Do you love animals ?
Are you sure ?
Are you open minded ?

Are you brave enough to open your heart just for a second so that your eyes may flood you with a difficult reality that most will walk away from angry?
Give me 90 Seconds to share something with you

Let me ask you a question …. what kind of emotion comes up in you when you think about someone shooting a dog in the head , what kind of instincts and even anger comes up when you imagine torturing and killing a cat or a puppy ?

The feeling are sickening as well as sad .. and there is a simple reason for that , a part of your soul can sense more and more as we evolve that these creatures are earthlings just like us , a part of you knows that they are sentient cousins and we feel the need to protect our own . You could go as far as to say that we are realizing that they are a part of us , whether we understand how or not we certainly all feel it . The things that people will do and say to protect dogs is quite amazing and their love know no boundaries !

Now let me ask you a very very difficult question .. and think before you answer .
What is the difference between your dog and a piglet ?
What is the difference between your horse and a cow ?
What is the difference between a tuna and a dolphin ?

Think deeply about my question ….
Now let me ask you , imagine being responsible for shooting and slitting the throats of the above animals yourself …. go through each animal and note the changes in emotional response . Please try !

Now comes the part where you need to be really brave to see for the first time !

Why do you feel the need to love and protect beyond all measure the one set of creatures and not the other ??
Why can you feel that it is really wrong from the depths of your heart to hurt the one half and not the other .


The answer is simple …. WE are specist !! And it is one of the most underestimated diseases of all time .

Consider how slavery worked for so long , consider how genocides happened , considered all the greatest evils of our time . There was one underlying lie that was silently spread through the masses … the lie that some beings are less than others , the lie that humanity and natural laws of love do not apply to certain races or cultures, animals or earthlings !

And when peoples hearts switch off to the group in question , and suddenly no one can see what is right before there eyes … no matter how dark or sinister it may be .

We might have slowly begun to heal the damage done by the propaganda campaigns against certain earthlings , but when it comes to animals it is getting worse by the day !
Ok so here goes

The primary reason you allow certain animals to be persecuted by the millions in houses of torture and death suffering beyond what your heart will let you see is that you have no emotional connection to that particular animal .

You find it hard to ride and cow and bond with it , so you make earth a living hell for it, but the horse you will lay down your life for . You love the way dogs are able to bond with you and show you affection, you literally see them as part of the family , but you let them slit the piglets neck while it is screaming in fear so that you can have some bacon !

You will do doing anything to protect a dolphin because something about his nature appeals to our fickle nature , we feel we can relate somehow and yet we see a Tuna as something that exists to die for us and has no feelings .

The truth is that humans are so dark that if they cant relate to an animal then they condemn it to hell for eternity of suffering . You have chosen certain animals to be our slaves for our stomachs regardless of the consequences of our actions . It there was a hell for animals they are already here , and I shit you now , they describe us as the devil !

We are specists , and mother earth is crying out for us to love all her children , not just the ones that tickle our fancies .

I am a vegan , and people say I am extreme …

I am not extreme, I am awake now .
The ONLY difference between you and me is that I see the cow the way you see your horse, the only difference between you and me , is that I can sense that my human arrogance has kept me from seeing the perfect beauty of each creature , when I could not relate to a creature I decided it was free of feeling and devoid of pain .

I was also disgusted and hurt by other nations that slaughter and eat dogs because I could n see that I am exactly the same ! Why does one animal deserve our love and mercy and the other our torture , why are some animals special and beautiful and others just food !

I truly believe that if you open your heart your eyes will immediately see what the earth is trying to show us . We are all one !


There are no more excuses for these creatures to suffer for our lazy and selfish ways . The argument that this has always being done is disgusting, will we never allow ourselves to let go of the past so that we can begin to heal .


The health arguments are so poorly researched that I think I will cry if someone asks me where i get my protein from . I am a professional sportsman and I am as fit and strong as any man . Some of the top MMA,power lifting as well as Sprint athletes in the world are now vegans , for the health benefits alone !

If you where forced to pick up the knife every-time you wanted a meal , if you where forced to have blood spilling all over you while the animals screamed kicked and struggled , you would wipe your tears and go to your hands and knees. You would thank the earth for what she has shown you …. you can just feel in the bottom of your gut that is is so so wrong , and there would be no denying it .

You would with your heart open , be ready to fight for your cousins who have no voice and who have suffered longer than time . And you would not mind if you offended some human feelings along the way !

The truth is that you will not get your hands dirty , you will make stupid jokes about what I have suggested while you consume your burger in the mall talking to your friends . No blood on your hands , and totally oblivious to the fact that an animal suffered its entire life meeting a vicious end so that you could enjoy your meal for five minutes.
After all , if you don’t do the killing , you are not responsible … or are you ?

So if you are willing to keep one of the greatest lies in history going , if you think there is nothing wrong with the estimated billions of liters of blood spilled per day . If you dont have the guts to go to a slaughterhouse and see the truth behind your meal . If you are not willing to spill that blood yourself !!

Then just do me one favor …never ever tell me its a personal preference !!!! I can promise you that that animal will choose life every single fear ridden life . He gets no personal preference at all .

And secondly will you please kindly stop waving your I am against cruelty to animals sign everywhere ….


We fight for the animals of the world …. not just the ones you think are cute and fluffy

My heart is wide open , my eyes cry at what they see . And I am just thankful that you gave me the opportunity to try and show you what it is that we can not see .

Our children will ask us one day , but mom/dad , Did you not know what they where doing to the earthlings ?

And well I guess we are all going to answer than in our own way

Thank you for sharing in my perception

To love and clear sight
I am 269life… We are all 269

Nathan Raaths