Earth is the greatest game ever played !

My favorite thing about Earth is that no one really knows whats going on . We all arrived here without a operators manual and a blank memory of times before . Billions of beings walking around in a seemingly shared reality with no clear understanding of how this game works exactly .

Sure one could argue that man has attempted to create certain social agreements and agreed upon consensus ideas of what may in fact be the purpose and underlying structure of it all . Yet that does not change the fact that every human being opens his eyes with a blank slate and no apparent map ! Its a little scary but so exciting if you think about it ! It seems that if no one has any idea what is going on , and yet we are all born with the unbridled sense to question deeper , to find meaning in it all .

The reason it is my favorite thing about earth , is simply that if we are left to figure out what this could all mean on our own devices , that also means that this could mean anything we want it to . We are in the ultimate virtual reality game , that appears to have no rulz or regulations , there are once again certain social agreements in place that attempt to keep a semblance of control on the choices and decisions that those entering without a manual make. And there are large streams of possible thesis movements attempting to explain or generically box the human experience . Yet at the end of the day , all of these rules and opinions and judgement, they all come from within the system , they are all written and policed by other souls having the human experience , they are establishments created by others who arrived without a manual or set of rulz , others who have grappled with these life changing , game questioning rulz , and the possible solution scenarios that leave us with before they exit the game .

The beautiful part is that if there is no clear story of what is going on , well then you can choose !!!!! It gets exciting when you consider that all the evidence points to this being the point in the first place . We live in a reality where you have to write your own story , choose your own rules , enforce your own self judgments and inner laws . You arrive here with a world of possibilities before you , at every corner is another human trying to force or convince you of their piece and understanding of the story . Every soul you meet tries to explain the matrix from the inside . Your whole life , every single story and person and opinion unfolds before you like an endless sea of choices . With each and every moment of your life you are excepting and rejecting ideas as they come at you ( from the inside of the matrix ) AS the years go you slowly form you own version of the story , each and every single one of us ends up with a unique story that we whisper to ourselves each night to make sense of it all . This grasp on reality that we work so hard on becomes our very understanding of who and what we think we are … we even proudly pass it on to our children. And so it is that stories of truth and meaning and origin constantly float  around in this amazing matrix of endless possibilities .

All this time one fact never changes , you and only you can decide what the story is going to be for you ! If you can have any story , and you truly can have any story at all ….. which one do you choose ? If you are in a world where the only person who can impose rules and restrictions of yourself … is yourself , well then which ones do you choose ? In a world where only you can decide why you are here and what is expected of you … if anything at all , what have you decided ? Are you willing to settle for the story the masses whisper to each other over and over in the dream from the inside ? Are you willing to choose a story that limits you in any way , are you willing to accept fear as part of your reality ?

Why is the fact that no one knows whats going on my favorite thing about earth you might say again ! Well consider that I can tell myself any story I want , I can make this as grand and as meaningful as I want , I can paint any picture I want , from hell on earth to heaven itself …. and who can prove me wrong ? When you begin to realize that what ever it is you choose to believe actually becomes true ……NO MATTER WHAT !! you will get goosebumps

You stop seeing a scary lost world , and you suddenly realize that this world can support and make real any single thing you could possibly in your highest or lowest mind imagine ! Like in the sea of potential god energy through the beliefs we create and accept , the world unfolds anything you decide to be true to you , any reality you choose  will begin to unfold and reveal itself to you . I see a world where no one is ever wrong or right , they get exactly what they believe . The highest possible reality of perfect love and beings of love and light that you could imagine can unfold for you as reality , the lowest scariest darkest story imaginable can be yours as as well , and it will be true! What story have you chosen and written , do you understand that what ever you believe will be made real ?

Some great magnificent energy has given me the ultimate ultimate playground where i can decide the parameters and limitations of all things , and I am so inspired and honored by the free rain I am given that I am inspired to fly.  I have listened to the fearful whispering inside the masses and crowds , and I do not except that as the rules of the game , I sense more , I know there is no limit to what I can be or experience . I am not the gamer , I am the programmer !

My heart is pounding and my eyes are wide open as i climb the highest scariest mountain I can find , I understand the rules of the game there are none ! Unless I decide there are. I get to the top of the mountain almost shaking with excitement and fear and bewilderment , almost like a rogue program who is trying to push the limits of the game I stand on top of the cliff with the world below me swirling around , and just before I can let all the old whispered stories and rules and fear enter my head …..I think Fuck it !

And I jump into the unknown !

Nathan Raaths