Emphatic Heart

Oh empathic heart, why so conflicted?
Why shy away from pain like a vampire from light
Constantly hiding, shrinking, withdrawing
Seeking desperately to avoid conflict
Severing parts of your psyche to elude pain
Your discomfort quite literally physical

Oh emphatic heart, all that effort
Your constant anchoring and breathing
In a struggle to construct walls to circumvent
The dis-ease shimmering like a visceral mirage in the illusion of life
Your body now a temple of ill placed sensations
Blocking the vital organ that is the soul

Oh emphatic heart, what do you see?
A fractured visage in a mirror
A silent masochist looking back
Confusion and anguish laces your brow
Pain seeping from your eyes
Your heart heavy with restriction
Your body imploding with unease

Oh empathic heart,
Give yourself permission to feel
Feel it all and ride the wave of planetary dissonance and you will see
That love is laced within the very thing you fear
Joy and fear are old lovers and best friends
Separated only by your perception

For that is the gift of the empath
You dear heart are an integral part of the membrane of the universe
It is through you that the Mother can feel
You are her living, breathing filter
Immerse yourself in it all
Liquid love, sticky fear, consuming joy, fiery anger
Judge not the sensation, for it all has value
Allow the ease and flow
Feel the liberation of release
The emancipation of self
The healing of all…

~ Whispers of a shattered soul


I am a daughter, sister, mother, wife, friend and more and less. I am a manic reader of various genres, and I love to express myself through writing. Sometimes it feels like I am just the interpreter of our collective emotions. Putting pen to paper to share when the inspiration strikes... I marvel at the freedom and surrender when allowing the rhythmic candescent glow of creative release. I constantly reinforced that life is all about the small stuff, the minutes in-between the focal points of our day, the special people that prompt you to live with intent, laugh with gusto, appreciate small gestures, rejoice in everyone’s individuality and find the wonder in every aspect of being part of the human race.