The Truth

Lets take a moment to consider what people are referring to when they say they believe something .Think about the fact that their position is defined by their location or stance to the issue in question.

Another way of explaining it is that ones truths are defined by the angle ( or life situation) from which one perceives the issue in question.

If you imagine a chess board with a person standing on each block , now consider that every person on the board would perceive an event outplaying in front of them from a unique perspective and view based on there current standpoint .

It appears to me that no two people can ever share a truth or perception . Now granted there are certain societal norms and group truths , but even if you break these down further , every single person still has a slightly different version of the truth . This is the main reason that truth has never been able to be successfully boxed and spread generically with out splitting and breaking up a thousand times .

So then what is true , in a world where wrong and right , dark and light , even up and down are mere expressions of a point or angle of perception !

One mans terrorist is another mans liberator, one mans struggle for a perfect race is another mans genocide . One persons whore is another mans loving mother !

As long as your soul looks for truth from your current life angle . As long as you build you beliefs from a juxtaposition of your current experiences and life path , you will always be trapped within a very small myopic part of all that is . As long as you insist on viewing and fighting for a particular stance you will always have a very small piece of a perfect picture .

Individual perspectives leave us with the greatest human disease in human history …….. Judgement
To hold a stance that is influenced by your angle of perspective leaves us horribly susceptible to constantly evaluate and judge every event , person and action from our point of view . And as much as we want to all believe we see it the right way … we see it our way , which quite simply put means we only see a small part of the picture .

Even more ironic about this constant state of judgement that the human carnal mind spits out thousand of times a day is the fact that the perspective, truth and belief (angel ) by which you measure all things against is constantly changing and evolving as you move around life’s chess board .
You would think then , being aware as the proof in your own life about how truth molds and changes within your own being, that we would take less of a stance on what is wrong or right , yet the carnal mind continues in full swing , judging even stronger now as it is driven by its ego fueled perception of a  higher version of the truth than it once did . In the ultimate irony the ego even turns upon itself judging your old perceptions and truths as tho yesterday you where but a child.

All the while judging , deciding and drawing lines and making roads in what should be a pathless land .

Always defined by the angle to a situation and always fueled by judgement unstoppable cousin

The need to be right !!!!!!!


I feel that we will walk through the world of illusion for as long as we wish , we will experience the world from all sides . I believe we will have a million experiences and taste more angles and beliefs than one could recall
. In the true path of being human you will learn to stand on every square of the board . And even then your journey will not be over , for your truth has not been found !

In the true path of being human you will learn to stand on every square of lifes chess board . And even then your journey will not be over , for your truth has not been found .

I am now Nathan Raaths, but I have been called many things over many times . I have been the darkness and the light . I have been the boogie man and the angel .
I have walked in boots of the hero , screamed with the voice of a traitor . I have watched blood spill by my own hand, and I have hidden terrified from my assailants. I have lived in hate and I have basked in glorious love .
I have played every role . Experienced every strain of belief

With each step and each square my awareness grows . With each experience and moment my judgement shrinks . I am no longer able to hold one point of view , I am not one of those squares, black or white .
I am now the board .

I am not one truth , I am all truths .
In a world that unfolds beneath me climbing this tower of raised awareness . I look over the land and see all things as one . And I am part of that one . All truths and all perspectives united make up one magnificent presence.
Perfect acceptance of all things expressing as they see fit
Absolute unconditional love


And inside I feel a soft  gentle glow that grows and even begins to hum , the powerful blissful emotion of unconditional love for all things flows through me . I feel nothing but love for all things that I see , how could I judge them for even a second. For to judge I would have to take a stance, to do this I would need an angle, and suddenly I would find myself back on the board having fallen out of the tower !

A part of me is Nathan and Nathan is a part of all things .
I have found my truth , it is in all things … and as often as I can I embrace the soft gentle hum as I begin to re-climb the tower so that I can once more see the perfection in all things !

And I will stand up there with the eternal sun in my face as she shines over the board and together we share a smile expressing a love for all that we behold !

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Battle Star-Earth

Its got to be the strangest most all encompassing feelings I have every had but I am slowly starting to realize why I am here … It must be said that if you climb off the track of the world of conventional knowledge and acceptable behavior and you begin to ask the really big questions …… slowly but surely you will find your own personal meaning ……. and If anyone out there is in a place as deep and dark as my tour went ….. all I can tell you is that if you start asking the right questions , the beauty and perfection of the picture that will slowly come into view , will far exceed your hopes and tearful wishes.
No matter how you look at it , Earth is a tough place , and this human experience is not for sissies, and even in my personal experience when the clarity of what I sometimes see fades , I hang on to those moments when I am allowed to see glimmers of the big picture … and all I can tell you friends is hang in there , you will not be disappointed.
Until then let love taint your every word and action so that others may learn to light their flame from you.
I am right here in the trenches with you

Nathan Raaths 532300_10151487252043280_1736443822_n


I know most people dont agree with me, But I believe that one day ( if we make it through this mess ) We are gonna find it really amusing that we used to believe that we had to pick one? We are gonna laugh about the fact that we used to believe that you had to choose one to connect to higher love and light or even God if you prefer ! Its time to move beyond your labels and boxes into pure all accepting love ! This disease of separating and segregating us with every single label and box you create has to end . It is the true darkness of our world and can only lead to judgement and pain and our sure demise . Love one another , without exception , without reservation Despite yourself and your disease Allow gods love in and it will do all the work ! Have an amazing rest my friends All of you  Nathan Raaths 217406_10151519059838280_1587854119_n

The Search

You can look for a thousand years and walk down a million different paths. It does not matter how long it takes you, there is no judgement to the amount of scenery you wish to first take in. Eventually you will realize that there is no ultimate truth out there. The only eternal truth is within. You can walk down long winding paths into the wilderness but you can never get lost, the further you adventure from your true nature the more lonely you will feel, a slow true guide that will bring you back to what you seek, your’ true self ! You can follow a thousand prophets and immerse yourself in a hundred religions and yet the same thing will eventually happen to every visiting soul on earth.

They will eventually quiet themselves and realize that the Guru is within.
That they are the answer and the only soul-mate they will ever need is within.

As the inward journey begins the world slowly becomes the illusion, your dreams turn inside out and the only reality you recognize is safely behind your eyelids and deep in your heart
And softly and quietly eternal life restarts
And true love begins once more

And it is in everything
Nathan Raaths



Romantic Love

I’m sorry I don’t buy it. You want true love ….. then stop looking for it in another person . I feel it every day of my life and its gentle, warm and beautiful and fills me up so much that I want to shout it of the mountain tops on some days ! And it relies on nothing and no one , just a silent choice inside to open my heart wide open to all things. If you want to only experience that state of blissful love and connection with one person for a limited time and then shut it down in disbelief when they cant fill up your emptiness … well then I guess that is a choice as well:)

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Change !

No more excuses ! I was having breakfast with a friend this morning and we were talking about our lives and the roads we had walked . I was explaining to her how I see us all as beautiful bubbles in a tank slowly rising to the surface. We were discussing how every bubble or person will eventually rise to the surface and grow and transcend all they need to on their journey. We discussed the really funny things that our bubbles get trapped under as they rise to the surface and we started talking about the things that had held or trapped us before . Suddenly it hit me like ton of bricks , at every stage of my life I always had one single major thing that was holding me back. One single thing that anchored me to the spot and would not let me go any further until i addressed it .

I also realized that at every stage of my often difficult life I knew exactly what was holding me back. I usually lost years (filled with denial and excuses ) trying to transcend each life theme or lesson . I got goosebumbs when I realized that I had always known exactly what was holding me back whether it was a relationship ,  job, addiction at any stage of my life. I realized why I get stuck less and less these days , because I accept the truth of myself easier and easier , and when my gut tells me something must go … I face the fact and change it easier. And with less resistance comes less pain .

So I asked myself immediately what is holding me back right now , I cleared my mind and asked honestly . Immediately I knew the answer …. I just didn’t want to admit it ! I challenge all my special friends to ask yourself right now , what is holding you back , why are you in pain ? If you are very honest and done with denial , the answer will come swiftly and clearly, a gentle voice from the guru within ….. Well you know what needs to be done now , now hopefully you can stay honest with yourself long enough. Long enough to free your beautiful bubble so that it can start travelling to the surface again, dancing in the light and free of pain .Or you can just start making excuses again !

Nathan Raaths


The Storm

The hardest thing about being surrounded by mass insanity is to not allow oneself to be sucked in so easily. It sometimes takes weeks to rip my mind away from this illusion just to breath free again. I find it so difficult to see the way we suffer, cling and fight! I wish I could put you all in my boat but I have my own course to steer !
I call upon the great navigator within, I call upon the grace to openly feel and express love while been pelted by the storm! I will once again close my eyes to this fearful illusion and I will sail out into the rain and wind. I have removed so many garments of illusion in my life , but yet each time I believe I fully trust and surrender, the waves swell beneath me to show me that I still grab to hold on. The levels of surrender that are still before me I welcome with open arms. The shore is no longer a place for me! This thing I perceive as pain, resistance to the true reality within. Oh great storm I stand before you and once again I surrender, tear another garment of illusion from my body. I spread my arms and gently whisper ” It is cold now, but soon I will stop holding on wondering if I can swim, when I have surrendered on every level I will be ready to fly!”

Nathan Raaths



We are all 269

As I peer through the my limited understanding of our history . The thing that always fascinates me is what was excepted at the time and how that conventional wisdom and excepted doctrine gradually changed .
And It always changed oh so gradually . It has always been fashion or trendy to join in the moral stance of the tides of change that slowly moved through the planet . Whether it was the painfully slowl removal of public slavery or merely the gradual implementation of what we perceive as democracy today .
It appears to me that the secret to remaining popular in each tidal influence was to always be outspoken to the issue, stating that something had to be done but to always be clear that the issue is not as simple as people like to think . Some of the darkest moments in our history have been outplayed by educated men debating and fringing around clear black and white facts . Its almost as tho we have always been so scared to stick our necks out that in each stage of our history nothing was ever able to become general accepted sanity until the general consciousness slowly caught up and untold damage had already been done.

I think we have always known what needed to be done at each stage of our history but we cowered in the safety of the fact that everyone else still excepted it and made it ok …. and as soon as the slow throng of consciousness gradually catches up and points out how dark our actions are , suddenly it is tho is is so clear that we are disgusted by anyone who does not conform . We are only disgusted by acts that are done out of the accepted shadows of our current culture !

To truly be a light bearer in a world of hidden dark conformity . I feel that surely few brave souls have to step forward into the uncomfortable front lines and risk been called a nuisance even if it just means that people slowly begin to accept the new paradigms of love and light a light that are gently slowly always expanding and calling to us .

The question is really simple , are you in the safety of the slow dark moving tides .. always accepting their opinions as they give them to you . Or do you truly want to feel true light on your cheek , the light that hits your face when you step forward from the masses and you dare shout out what your heart already knows . And in your sacrifice love gently bows to you in the part you have played in the unstoppable process towards oneness .

I know it is really really hard to believe today , but one day we are going to be absolutely shocked and appalled at the fact that we sacrificed or killed any single living animal on the perfect planet of oneness . The meat and dairy industry is killing millions of animals a day , the suffering is beyond imaginable and still perfectly acceptable from a conventional sense of where we allow the darkness to lie. Until you dare step forward ahead of the throng and slowly and softly you exercise your lungs for the first time as you gently shout out to the new light that touches your cheek. Love you shout out “I see where this is going , I sense the change is among us as it has so often been, Love you you have never lead us wrong , I am only sorry we are always so slow to feel you” …. Love you shout out even louder ” This time I will be one of the first in your army of light , I will step forward and declare a new era where no animal will ever be harmed again,I bow down to the light in me and I like so many in similar struggles before me declare myself a soldier of light …… I raise my hand in the air , eyes filled with purpose , I hear your cries little ones……. Your screams are etched in my mind and I will stand by no more . I will no longer let them slit your throats to fill their bellies ”

269life the revolution is coming ! Are you on the front lines

One day we will be shocked it took so long…..

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Having an angry day !

Most days I except that we are all a just at different stages of awareness in our growth and that we are all on our own journey to personal truth , thus I mostly feel loving an excepting of people , today I am feeling particularly frustrated and inpatient with the human virus.
There are fucking six billion of us running around with unlimited internal and external potential . Twenty eight thousand children died today from hunger while you are proudly the billionth person on the planet to post or discuss gangam style !!! Millions of people are filling up our prisons in a structure that is impossible to survive in , physical and mental and spiritual health of the human being is in a sick state as we tear ourselves from the inside , but you are proudly one of 1.2 billion people who watched the last Lady Gaga video .
I magine if we pooled ourselves with something that matters!
Every single revolution , breakthrough and piece of groundbreaking information needed to change the destiny of this planet is available to us , yet you click share on another part of popular culture ( popular =ignorant ) and those few of you that have the guts to share something powerful or uplifting still feel worried that people might tag them for giving a shit .
Wake up people …
While you are obsessing with your differences , you are constantly labeling and dividing every fucking thing you can get your hands on , you tear us more and more from the outside , you box and label everything from your football team to your religion that just constantly hammers the illusion of separateness and us vs them . And while you stuff your face laughing at television shows that dull you down and blank out the screen of your robotic existence, you express your opinions which are given to you and you defend the beliefs that are the problem in the first place , you fall deeper and deeper asleep . Its time to start to wake up , its time to stop playing the game and step of the board .

Fact 1 There are two realities * The world you see with your eyes open,the physical world and the laws that govern them ( Nature , sociology , politics and money ect)
* The world that begins when you close your eyes , the internal reality ( Emotion, thought , spirituality, meaning ect )

Fact 2 The internal and external make a whole reality , one can no more deny the existence of the one than the other . Which makes it rather amusing that most people only focus on one , I would like to point out here that physical people focused in the world and popular culture have almost no understanding or grasp on the internal realities or beyond physical , but even more amusing is the spiritual or internally focused people have absolutely no grasp of the state of the physical world … how is been supposedly spiritual any better if you denounce the responsibility before you . Its as tho we either choose one or the other , its insane! We exist in both realities for a reason … we must balance our study and attention to both !

Fact 3 Both of these realities are 100 fucking percent dictated by your beliefs . It is scientifically proven that your belief system not only effects the true nature of all things , but depicts it entirely …. No that was not a mistake , even your physical reality only exist in the nature it does ,because of your beliefs ( any idiot who can read and see further than his face will see that all of science is now aware that all particles are effected by the mere act of observation) We are the observer who constructs all things through our observation of matter ( internal and external ) The only thing that can effect the mere act of observation is a change in the awareness of the observor , or a change in what he believes .

Fact 4 If our belief systems create every part of reality ( internal and external ) then the most inportant thing that humanity can do is to each examine their belief structures .

Opinion : Surely if our beliefs ( internal and external realities ) are the problem … and I shit you not there is a very very serious problem , the bravest thing a person can do is go to each reality , throw cation to the wind ,cut the bullshit ( there is no time for slow safe realization ) and dive right into the cutting edge of where man is in his realizations, go balls to the wall , push way past his comfort level and question what is !
If you just have the balls to let go of every stupid little thing that you cling to as your truth and reality, if you have the guts to just drop your gaurd and stop being safe . Dive into the most powerful material possible for a new external and internal belief structure ,it wont just rock your world it will rock ours !!

I gave some thought to which material to suggest as in truth there is so much out there that is leading us to our first signs of free will . For external world studies I dare you , I fucking double dare you , to sit and watch Xeitgeist Addendum and then Zeitgeist moving forward , follow the work of Peter wolf and Jacque Fresco on the internet ( The venus project and a resource based economy )

Then for the study of the internal world I chose Dalores Cannon and the books of ” The convoluted universe ” 1,2 and 3. They will give you such a kick up the backside , you will suddenly realize your supposedly up to date understanding is a dinosaur .

I cannot describe how differently you will percieve the world if you study these cutting edge works of the eternal search for a higher truth ( Internal and external )
I would like to point out that anybody who truly searchers for personal truth will know that none of these things are the whole truth,there is so much else out there , I merely chose these bodies of work , because if you have the guts ( 1 in a thousand will ) to finish her books and to study those gentlemans work, you would have faced the deepest recesses of your belief system . Think about it if you walk away with the exact same perspective or learn nothing , then you truly are not part of the problem and I salute you .
I am humbly learning each day , I crave to have more people on the fearless pusuit of personal truth , its so exciting , its a high that never leaves and knows no fear ,only love . And the more I understand and learn the more complete and in awe I feel.

Until you face the very fabric of what it is that makes up these realities you can never make a difference . Are you gonna be the person , who thinks they save the planet because they recycle and go vegetarian , are you gonna be the man who feels better about himself because he gives to the poor . Or are you the man /woman that realizes that this is just moving around pieces in game , you have to begin to question the game ( specially considering that you are the one who enforces it )
I am Nathan Raaths and I have woken up to how ignorant I am , I am proud of the awareness . I am tired of moving objects around on a board game that is the problem in the first place . I am starting to make a difference by simply questioning the game itself . Copy and paste this if you are tired of ripples and you wanna make some waves , of course you could always just laugh at me , close this and go see what else popular culture has for you , Lady Gaga needs you .
Nathan Raaths



Soul Journey

I have an incredibly strong feeling inside of me. It’s the hardest feeling in the world to describe, and what’s even more confusing is that my instinct screams at me to attempt to share it with the world. So I pick up my pencil late one night and try.
It’s an intense emotion that makes you feel sad waves that bring fresh warm tears, strangely though, it is a happy feeling. Happy because it is such a pure emotion, it washes through my scarred soul, like the quicksilver of love slowly spreading through my veins. It gently begins to mend the cuts and scars that have been there longer than I care to remember. It feels like all emotions have been unreal until this one. It’s a feeling of a peaceful understanding, I feel like I have woken up in the middle of a very difficult dream. I suddenly see the infinite, perfect beauty of an artistic tapestry beyond our everyday scope!
I have woken up in the middle of the dream and all I can do is stand here on the proverbial sidewalk of my life’s road. Standing like a statue amongst the moving throngs of people pushing past me. People seem focused on the reality before them, living the dream to their fullest capacity, each writing their own script. I only hear whispers of their stories as they rush past, these soon fade into the background of everything as they dissolve into the fog.

And as I stand, the tears run, they wash down my dust stained face and slowly seep over my smiling lips. I rub my head with my hands, half-crying, half-laughing. It’s as though my heart has just begun to work and it is experiencing true love for the first time, the only emotion that exists in eternity and beyond our dreams.
The sheer enormity of the realization of perfection in action is so daunting, so beautiful, that I am scared to move. I am scared I will lose this clarity, lose my footing and be swept up in the crowd, soon forgetting the masterful overview of the picture.
I feel the tears dripping off my chin now as they fall to meet the Mother beneath my feet. I cry deeply yet happily as I truly let go for the first time!
I begin to realize how much hurt and pain lies deep within me, begging to be acknowledged, wanting to be let into the releasing light of awareness and recognition, and more importantly to transcend into acceptance. I realise how much pain I have carried from so many lifetimes, so many stories I have been part of.
As my life stands briefly on pause I awaken to a moment of sheer bliss. With it, comes the realization that this will eventually be something I look back on one day, beyond the mortal veil. Something I look back upon as the greatest experience of my endless existence. Like that summer of your youth that seems so perfect in hindsight. The friends and first loves, the pain and the lessons. That summer you catch yourself pining over, the summer you long to repeat again to experience those firsts one more time. “If only I knew then what I do now… “, you think to yourself, “I would have stopped and breathed, gratefully taking it all in.”


Before me the people, objects and places that surround me begin to arrange themselves, they all seem to be flying around madly with apparent formless chaos. No sooner had they begun then a pattern begun to appear, a pattern started to develop like jumbled pixels on a television screen. They slowly started to come into focus. I almost lean forward in anticipation as the image slowly unfolds before me. I realize I am looking at a mirror image of myself, exactly the same and yet so different. I see myself objectively for the first time, as I reach out and wipe away some of the tears off my double’s face. I smile through the deep beautiful pain (that I somehow now know is more sacred than gold, as it transforms into the butterfly within me.)
I realize how beautiful I am for the first time. Slowly the illusions of many mistaken and fear inducing man-made beliefs begin to melt off me like an ice formation seeing its first spring sun. All Judgement and perception of wrong and right, of good and bad slowly melt and fall off me like unwanted baggage. My heart thaws as I take my first breath as a free man, my partner nods approvingly as he steps towards me and dissolves onto me, oh sweet merge of mine! All I see before me now are a thousand different ways I have taught myself that all there is, is Love!
I feel like the innocent sensitive child I once was, even more filled with bewilderment as the story of love never seems to stop growing. I open my eyes and I can perceive no wrong in his actions or those around me. I now see only a magnificently written play, casting and starring you as the lead and co-starring thousands of people and a million moments that all exist to bring this one magnificent rapture into existence … the moment that my understanding of love breathes deeply, expanding and growing until it settles into its new perspective. The moment of growth is felt through the universe as it echoes through eternity.
As the last of the hard judgemental and opinionated ice thaws and slides off my tear stained face, crashing towards Mother as an offering for recycling in her next great set design, I begin to laugh as I suddenly realize that my darkest hours where my finest moments.
Every thought and event that I ever wanted to sweep under the carpet, judge and categorise, seem so damn perfect in hindsight, they were the true twist in the perfect plot that would lead me back to the only truth that can ever be found, that the only permanent reality is Love … “Surely an Oscar winning performance?”, I playfully gesture to the heavens in question.
The sheer perfection of how I had written the script on Mother’s stage dawned on me further. How I had slowly pushed myself to my own personal birth of truth, of understanding a new purity of Love.
How far down the rabbit hole could we go? I wondered how many magnificent times and places I had delved into to reach and explore the endless sea of Source Love that embraced me now. No sooner had I asked the question, through an explosion of consciousness, I became aware of every part of myself, spread across space and time. All aspects of myself stopped and acknowledged each other in a single moment, the only moment there is, the eternal now. The moment was brief, but lasted for ever. We sealed it with a knowing smile before our unity begun to slip away from us and we found ourselves with our limited perspectives once more (somehow less lonely though).
I once again experienced myself as separate to other things, but I kept the secret smiling deep in my ancient heart.

I realize that we create a physical reality out of the endless sea of consciousness that is us, a reality where we can perceive a start and a finish and perceive duality… the perfect growing environment to cultivate experiential growth. There is no time or space in the divine quantum matrix. In those moments we realise we always end where we started, we just know this place better each time.
Our higher selves never went anywhere at all. We were always just love in the endless stream of consciousness trying to perceive itself through new eyes. We are assimilations of our own experiences. Many heads on one self-actualising yet perfect creature observing itself from countless angles. Slowly weaving yet another thread of perfection, a new shade of Love, into the ultimate tapestry of the Divine matrix.
Who knew where I would pop up next? After this place who knows what magnificent seeds of Love we will sow, grow and reap!


My name is Nathan Raaths. I have walked among giants and cowered with thieves. I have swam through darkness and addiction, I have battled great foes, outwards and within. I have climbed mountains soaring with elation and I to have survived nights so dark my own soul’s flame flickered threatening to go out. I have been the knight in shining armour and a dark villain to match. I have fulfilled my roles as the victim, the saviour and even the perpetrator. I have played my role in your script as have you in mine. I have loved and been loved, lost and been lost!  I have screamed and cried, I have suffered; I have laughed, lived and risen again.
I have stood on each square of this mighty board, experienced the enormity of what we are from every angle, and stand now silently understanding how it all equates to a perfect formula of unconditional Love.
I am Nathan Raaths (this part of me anyway) and every perfect moment, decision and event has brought me to this place. I only perceive past because I am trying to understand what it is that makes me exactly who I am, I only perceive future because I want to be anything other than what I already am.
In the Highest reality
I Simply Am
I Am

My slow journey to personal truth and self-realisation is so incredibly unique it can be shared by no other. Just as it is, with yours. There is no value in us walking the same realization path of understanding. We must forge many paths through the endless jungles of our own cosmic minds.
I recognise I am on my knees now filled with gratitude for this realisation!
It’s then that I caught my first glimpse of you, seated beneath the tree in the park trying to get the needle into your shaking arm. You were beautiful and perfect beyond words. My soul bowed down to you saluting your process. Not for a second did I think I needed to share my truth, although I am sure I would help you find your own along the way. I had no doubt you had your own magnificent script in action … as your eyes glazed over and the saliva escaped your gaping mouth I stood in awe of you.
I am honoured to watch you become self-realized, I have no opinion of the path you have chosen, and the destruction you need to go through to get there.
I will watch you reach your perfect moment my friend, and I could not possibly be so stupid as to judge how it is you decide to teach yourself about a deeper love, I salute your mastery. Until then my arms are open and my heart gaping wide with perfect acceptance.
I am bursting to explore the infinite types of Love in existence as each new discovery becomes part of the true me. And so it was that I was able to wait no more, I sat down to mastermind my new script, and so it began…
“I knew I was done with this realm. I remember vaguely feeling my body collapsing beneath me.

The child was born on a cold wet day watched only by a bemused ally cat. He came onto the red planet screaming and upset, shielded only from the cold by dumpster 249, a small  shiny blanket held up by his mother’s weary arms, and lastly by the few rays that broke through the dark sky from the three purple suns!
The mother looked gently down at him and began to cry when she saw an eternity of innocence escaping his eyes.”


Your Friend

Nathan Raaths