps the highest level of belief, is not be trapped by one juxtaposition but to be aware of the perfection of all interwoven truths.
Perhaps when beings get to a certain level of sentience, or super consciousness, they are no longer bound by an individual juxtaposition on the board of reality.
Perhaps they hold an awareness more of the entire proverbial chess board than the game at hand.
Perhaps at the highest level of awareness, beings become aware of how opinions, judgements, and beliefs, no matter how seemingly evolved, keep us anchored into isolated positions on this board of life.
Once we are able to release attachment and defence on certain perspectives we can begin to hold that higher frequency of truth.
The awareness pulls back and encompasses the oneness of the board in its entirety, and gives us a true glimpse of the epic dance between dark and light.
It gives us a peek behind the curtain of reality. Where two seeming enemies, push and pull one another into constant growth and acceleration. This is one mighty prime creating consciousness emerging, and then splitting into many fragments on the board.
That same consciousness that exist in all things, like behind your eyes right now, perfectly neutral, until thought, opinion and personal truth kick back in, and root us firmly to our position in this reality once more.

Nathan Raaths