Having an angry day !

Most days I except that we are all a just at different stages of awareness in our growth and that we are all on our own journey to personal truth , thus I mostly feel loving an excepting of people , today I am feeling particularly frustrated and inpatient with the human virus.
There are fucking six billion of us running around with unlimited internal and external potential . Twenty eight thousand children died today from hunger while you are proudly the billionth person on the planet to post or discuss gangam style !!! Millions of people are filling up our prisons in a structure that is impossible to survive in , physical and mental and spiritual health of the human being is in a sick state as we tear ourselves from the inside , but you are proudly one of 1.2 billion people who watched the last Lady Gaga video .
I magine if we pooled ourselves with something that matters!
Every single revolution , breakthrough and piece of groundbreaking information needed to change the destiny of this planet is available to us , yet you click share on another part of popular culture ( popular =ignorant ) and those few of you that have the guts to share something powerful or uplifting still feel worried that people might tag them for giving a shit .
Wake up people …
While you are obsessing with your differences , you are constantly labeling and dividing every fucking thing you can get your hands on , you tear us more and more from the outside , you box and label everything from your football team to your religion that just constantly hammers the illusion of separateness and us vs them . And while you stuff your face laughing at television shows that dull you down and blank out the screen of your robotic existence, you express your opinions which are given to you and you defend the beliefs that are the problem in the first place , you fall deeper and deeper asleep . Its time to start to wake up , its time to stop playing the game and step of the board .

Fact 1 There are two realities * The world you see with your eyes open,the physical world and the laws that govern them ( Nature , sociology , politics and money ect)
* The world that begins when you close your eyes , the internal reality ( Emotion, thought , spirituality, meaning ect )

Fact 2 The internal and external make a whole reality , one can no more deny the existence of the one than the other . Which makes it rather amusing that most people only focus on one , I would like to point out here that physical people focused in the world and popular culture have almost no understanding or grasp on the internal realities or beyond physical , but even more amusing is the spiritual or internally focused people have absolutely no grasp of the state of the physical world … how is been supposedly spiritual any better if you denounce the responsibility before you . Its as tho we either choose one or the other , its insane! We exist in both realities for a reason … we must balance our study and attention to both !

Fact 3 Both of these realities are 100 fucking percent dictated by your beliefs . It is scientifically proven that your belief system not only effects the true nature of all things , but depicts it entirely …. No that was not a mistake , even your physical reality only exist in the nature it does ,because of your beliefs ( any idiot who can read and see further than his face will see that all of science is now aware that all particles are effected by the mere act of observation) We are the observer who constructs all things through our observation of matter ( internal and external ) The only thing that can effect the mere act of observation is a change in the awareness of the observor , or a change in what he believes .

Fact 4 If our belief systems create every part of reality ( internal and external ) then the most inportant thing that humanity can do is to each examine their belief structures .

Opinion : Surely if our beliefs ( internal and external realities ) are the problem … and I shit you not there is a very very serious problem , the bravest thing a person can do is go to each reality , throw cation to the wind ,cut the bullshit ( there is no time for slow safe realization ) and dive right into the cutting edge of where man is in his realizations, go balls to the wall , push way past his comfort level and question what is !
If you just have the balls to let go of every stupid little thing that you cling to as your truth and reality, if you have the guts to just drop your gaurd and stop being safe . Dive into the most powerful material possible for a new external and internal belief structure ,it wont just rock your world it will rock ours !!

I gave some thought to which material to suggest as in truth there is so much out there that is leading us to our first signs of free will . For external world studies I dare you , I fucking double dare you , to sit and watch Xeitgeist Addendum and then Zeitgeist moving forward , follow the work of Peter wolf and Jacque Fresco on the internet ( The venus project and a resource based economy )

Then for the study of the internal world I chose Dalores Cannon and the books of ” The convoluted universe ” 1,2 and 3. They will give you such a kick up the backside , you will suddenly realize your supposedly up to date understanding is a dinosaur .

I cannot describe how differently you will percieve the world if you study these cutting edge works of the eternal search for a higher truth ( Internal and external )
I would like to point out that anybody who truly searchers for personal truth will know that none of these things are the whole truth,there is so much else out there , I merely chose these bodies of work , because if you have the guts ( 1 in a thousand will ) to finish her books and to study those gentlemans work, you would have faced the deepest recesses of your belief system . Think about it if you walk away with the exact same perspective or learn nothing , then you truly are not part of the problem and I salute you .
I am humbly learning each day , I crave to have more people on the fearless pusuit of personal truth , its so exciting , its a high that never leaves and knows no fear ,only love . And the more I understand and learn the more complete and in awe I feel.

Until you face the very fabric of what it is that makes up these realities you can never make a difference . Are you gonna be the person , who thinks they save the planet because they recycle and go vegetarian , are you gonna be the man who feels better about himself because he gives to the poor . Or are you the man /woman that realizes that this is just moving around pieces in game , you have to begin to question the game ( specially considering that you are the one who enforces it )
I am Nathan Raaths and I have woken up to how ignorant I am , I am proud of the awareness . I am tired of moving objects around on a board game that is the problem in the first place . I am starting to make a difference by simply questioning the game itself . Copy and paste this if you are tired of ripples and you wanna make some waves , of course you could always just laugh at me , close this and go see what else popular culture has for you , Lady Gaga needs you .
Nathan Raaths



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    That was some deep stuff dude. Who knows, maybe this will be the year I throw caution to the wind.

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