Is It True ?

We often share things in the hope that they will change peoples minds. In truth humanity does not move consciously all that quickly, for the simple reason that we seldom actually change our minds about anything at all. People rarely have their beliefs defined by the things they see and read. They tend to first decide what they believe and then with ease they attract and find constant evidence to support their truth.There is a whole world of information and experience happening around us. Every truth as hard as it is for the linear mind to understand actually paradoxically exists. Side by side and simultaneously in cosmic intelligent harmony they stand. Two people believing completely different things about this world, can be standing side by side and both find evidence for what they believe, while both be completely correct.

How a bizarre a thought? We as beings live in such black and white perspectives. We see examples of this mostly in relationship based arguments or religious conflicts. The logical mind says it must be one or the other when complex issues are at hand. Lets say for instance you are not willing to accept this multidimensional possibility, it is easier to explain it in a more literal fashion.

If you decide to walk through your neighborhood tonight and look around, you might notice that as you walk you literally travel through heaven and hell. You could walk down a street filled with beautiful trees, exploding fragrances coming from the summer flowers. You hear children playing gleefully and freely in their garden. Sounds of absolute joy escaping like angelic bubbles slowly floating over the wall. Glimmering noise spheres rising to intoxicate the street with innocence. One might turn the corner and while walking through a darker part of your local park, see a worn out soul collapsed beneath a tree with a needle still protruding from his tired vein, stuck in his broken body. This might be the reality that beholds you only a few minutes later. The most incredible thing about earth is that all realities collapse and mingle, overlap and collide. From the most profound divine expressions of love and beauty to the deepest darkest disconnected actions and events. Reality is all things…

When I was 18 years old I wanted to buy a VW beetle, the excitement of driving out of my house in the passenger seat of my mothers car is so clear. I can still remember what is smelt like that day. I had seldom come across Beetles, but the few I had seen had helped me build the story that made me really love them. I wanted one. I wanted so much to be unique and special. The strangest thing happened, just that morning, starting a mere block away, I saw beetles everywhere. It is as tho suddenly the universe had placed them on each turn, taunting me. Deep in thought I wondered, had they always been there, and why had I never noticed them before?

I can not and nor do I want to tell you what to believe. I however suggest that true power lies in first deciding what kind of story with what kind of reality and deep truths you wish to entertain first. For in some magical cosmic way they all exist simultaneously.

Choose who you wish to dance with before you put out your hand. If you did not believe in universal intelligence before this, you are bound to after a few weeks. The penny will soon drop. The story that you have chosen to hold in your heart will be supported and proven a thousand times over in the days to come. Their is a beetle on every corner for the man who looks for it. The primordial om is singing it’s song… The galactic floor is filled with every character you can imagine, ready to play along.

Choose who you wish to dance with before you put out your hand…

Nathan Raaths