Fall In Love With Humanness

The fact, that you could ever be broken, is just as much an illusion, that you could ever be whole. At least the part of you considering my statement couldn’t. You are a multidimensional fractal of pure ever changing consciousness,expressing in a frozen moment in time and space. Essentially we are a single organism, so any adventures of self-actualized identity we choose to adventure into, will always leave spiritual and emotional holes, as they are fundamentally based in illusion in the first place. The leaves sometimes choose to fall from the tree of safety and benevolence, but the ornithological adventurer screams out in pure delight falling all the way down, even though fear of separation may well be present on baited breath. We are not expressing as a whole right now. We are tasting the highs and lows of separation and free will. Pure peace will elude us all, while we perceive ourselves in any form of separation. We can however reconnect to the sheer childlike sense of adventure that brought us to choose to perceive ourselves as individual, lost and separate in the first place. The childlike spirit that launched our leaves into the wind away from the safety of the tree. You can fall in love with your humanness, with your missing puzzle pieces, and the sheer madness of our own separate mind, and the boggling pain of a lonely heart. You can fall in love with the cosmic adventure all over again.

Suddenly there is nothing to fix, you see only imperfect perfection staring back at you in the mirror. You will see such beauty in your shattered pieces, finding higher truths and love anyway amidst a sea of chosen confusion and chaos. And you laugh to yourself thinking, ‘If I wanted to experience individuality and separation… I may as well do an epic job of it so that I return in full appreciation to what we were all along. I want to be lost and it’s actually an epic journey as I slowly find my way home. Chances are I have found my way home many times before in full enlightenment.’ Yet it does not take long before the child in you says, “Hmmm where else can I go? How deep into amnesia can I explore and still find my way home? Dare I even try somewhere like Earth?”

An adventurous question that is impossible for an old soul not to explore.

Nathan Raaths