Free will

The last time the average person exercised free will was during the final inception of this life and its circumstances … e.g. choosing your parents. From the moment you arrive you begin to produce logical almost mathematical choices and deductions which are completely affected by the sensory and environmental data which u process daily. You believe that you make difficult spontaneous choices, you are merely reacting to a earth programmed personality that it gets its essence from your experiences and upbringing (e.g. your parents view on love life and politics) (or the way your first friend treated u) Our beliefs (live a lie) traps and enslave us .You are not even remotely the person you think u are.
Those are not your causes or ideals that you feel so strongly for., those are not your beliefs they are merely the perspective you have chosen to experience. in your life time Your are a(higher or god) self produced experimental element of countless possibilities exploring one facet of your soul for a underlying reason of higher growth .All of this is driven by your own higher fully integrated self and purpose :),which is beyond the average persons spectrum.

You have no more free will than a cell in your liver does, it will react to its situation guided by its main being who is fully aware and integrated, perhaps you’re only clear free will, single consciousness choice is to not be willing to experience this life at all. We have no idea about the forces that move within in us .Were they originate from nor there purpose.You are merely reacting to the internal forces that move within your soul, exactly the same as falling in love. So who is pulling the strings ?, you are ,but not what you think you are You are not the single limited consciousness looking in the mirror. You are the being that can secretly sense that the truth is so beautiful so magnificent that we currently have no idea. So next time you kiss your new found love, ask yourself, did I really choose this person? Or are there strange beautiful forces at work 🙂 beyond your control. Sit and meditate on the feelings and emotions that flow unhindered within you and you will realize that you are merely a node of a massive being expressing certain facets.

To truly exercise free will you would have to expand your consciousness beyond staring at one playing card in your hand to seeing the whole deck on the table. (and even getting the rules of the game . Or another way of explaining it would be not only seeing the one facet of your diamond but been able to integrate and experience the whole jewel and the understanding that comes with it .Almost like the little liver cell realizing one day what it truly is ..How small it is in the greater scheme, yet how magnificent it is and most importantly how it relates to the rest of its true being or higher self (or function).The less it identifies with its singular purpose and the more it starts seeing itself as the being and not a separate ego filled part of the being(cell) the more whole it will feel.

Until then we are willing disintegrated pieces of our own higher selves on a beautiful path to wholeness .To make things less painful we have to learn to trust the pure genius of our higher selves .Trust Faith and love are your only solace. To believe your whole and in control is an illusion that will drive u insane .Enjoy the ride ,do you best and secretly wonder “mmmmmmm” I wonder what I am up to up there , sneaky beautiful creature lol

lightNathan Raaths

  • memory says:

    precious words, Nathan, and well spoken.
    perfectly set out.
    thank you

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    I still love this piece

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