Guardians of Light

Their aggression and wars bore me, its like a fake sparring match compared to the battle within . Their beauty uninteresting on all levels, its like they are obsessively polishing a trophy that gets changed each round, not noticing the the only thing that gets passed on is the eternal liquid within each chalice . Their dramas so fickle and predictable each one playing out a role so many times recast , oblivious to the illusion of what they call free will , or should we say a lack of. Each person fixated on the external holographic temporary world , addicted to the sheer entertainment and lack of liability in what they experience .
I the shadow dancer watched them from afar as they hypnotically stumble around . I stand to the side in my own slumber while you sleep .

Every now and then my warrior spirit tingles as I sense a human turning within, with bated breath i float towards the soul that begins to look at the eternal internal for the first time .
My sword might be rusty and my last battle far behind, but if this man is to attempt to go within and face himself , however unlikely it may be…. I vow I will draw my blade calling out to my brothers of light to assemble….. NO man faces this alone …. and if we can awaken but one more lighthouse then surely these shores can be retaken !

Awaken within , your double will not go quietly into the night , but each time you dare face him the light from the legions behind you will embrace and engulf you !

Nathan Raaths