Its Effortless To Love You

For many years I walked around in a profound state of bliss. I could never quite explain to people what it was that I was feeling. Such is the nature of life, the last few years have since been really challenging. I have walked some seriously difficult experiences. I know many of you are no stranger to the “Dark Night of the Soul” … And its fair statement to say that amidst all of my desperate attempts to cope with one thing after another, I secretly started to wonder if the person that I knew myself to be was even in there. I actually began to question if I had been deluded. I now find myself this year, becoming more and more the person I always knew myself to be. Its sounds very clichéd but I can truly see and feel the amount that I have grown and shifted through the trials and tribulations that I faced.
I find myself back in that state that I lived in for so many years. Only this time I can actually pin point what I am experiencing. I am experiencing being in love. Absolutely head over heels in love. This love that I feel is not directed at any particular person. I am just in an ecstatic state of being in love. In love with myself, in love with all those around me, in love with our deep struggles. Regardless everything around me just seems filled with collateral beauty. Life truly is an epic, beautiful, savage bitch. One which I feel we take way too seriously. It feels good to be in love again. I can’t stop smiling. I am naughty and mischievous in thought, as I always was. And I experience the same gift that love brings to all of us. It just makes everything glow a little. I am madly in love, there is no doubt that this is what I am feeling. I don’t see why there has to be another person involved I think I found the one, and it’s me.
Playfulness aside, I thank the divine emanation within us all for the way our souls grow and unfurl unimaginable beauty through the trials and tribulations brought to us. Thank you for the suffering, I see more clearly each time. And more and more, all I see and feel is love The cracks truly are where the light enters. I feel like there is less and less of me left each time, yet I have become more and more of everything else. It is effortless to love you.

Nathan Raaths