Do you have free will ?

Giving birth to your emotions and thoughts , lies the womb of belief .
Long before the outpouring of ideas and feelings, lies the truths that we hold deep inside
Without our beliefs we are merely the eternal observer
No emotions can be felt without having a belief construct of what it is we see or experience
Trying to control our thoughts and emotions and even actions is no different to trying to catch a shadow on the wall
True power lies below the surface …. birthing all these beautiful experiences of consciousness .

The only thing that matters is what you believe to be true

A person who is able to become fully aware of, and alter their deep seated beliefs is able to claim back their free will on every level

How do we uncover these deep seated beliefs ?
After a lifetime of being knocked down , hurt disappointed and alone . What kind of core truths will we find at the source of our thoughts , emotions and actions ?
Truly that is where our power gets taken away , before the game has even started .
Most of our wings have been clipped and we are not even sure how . Its time to remember our power!

Just some thoughts ahead of my talk on Sunday
The Fabric of Truth : An understanding that can free our souls !