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A Call For Assistance : You-Tube Channel Launch

Hi everyone I need a big favour please
Please subscribe to this You Tube channel, it will only take thirty seconds . It is one of the things that is in development for all the initiatives we are working on . It is soon going to be the platform for  weekly Workshops, Talks ect
We need a thousand followers before we can even apply to develop it to the next level .
Thank you kindly to those that have already taken the time , we already at 220 followers . We are one fith of the way to our goal
Nathan Raaths



Love and sexuality to the awakened mind

This is a lecture I gave a while ago on a very taboo subject ” Love and Sex ” and how it changes once you become a free thinking individual from simple romance right down to the actual orgasm !
. Thought some of you might find it interesting

Take a fearless and candid journey with me through one the most avoided subjects in spirituality.  Our longing for external love and our powerful urges and impulses are very seldom discussed or looked at from fresh perspectives. Join me as we journey into what these massive life themes will mean to the awakened and enlightened mind!