Ego – Few are courageous enough to see through their own lies

Do you really know anything about yourself?
Have you ever sat down and perceived yourself from the outside?
Can you perceive yourself through another’s eyes?
What are you like, to be around? To talk to?
I have a personal philosophy that I often think of and see confirmed in the things I see unfold around me.
We are only able to truly perceive another person. Never ourselves.
We are able to easily see another’s nature, their patterns, their strengths, even their flaws.
Yet, we are blind to our own…
In reality we have no idea what we are like to be around. We have no clue what it’s like to talk to ourselves, to interact with ourselves.
Now don’t get me wrong, we all have this secret set of beliefs of what we ourselves think we are actually like.
My life long observation of the human condition has taught me that a person’s inner belief of what they think they are projecting, who they think they are to other people, almost never matches the view and experience that others have of you.
Why is this?
I have watched people so carefully over the years, with what I feel is an open heart.
I have watched people that nearly no one likes. I have interacted with people that have no friends. I have spent time with people that have no one in the world. I have watched friends that everyone believes to be an attention seeker.
The list goes on and on and is irrelevant.
What I would like to share with you is an observation that always blows my mind.
Not of a judgement of their behaviours. Of something even more profound…
The fact that not a single one of these people know why?
None of them are aware of what is so painfully obvious to observe and conclude for the neutral open hearted outsider.
The person that I refer to, the one almost no one likes or speaks fondly of. He has absolutely no idea that people feel that way about him, never mind why they feel that way which is also painfully obvious to any outsider.
Once again the person I am referring to that has no friends. He has no idea why……. He blames the world or pretends he does not notice. Yet for anyone who spends more than two minutes with him will tell you that he does not listen at all.
My acquaintance that is a drama addict and attention seeker has no idea that nearly every single person in her life thinks this and expresses this about her.
She cannot see what is so obvious to the whole world.
Just as often they are positive, these ‘things’ that we can’t see. Like our own strength or beauty.
I often wish that I could approach those people with deep love and empathy, and tell them what it is they don’t see. Tell them what others say about them and why. I wish I could show them how pure my love was when I shared.
And if they were not ready, would they even hear?
We all know that it would not work out too well. We can only hope that we can each find a person in our lives that we are able to trust and be brave enough to express the unbridled truth with.
I would like to once again express that I am in no way judging or dismissing these behaviours.
What I am doing is trying to paint a picture to explain my theory.
We are incredibly intuitive and insightful about those that surround us.
Yet we do not know ourselves at all.
We whisper lies to ourselves about who we really think we are.
And it almost never matches what the world perceives or what you are really putting out there.
People become so angry when someone says something hurtful about their nature. We immediately defend with absolute horror. Defending the lies of our own ego.
In my observations and personal experiences I often hear the words, ”You don’t know me?”
These words often shoot out when a painful truth or observation is made.

So my question is simple:
Who’s version of reality do you think is closer to the true energy you are emitting?
Is it your own self-perception of yourself?
Or the perception of those who spend the most time with you, have of you?
Well it is my theory that they actually know you better than you know yourself.
I have begun to think that one of the great hidden secrets of this world lie in this enigma.
“Know thyself”
The key to liberating yourself from your own ego mind, from your own inner tales and deception. The key to truly knowing the earthbound part of your personality lies in the perceptions of others.
The ultimate tool used against us is the spread of the virus: “Judgement”.
An entire world of people pointing their fingers and making harsh statements and opinions about everyone they see.
Yet no one is brave enough to turn those same observations upon themselves.
So we are left with a world of blind fools pointing fingers everywhere other than at themselves.
Can you imagine how fast we would grow as people, if we figured out how to constructively and lovingly share things that we externally observe? Things we observe about those we are closest to.
Can you imagine how powerfully we could transform and transcend life themes and issues if we were able to push the ego defences aside and listen to what your best friend told you about yourself?
How powerful would it be if we learned to take constructive criticism?
Furthermore we realise if someone shares something that is not true, there will be no emotional response. If someone says they hate my yellow jacket, yet i do not own one, why would I become offended by their statement? I would just shrug it off.
Imagine two friends talking and the one says to the other, ”Hey, I don’t know if you know this but you are always very bitchy and rude to your mother. It sounds really childish and attacking. I just want to make you aware of this ”
Can you imagine how differently society would be if she answered, “My God, are you serious? …… Are you sure? Wow, I have never ever noticed that, that would explain why we fight so much and can’t talk civilly. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I am going to try to be more aware of that or at least try to understand where it is coming from”
My life is changing so fast since I have figured this out.
I cannot see myself for how I truly am… in particular certain flaws that the ego hides or justifies away from the screen of my conscious awareness.
I could quite literally have snot all over my face and my ego would not allow me to see it.
One of the hidden esoteric and psychological keys to transcending your life circumstance is that you can only know yourself through the eyes of another (the earthbound personality aspect).
I think that it is one of the greatest and most ingenious things that the Source or God energy has instilled in physical life.
We each hold the keys for each other.
Until we are able to move past judgment, until we are able to move into pure love and realise we are all one, we will be cursed to know ourselves even less than those that we judge and hurt with our words.
It takes more courage than you could ever imagine to allow someone to constructively observe, and perhaps even lovingly criticize certain aspects of the enigma that is your nature.
Your face will burn, your anger will rage. You will want to lash out and scream, defend, argue. You will want to storm away. The stronger your response the more truth there is being said. Truth your ego does not want you to hear. Besides it’s never your fault!
Your ego will rage inside you …. Afraid that you might figure out how to transcend the spell it has locked over you . The ego mind will tear at you from inside rather than let you realise that the key to liberating yourself lies in the perceptions of those that surround you.
The single most powerful state a human can be in, is in a state where they are able to make it clear to anyone that they are surrounded by, that they are very approachable and accept criticism with absolute valour.
When you are truly ready to own your own shit.
When you are truly ready to know and accept the parts of you that you are currently blind to.
When you are ready to break the egos spell.
The key to your liberation lies in others and what they will share with you if they feel safe enough to.
The mirror by which you can truly see yourself is in the face of a loved one.
Your relationship with people, lovers, friends and family… Is your relationship with God.
I am ready to see what it is that I was always too scared to see. What I was not ready to own and admit.
And now that I am in this state, the Source of all life is bringing me the keys through those that love me. I have allowed the world to feel that I am brave enough to be critiqued and criticised. I have proven to my loved ones that I won’t attack if they share their perceptions.
And it has been beyond difficult. I truly could not see what it is that the world sees. I truly can’t see the truth of what it is I am emitting into the Universe.

I am calling out my own lies. I am slowly bringing the world of who I think I am and the world of who I really am together.
I hope I can continue to be courageous enough to stay in this state of acceptance.
I can only imagine how many more keys to unlocking my own psychology will be brought to me if I surrender to the most difficult truths.
I want to thank every being that has ever shared a perception they had of me, with me. The ones that I am most thankful for are the ones that seemed so hurtful at the time.
We will one day realise that we can all heal each other.
We are all dancing inside the mind of God trying to figure out what it is we are.
I am starting with the man in the mirror. He is the only way I can help save the world. To clear my own soul’s lens enough that the Eternal Light will flow through me into this dark world.
So that’s my theory of life. How to truly know thyself without the deception of the ego. You stop talking, stop defending, stop clinging to your own story.
And you listen deeply to those that surround you.
Slowly you will know thyself.
If you wish to know God as well.
Close your eyes and turn within.
He is inside you patiently waiting for you to look into His eternal mirror.
When your outer and inner worlds align.
You will for the first time in absolute awe, realise who and what it is that you actually are.
And the answer is magnificent beyond imagination.
Nathan Raaths

(Inspired by those in my Life that give me the strengths to see my own faults )


  • Anonymous says:

    powerful…..and true

  • nita says:

    Gripping. Moving. So much of truth

  • Anonymous says:

    I Just don’t get it, my friends, colleagues and family, male and female all tell me how they see me, and I have had many say what great qualities I have, nice guy, great father, decent, kind, honest, truthful, loyal, good and naive. I’ve had people I look up to and envy tell me they envy me and been called a hero and a role model by them.
    Yet the women who I loved most have called me a monster and controller and have left me with cold abandon and broken hearted and bereft. I have little or no ego, it got beaten out of me as a child, and I seek attention and love and acceptance by being who I am and giving so much, sometimes too much of myself to others. Is that my ego? Am I over compensating?
    I constantly ask “is it me?” And whenever I do, I question my motives and the only conclusion I can reach is that I need to be less kind, honest, caring and loving in order to retain love. But if I give less of me, does that make me less of a good person?
    I really. Don’t. Get. It.

  • Anonymous please says:

    I just don’t get it. I’ve been told for years by friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues male and female, and by my two only loves that I am a great guy, warm, funny, generous, kind, loyal etc. etc. etc…I have a good friend who I envy for his fatherhood skills, attitude to life and love and he has even told me I am a hero to him and inspiration, and so have his friends who I barely know after they first met me and saw me with my children. Yet I have little or no ego. I give my all and more to those I love and have had my heart ripped out and accused of having an ego.
    Whenever I ask myself why, I conclude that I am overcompensating and trying to buy love by giving my all, yet if that is the case and I give less, am I not guilty of being a lesser man and less kind and less giving? Whenever I am asked for help, I give, when faced with a problem given me by a lover, I ask “what can I do to help you help yourself and how can I support, what do you need from me?” And I give and my answer is always “yes, let me see what we can do to help you fix this”. Yet I am accused by my love and told to lose my ego so I can see the truth.
    I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

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