Have we ever considered ?

Have we ever considered… (Guides rattling my cage) …that holding universal perceptions, the pure gift of a multiplicity of views on any single subject that is unfolded by the spiritual path?  Have we ever considered that  this does not give us the role and responsibility that we think it does? We think as spiritual beings that in holding these perceptions that seem elevated in our minds, that we should constantly sprout wisdom when presented with a vulnerable soul before us. Unfold what we think is wisdom to what we don’t realise might be the unwilling recipient of what we feel is our gift. There is no doubt that once one opens the multidimensional mind, no issue can ever be viewed in the simplicity of black and white. Yet does being given, or choosing to have this overview mean that it is what is needed to be shared? Perhaps the thing we miss, as vulnerable guides, lost in our own right, is that they are unfolding their own perfect truth at their own chosen pace. One can’t help think that as much as modern psychology is lost in its own wilderness they have one profound thing right. The counselor is taught to merely act as the mirror, the reflective substance in conversation that allows the soul in question to gently unfold the truth, which they are being promoted to, and truly already know. The one strength that in my limited perception a modern counselor has, is they do not claim to know the dynamics of the problem, and hence the constructs of the solution. Perhaps in these raw, vulnerable hours what is needed, is to truly just listen. Truly just allow someone to drop their magnificent struggle upon the reflective waters of your soul. Maybe all we need to do is truly, truly hold space and listen. I realise I sometimes have a habit of offending or disturbing the status quo. Yet am I the only one who finds it disturbing how opinionated these “awake” souls can become. It’s like the more they experience whispers from eternity (which I have no doubt are authentic) the more they feel that this must be the path, the truth and the liberation for all. How can we not see that in the mind of God, all ways of reaching realisation are valid. How can we not see that our path of unfoldment was our own. It worked for you, its sacred for you, it’s true for you. That’s you my blessed brother. People do not need a lecture. They do not need to be told what in truth they already know. How is this not arrogance? Hijacking our own divine. Each man unfolds his own path, His own secret whisper. And who are we to deter his process? Have we ever considered? Have we ever considered that all they need is absolute acceptance no matter what they have done? Have we ever considered that all we have to do is smile and say, “it’s okay.” Have we ever considered that the ego hijacks our multidimensional mind by convincing us that our own perceptions are elevated and more relevant? The more permission slips we get spiritually the harder we are to be around, and truly let’s be honest the less accepting we become of opposing views. My soul calls BULLSHIT if a man follows your truth, he walks away from his own. These are all very hard questions for the beings that we are, as healers, as friends. Can we ask these questions beyond self-importance that being awake brings? I will be so bold in this hour of reflection to say, “Fuck my opinions! Fuck others opinions. You are perfect just as you are. You don’t need advice. You need love and acceptance while you find the bravery to see your own truth expanding into purity. I love you as you are. I offer myself, as do you, as a pure reflection of the greatest game ever played. Welcome to Earth. There is no such thing as enlightened, if it is not awash with absolute acceptance of all things and all beings, EXACTLY where they are in their process of self-liberation. Who are we to place a time constraint on the magnificent script they write for themselves. Welcome to Earth. Where one day we will stop trying to change things, and in that moment, there will be nothing to change.”

Have we ever considered this before we sprout wisdom again?

Nathan Raaths