Faith : Friend or Foe ?

Faith is only needed if you follow the path of what others tell you . A deep knowing is your own personal experience of how the universal mind expresses personally to you . More damage has been done in the name of faith than any other spiritual influence . Passionate men driven to defend passed down truths at all costs have dominated our world for to long .
The highest truth , is you own truth .
When connected to your own inner guidance system , looking for truth and direction outside of yourself begins to appear a form of insanity .
Your truth becomes an island onto its own that will no longer need the outside docking of external ships for validation .
One only needs to express faith when taking on the understandings of another’s dance in the sea of God .
A deep knowing emanates when it is your own secret dialogue between yourself and the eternal whisper .
No single thing is more important than the secret dialogue between you and the life force that permeates all .
Like any relationships we need to dedicate quiet quality time to nurturing this relationship, to open this dialogue .
Once your own secret language begins to blossom , you can lay faith to sleep . Faith that is so easily shattered .

You can exists in a deep knowing . A state that no person or event can ever remove .


Nathan Raaths


  • Traveller says:

    Every thing is a faith, the universal mind is a faith, a faith that what one believes is true. Relative truth does not mean it is the truth even though we choose it to be our “truth”. If I believe that the very screen you reading this message off right now does not exist and that is my truth, and then you believe that the screen does exist and that is your ” truth”. Does that mean that both of our “truths” are really true? I believe not, though we might believe with all our being that our “truth” is correct, only one is the the real truth. Either the screen you reading off does exist or does not exist.

    The “more damage that faith has done” that you refer to, is it mankind that has perverted what God is, that has caused damage or God? I say mankind, as man perverts the real truth and does things in “the name of god”, things which God did not ask us to do. We really pervert so much in this world.
    So do we blame God rather than us humankind who has free will to choose our actions with being conscious of ourselves? I believe not.

    I don’t believe in an us against them or a them against us. No we are all brothers and sisters on this earth, and we should treat each other with unconditional love, thats what God Jesus the Holy Spirit teaches. God loves the Real (meaning not superficial) christian, the muslim, scientologist, the spiritualist, the agnostic, the athiest, the satanist, the false christian, etc. all the same. We are all sinners, what does sin mean, it means to mis the mark, to not attain the standard. We have all sinned thus we cannot attain eternal life by relying on our own works by what we do, as none of us are perfect and without sin. Thats why we need the Saviour Jesus Christ of Nazereth to attain eternal life. God hates sin and cannot be joined to sin as God is the only Holy One, thats why He sent the Saviour Jesus so we could be reunited with God through Jesus taking on our sin onto Himself who is without sin. God does not hate the sinner he only hates the sinful action. The bible is the most authenticated ancient literature, with the new testament originating only 2000 years ago, thats only about 40 peoples life times, passing the truth on from one to another, not that hard to pass on the ancient literature accurately.
    If you had a cure for someone with a terminal disease, would you not give it to them? Why then should true Christians be mocked, sidelined and even persecuted as they are in this age.
    I say this all with the greatest of love, with no competitive nor egotistical spirit wanting to be right for the sake of being right.
    In truth and love.
    Kind regards.

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