Most people tell me that time fades everything until its a vague memory . I have never understood time or the distance it creates in our hearts. I certainly don’t live in the past. Yet when I sit in silence and allow my memories to flood forth. I remember every friend I held close. I remember every kiss, every love. I remember my most painful moments with such clarity. The emotions are so real and authentic to me still. I carry every love in its original essence.
These impressions that certain people have recorded into my soul seem to transcend any erosion of time .
As tho it was just yesterday that those smiles, smells and connections filled my world.
I am certainly not haunted by my past. Yet I find my inner worlds often flooded with thoughts and images of people from decades ago .
I hold every connection I have made in a special vault . One that seems impervious to the ravages of time .
Its on quiet nights that I open it , and have a look around

Nathan Raaths


  • Carla says:

    Very true Nathan

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