Just too much women

I am too much women, with a light that is blinding and a dark that is deafening. I have spent a lifetime dulling my playful inner child all due to my passionate intensity. I have been experiencing my inner child’s playfulness and levels of expression of late, and it exhausts me to a point where I am starting to have an idea of the extreme levels of power I hold within.

This flaming fiery, fierce, passionate, mischievous goddess that has an innocence that wishes the world to join her in her song, to dance till the early morn. This little magical gypsy is not for the faint hearted. She ignites everything she touches with a lingering scent of mystery and fun with the next adventure in sight. She dances in the moonlight with this enchanting seductiveness.

This alluring nature calls most in to play until they get lost in her wake. Her blunt openness entices most to want to engage with her, trying to contain her and control her wild spirit, only to be left in the aftermath with her ash still present in the dense air, with only her scent to hold onto. She cannot be caged nor owned. Her soul is wild and free with the taste of spontaneous love and adventure on her lips.

Those who dare, a word of caution, feed her with appreciation and love. The moment she feels that she holds no value in your mind, heart and soul, she moves with haste in fear of having a piece of her innocence stolen. I am a wildfire soul here to change this world. Watch me burn my fucking name into everything I touch. My fire grows every day as i slowly fall in love with myself again.

Just too much women…

Stop being afraid to own your fire, we have all wasted too much time doubting and dulling ourselves down in fear of what “they” think. Come dance with me gypsies of the night.

I am free.. I am me..