I saw God in my gym this morning !

It has been my experience that only once you truly face that you are alone on this planet. Its only when you can stare loneliness in the face unmoved than you can begin to see that we are truly all one. The interconnection between all things begins to whisper to you daily. I no longer feel like the ship on an endless sea , I have begun to realize that I am as much the sea as I am the ship . I am as much the observer behind this actors eyes as I am the role this body is outplaying . Learning to shift between these two vantage points , from being in the movie , to watching the movie seems to gift you with a completely new and neutral perspectives on all the dramas and lessons outplaying .
An incredible myopic view unfolds for me on days like this where in an almost unexplained way I can sense as I watch these people training in my gym this morning .I become entranced by the fact that to me they all appear to be one single consciousness , one single being choosing to experience itself from a myriad of observation points . Almost like a divine godlike consciousness experiencing everything that it is and can be from the inside . Journeying though its own ocean depths on an experiencial journey . Truly when I see this inter connected energy running through all things . When they whisper to me that they are all one ocean , the amusement at our obsession with judgement , our constant reinforcement of separation begins to surface . I truly do not mean this symbolically ,in every sense of the word the same godlike presence reveals itself to me from behind ALL eyes . And just like I experience myself to be both the actor and the person watching the movie . This Prime Creating energy running through all things , expressing as infinite points of observations and expression of life , always finding new ways to express itself , dancing through the never ending universe . As this vision unfolds for me this morning , as I slowly bring my focus back to being this person sitting on this matt , as I choose to experience myself as separate once again.
Even the personality that I once thought I was does not find it to understand that we are in fact God . We all have the ability to experience ourselves as a single point of observation , and yet at the same time we can reconnect to our true source , the god frequency within us . Always there waiting for you to tap back into it . It can whisper to you any time , showing you that no matter who and what you are currently expressing as , you have never left home . This amazing current that runs through us all , the very source of all things , like a compass within my chest on a never ending adventure . All the knowledge in the universe is within us . In actual fact we are capable of anything at all , we are even capable of creating multiple observation points , we are able to experience many realities and expressions of form at the same time . Truly the only thing that limits us … Is in actual fact our selves . The more you choose to reinforce the separation reality , the more you buy into the fact that you are out of the river of life , the more you suffer . As a separate being out of line with the source within you , you truly have no power and are limited in every sense of the word . The more you show the universe you are different to it , the more you surgically cut yourself from mothers body , with your judgements, rules, religions even with your opposing football teams … The more you will be . Just know that when you are ready to re-connect with the source of all life , when you are ready to hear the theme music playing behind the scenes , you can begin to transcend suffering and limitation on every level .
When you are ready to tear down your walls of illusion with true unconditional love you can experience yourself for what you truly are for the first time in an eon . You can experience yourself as God . You have made this journey into the illusion many times , and you will always find your way home no matter how long it takes you to remember …… Yet no matter how many times you play this game within the confines of your own Prime Creating mind , it never ever gets old or less exciting when after eons in the wilderness you re-awaken to the absolute magnificence of your true eternal unlimited self …. God only knows what will be next , I am still so busy here , I will decide later when I am ready for the next chapter ! That truly wonderful moment that I echoed so many countless times before, when I breath in and out through the universe and I ask myself …. Hmm I wonder what else I can be ?
Nathan Raaths

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve been “locked” inside of the gym for almost 20years…and sorry to say I don’t see God. I see a bunch of people with lots of skeletons on their closets and you in my case myself have to portrait the role of perfection, motivator…I am starting to think that I don’t see God because I don’t look at myself…I am trying too hard for to long…I am just getting scared that I don’t care anymore…the “dark side” will eventually win. Balance is never easy specially when you loose the most valuable gift that you’ve received on your whole life existence.

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