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Sacred Vision Quests 2015

New Year 2015

January 24th Saturday
Ayahuasca Ceremony ( JHB )

Day ceremony
11:00 to 16:00 ( R650 )
Night ceremony
17:00 till 23:00

First big event for the year to set up your year to be powerful . As well as to call on everyone to help us create a powerful energy on our new home .

January 30th 31 st 1st Feb

Laying of the Grids week end Ceremony ( Magaliesburg )

R1700 ( 20 Places / 10 places left )
50 % deposit required to secure booking as this will fill fast

Drumming ceremony
Ayahuasca vision quest
All meals

You will also have access to a number of healers , from massage to energy workers that you could book to work with you over the week end . The list and the costs will be sent to you when you send an email inquiry .
All queries and bookings


List of exciting Spirit events

The Mad Hatters family is blessed to be doing all sorts of special work . Here is a summary of all the wonderful initiatives we are currently involved . I hope to see many old friends there as well as connect with other awakened minds in this incredible time of transcendence

Events and dates :
Mad Hatters Gathering ( talk Nathan Raaths )
18 October Bedfordveiw
“The era of transcendence : Merging of the multi dimensional mind ”
Mad Hatters picnic
18 October after talk 13:00 Rhodes Park Kensington

Sacred Medicine Talk :Ayahuasca Vision/ healing quest
23 October Thursday 19:00

Ayahuasca ceremony
26 th October day Sunday ( 6 spaces )
12:00 Kensington JHB

Cape Town Ayahuasca overnight ceremony
November 1 st Saturday The healing House Somerset West
17:30 Talk “Sacred medicine and Consciousness”

19:30 Ceremony commences
Will finish the following morning after breakfast
Value exchange R 850 ( limited space )

Mad Hatters Summer Camp Ayahuasca vision quest

14-15 November Magaliesburg . We have decided to add a drumming circle on the Friday night and we are going to add the food in . There will once again be 18 spots for this amazing adventure (6 already booked ) . A deposit of 750 is required . First come first serve

R 1600 for accommodation and ceremonies
22 November Saturday
Ayahuasca medicine Ceremony

Kensington JHB

12:00 – 17:00 ( 6 spaces )
17:30 -11:00 ( 10 spaces )


For booking and preparation details

No bookings count until payment is made and email correspondence is complete

Please join our online community ( Mad Hatters Gathering )




The era of transcendence : Merging the multidimensional soul

Shanthi Sanctuary

2 Eddy Avenue, 2007 Bedfordview, Gauteng, South Africa

Saturday 18 th October 09:00 am – 12:00 pm

” Black and white slowly turn grey
The multidimensional soul is here to stay ”

Value exchange R 200
Or a donation that suites you current reality
Only thirty Places

N P Raaths Capitec Bank acc 1383 463 946 branch code 470 010

To book :
We are all in the midst of the greatest evolutionary leap .Not just the human species but any other life stream has ever undergone in this Galaxy .

You are living the lifetime that will be spoken about around the proverbial cosmic campfire for an eon and beyond .

We are the generation whom are experiencing what has never happened before .
Never before has a planet slipped so deep into a negative spiral and managed to turn itself back such as we have

The entire universe stands observing with bated breath as what once seemed impossible slowly unfolds

These beautiful often cruel creatures of earth turn the impossible tide, against impossible odds . Already our species is been used as an example to motivate other areas of the galaxies , heralded as the surprise package in the soup of creation

Closer to home many souls like you and I are here in what was a massive rescue mission from more star systems than the 3D mind can conceive .

Critical mass has been reached …. the earths is reawakening and we are moving faster than ever before into the multidimensional age

What does it mean do be living on the surface of earth right now
Despite the vibrational turn around the more aware individuals , those that stood and held the new realities first are faced with massive challenges
Most find themselves at massive internal wars with themselves .
Realities of all kind pushing and pulling at them in this incredible melting pot of creation

Take a journey with me as we explore what it means to be in this universal hotspot right now .

We will talk about the epic ” Dark Night of the soul ” we all have to face before we begun the more permanent merging with the Multidimensional souls .

Where many already know what we once thought was possible has already faded into obscurity .

How do we steady this swaying bridge , as we stand torn between the realities of two very different worlds ?


Nathan Raaths

( Mad Hatters Gathering place )


The Fabric of Truth : An understanding that can free our souls !

7th September at 11 am -13:00 

Suggested Value exchange :
R 200 per person ( R300 if you bring a friend )
Or a donation that suites your current reality

Mind ,Body and Spirit Sanctuary Germiston 

Unit 10 Majestic Nursery, 90 Webber Road Lambton

I can think of no single understanding that could literally transform individuals more powerfully than the knowledge of what truth is !

On a grander scale if people where only taught the mind blowing constructs of truth they would deal with each other so differently it would literally cause a global shift in consciousness

The truth my friends will not set you free ……. Understanding the fabric of truth will !

I can give you no greater gift , those who can fearlessly explore its construct with me . If we are able to realize how perfectly constructed each individual perception and truth is, we are able to understand that we perceive the world , and even higher worlds in a way that no other individual ever can . Our truth is such a unique special construct that it leads us to what our purpose in life is .

This incredible understanding helps you live your reason for being s . Each person path tailor made to perfection . It also frees you of so much of earths pain that comes from expectations and trying to impose our truths on others .

I would go as far as to say its the single greatest problem in the world .

Once we have taken what I guarantee to be a mind bending fresh look at what truth really is , we delve into how our truths create our beliefs .

Quite literally every time you feel any emotion , good or bad . It is because you have a belief about what is outplaying before you … place , event or person .

No single thing can free your soul more than learning to uncover what beliefs you hold about the things outplaying around you .

Understanding , and having awareness of how our truths lead to beliefs , and how our beliefs literally mold reality , is in my view the most important skill we in this great awakening can possibly harness

Join me for a no holds barred adventure, as we do what most fear to do .We peak behind the curtain at the very fabric of reality and truth ….

And lastly how this outplays to create the reality we experience


The doors of perception: Forgotten states and inner worlds !


The doors of perception: Forgotten states and inner worlds !

3 August ( Sunday ) 11 am
Rhodes park hall kensington JHB

Cost : R200 Booking essential
( Or a donation that suites your pocket )
N P Raaths Capitec Bank acc 1383 463 946 branch code 470 010

More info

Please join me for morning in the beautiful Rhodes park as we fearlessly explore and absolutely incredible subject with other awakened souls !

Each and every day I become more and more aware of the most incredible illusion imaginable . An illusion so great that I always believed that the great minds of our time where being figurative when they hinted upon its existence

The mere fact that that we have in actual fact been turned inside out . Left to believe that reality lies outside of us in what we perceive through the limited senses .

We all perceive reality as something outside of us , happening to us . Something that unfolds outside of us and randomly effects us .

Come on this incredible journey with me that will stretch and challenge the most open and connect minds . A journey into a world where we are inside out . A journey where reality is in actual fact outplaying from the inner worlds that most do not even believe exist

A powerful journey where we explore the greatest madness in human history . His obsession with a mere reflection of the inner worlds that we perceive as reality, and the sad and helpless state that this disconnection and illusion has left us in !

We take an epic look at the great minds that figured this out and how they tried to explain it .

Then we look at the mind blowing altered states that we are naturally capable of accessing . From Out of Body States to Accessing Inner worlds like the Akashic records .
I am going to share allot of my personal stories about how I first discovered these inner worlds and how going online to true reality has effected me in ways I am yet to describe

Most importantly after an epic look at a concept so powerful and bizarre that it at first seems impossible.
We then learn about the different states that we are able to access … states that when accessed correctly will seem more real than the object in your hand or the world you see with open eyes .

We learn how to access them , we learn how to connect to our inner worlds and guidance systems

We will be covering a variety of misunderstood subjects along the way
( DMT : altered states : meditation : Inner worlds : Channeling just to name a few )

The only truth ,reality and even God that exists
Exists within you silently waiting

Lets take this mere concept and theory as it was for me a few years ago . And lets make this a reality

Magic beyond your wildest thoughts is open to all that step forward in these times

In this time of awakening we can all go fully back online

The guru within awaits
The merge has begun !