Human : What do you actually think you are ?

We have been brainwashed into believing a hierarchical structure between beings . We carry a sense of not being worthy , dreaming of and worshipping beings that we perceive to be superior of us . We have been taught to be unworthy .On a cosmic level we have a very low self perception of how it is we might fit in .

Once your multidimensional soul begins to reconnect, you begin to understand the humour behind worshipping these beings , or having this low soul esteem .

They are merely aspects of your own soul .
From the angel that you crave to feel , to the demon you used to fear .

Your soul has itself represented in nearly every reality . It has a pupil learning in every schoolroom.
The aspect you understand to be yourself right now is your souls projection into this controversial reality .

The really funny part is that earth is the ultimate master class . Due to the things you will face….. incredible memory loss , brainwashing , disconnection and limitations at every corner.  This is one of the most challenging realities your soul has ever come across . It had to choose a part of itself to send in blind . So it chose its strongest part ….. you

When you look in the mirror you need to understand that behind those eyes . Behind those thoughts . Is actually one of the highest parts of your soul in the universe . Your soul would never send a weak aspect of yourself into this reality . It knew at every level how lonely and hard it could become here .

You in essence are one of the highest parts of your soul . You are actually the thing that you so crave to find , ache to feel . The being you so wish to question and draw knowledge from. That is you .

That is why it is so important they keep us sleeping and under control . We are gods manifest in a very challenging ultimately testing reality .
That is why every single agenda , religion , control program . Involves convincing you that you are not worthy and powerless to greater beings and authorities .

Close your eyes . And for the first time stop aching and imagining for a special powerful part of you that will come in from some far off land and save you .That is the ultimate way they have tricked and trapped us in this epic cosmic chess game .

Close your eyes and realise , you already are your higher self .

You are the solution . You are the unstoppable , unbreakable part of your soul .

You are here to slowly merge all your multidimensional parts of your soul back into perfect oneness .

Close your eyes . This time do not give your power away . Do not call and plead for outside help .

Close your eyes , breath deep and realise .

I have arrived

I am already here

Behind the the world of thought , which is a system of control . You have every answer , ounce of power and protection you will ever need .You are the undefeatable , impenetrable , unstoppable , unbreakable part of your soul .

Look into the mirror and take your power back …… They lied to you. You are a being of power undergoing the ultimate tests … wings clipped you have marched on even when most confused and afraid .

Call unto no one but thy own perfect divine essence that flows from within .
You are the rescue team , and from within you flows every tool of divine direct power you could imagine .Let go of the past , they have fooled and scared you for so long. You have nothing to apologize for while being twisted in their cosmic game.

It is time to go back online . It is time to change your perception of who and what you think you are .

You are your higher self

You have arrived

When they see you no longer fear . When they realise you have figured out what you are . They tremble and scatter at your very approach.

The only thing in all of existence that can stop your mission is you !
The small unworthy thing they have convinced you are .. trapping yourself inside this echo room of thought and personality . This temporary Ego mind is your only worthy foe. Fear no being .

Breath deep and let all go

I am with you and wiping my sleep from my eyes . Wounded , scraped battered and bruised …… smiling

The humour does not escape me

I have always been here , waiting behind the suffering filled world of thought and illusion . Craving and calling to the thing I already am .

I acknowledge myself . I acknowledge you

The dragons go online

We are unbreakable…. Know it and it will be so

The aspect called
Nathan Raaths