From entry-level media servers running 2 displays to top of the range multiple synced hardware units with flexible options.

Illumin8’s media server range is the perfect fit for a wide number of applications, markets and areas of use:

museums, 3D projection mapping, architectural projection, sports arenas and venues, broadcast and TV studios, corporate experience centres, show rooms, trade show booths, houses of worship, planetariums, live events & touring artists, opera & theatres, casinos, visitor attractions, dark rides and more.

Our machines are custom built to each client’s specifications with the future in mind. Built with only the best industry tested hardware, software and redundancy in mind we strive to supply bespoke products at a competitive price.

Every server is handcrafted by our specialized technicians, underlying strict quality control and comprehensive system stability tests. Real-live test scenarios as well as synthetic long-term load tests are used to verify stability, performance, low latency and reliability of core components.

Software Options include and are not limited to: Resolume Arena & Avenue, Arkaos MediaMaster, Dataton Watchout, Avolites AI, Vmix