They Just Not That Into You!


This year I walk away when undervalued intimately … so simple. Romantically, in friendship or more. If you are even debating what I might be to you, long before your decision is made, I’m out the door and long lost to you!

Love thyself … that’s all. Don’t be a second choice to anyone anymore.

For the right person you are unequivocally the only one.

There is no doubt or question or sway … when we burn for someone no excuse can get in the way.

If they don’t seem to move heaven and earth, if you are not coming across as everything to them … I softly say, “Then you are not.” That role is played by some other being.

Even if you feel underplayed in your value, stuck in soul-esteem games and you so want to believe you’re their One… Trust me.

Fuck clever words, and the fancy sentence said to sway. You will know if you are the person that balances their entire galaxy.

If it’s you…

You are the Sun, the Moon and Stars to someone.

They will make it so clear, dark matter will glow.

You will be their milky way, no doubt nothing but stars reflecting in locked gazes, from billions of wishes coming our way in twinkling eyes and passionate displays … no stories to fluff or excuses to display. If it’s love, they will find a way. Fuck! They would move a mountain with a spoon if that’s where you hid that day.

There are no but’s or complaints amongst men that are burning to see their Supernova again.

Cosmic fusion does not involve stories like “maybe soon”.

It compels a man to reach for the very Moon.




Pleasure expressed completely free is gold, but the sanctity of heart that can be born of souls not hidden to one another in any way, is the deepest timeless essence. Groundwork upon which true, albeit allusive foundations, can be cast in rare endless purity. Containing the longevity we so deeply seek in love

Nathan Raaths


A Plague On Both Your Houses

I am equally haunted by my infinite seeming mistakes, as I am cosmically ignited by the seeds I have seen grown by my feet
I am haunted by every face I have teared… Particularly one
Yet I am gratefully driven by an equal madness, by the beauty that drips from my soul when I allow
Beast and God housed as brothers
Slowly as called, we will find peace somehow 
A plague on both your houses… Still led to the greatest love story somehow