Characters Furnace 

This is something I have always known in my heart as someone who loves to write and observe society. A truth that makes people very angry if you suggest it to them. No matter what situation or behavior you observe around you in another person, no matter how foreign or pathetic you find their feelings, behaviors or actions. If you gave me the power to pen in, certain events, situations and moments into your life script. Creatively thinking of course… I believe I could get you to act in the same way as that person, that only a moment ago, we were looking to, in disgust.

Eternity is spliced open into character building moments!
The furnaces that forge our steel lie deep below the waters of wandering eyes. If you contemplate this thought deeply, a profound truth exposes itself. One that makes judgement and opinions externally cast a pathless land with no clear sky.
Perhaps this cosmic intelligence is going to leave us all here… changing roles over and over for eons until we figure it out.

We can’t point our fingers at anything outside of ourselves without pointing directly at a part of ourselves expressing at a different time and place. It is just another part of the consciousness that births us all, merely moulded by different storms, words and songs.
Yet behind us all, lies the same mighty wind. Silently dancing with itself .

Nathan Raaths