Today upon awakening, I decided I would wear my imperfections for all to see. I am no angel, I am human just like the rest of you. I have great days where I feel like I am surfing my wave with grace and ease. There are days where I just make the shore. Then there are the days I am not proud of, the day where I dunked myself under every potential surf. The days where I’m impatient, short tempered, rude, judgmental, unfair and unkind… the list goes on! I am not perfect in any shape or form. I doubt anyone is.. I have moments when I feel I’ve got being a mom fully under control, I look at my boys with such appreciation and i am proud to be their mom. I push myself to limits that I’m not sure many could comprehend, but with that comes the flip side, I then become my own worst enemy. I question myself and my ability to be the best mom I can be, there are days where I am tired and overworked, my boys are wild and out of hand. My temper fluctuates. My patience is non existent, I literally want to pull the hair from my head. These are the days that haunt me, the days I could of done better, chosen a different method. These are the things I am not proud of. I love and live for my boys to the point where I forget to live for myself. I push myself to levels of complete burn out and then get annoyed with myself because I am not the mom I strive to be. Then I sit and realize that I am human and I need some time out, there is a lack of balance between work, family and my imaginary time out.. lol.. so today I wear my imperfections for all to see. Why.. because this is me owning them! I am trying every day, digging deeper into myself layer by layer. I aim to to be the best version of me, to not only change who I have been genetically programmed to be, to also be something my children can look up to and one day be thankful that they chose me to journey with in life. Then after all this, I wish to be the change, I want to change the world as we know it. No small task, I know right. But with every step I take, I know I get a little closer. I stand today displaying everything that makes me, me. I am owning all I am, there is no other way forward than through acceptance of the things we cannot change. I get another chance every day. In full gratitude and love for the journey that has brought me to this moment in time. Only love