Change !

No more excuses ! I was having breakfast with a friend this morning and we were talking about our lives and the roads we had walked . I was explaining to her how I see us all as beautiful bubbles in a tank slowly rising to the surface. We were discussing how every bubble or person will eventually rise to the surface and grow and transcend all they need to on their journey. We discussed the really funny things that our bubbles get trapped under as they rise to the surface and we started talking about the things that had held or trapped us before . Suddenly it hit me like ton of bricks , at every stage of my life I always had one single major thing that was holding me back. One single thing that anchored me to the spot and would not let me go any further until i addressed it .

I also realized that at every stage of my often difficult life I knew exactly what was holding me back. I usually lost years (filled with denial and excuses ) trying to transcend each life theme or lesson . I got goosebumbs when I realized that I had always known exactly what was holding me back whether it was a relationship ,  job, addiction at any stage of my life. I realized why I get stuck less and less these days , because I accept the truth of myself easier and easier , and when my gut tells me something must go … I face the fact and change it easier. And with less resistance comes less pain .

So I asked myself immediately what is holding me back right now , I cleared my mind and asked honestly . Immediately I knew the answer …. I just didn’t want to admit it ! I challenge all my special friends to ask yourself right now , what is holding you back , why are you in pain ? If you are very honest and done with denial , the answer will come swiftly and clearly, a gentle voice from the guru within ….. Well you know what needs to be done now , now hopefully you can stay honest with yourself long enough. Long enough to free your beautiful bubble so that it can start travelling to the surface again, dancing in the light and free of pain .Or you can just start making excuses again !

Nathan Raaths


  • Faye says:

    Ideedo Mr Raarths! Time for most of us to suck it up buttercup and face things that aren’t always easy to accept, I recently had a very sad and bitter experience, I was so disappointed and gutted by the outcome that I naturally looked at all the reasons why it all went wrong, I went on a rampage of inner verbal conflict with this ‘person’ only to discover that I was mostly angry at myself for allowing it to happen! I felt a proper tool and a class A fool for being so blinded and that’s what was annoying me the most. When I realized all that I was at such peace and was able to let go of negativity and move forward! Maybe my bubble can bounce to the surface now…. 🙂

  • jono says:

    Love is……..

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