Move beyond belief !


Move beyond belief!

All truths are true. They are all relevant at certain vibrations. No amount of coaxing or forcing can make another perceive a vibration that is too much of a jump for them in frequency. Just like people on different floors in a building, what they see outside, perhaps a single street or isolated traffic, compared with the entire city that really lies below.

However to feel that one truth is correct, or superior in anyway is misguided. The number 4 needs the number 2 to become number 6. So for the number 4, it could be said that 2 is the truth, and in essence exactly what it needs to become a greater variable. However we find that once 4 has become 6 the relevance of 2 falls away, and it finds itself in search of a truth with a wider spectrum.

To argue against 2 seems like a fruitless exercise. If you think for a second you will notice that you once held a similar view as you grew in understanding, even the greatest quantum numbers are first built with small denominations of understanding. On  the opposing view, to run around trying to force 2 on others because of the redemption you found through it, is just as pointless. When you consider that all those you come across will be in different stages of awareness calculation, they themselves will extract and seek the perfect understandings and information that they require through the way their life unfolds.

We need to be more respectful of each individual’s unfolding truths.

Belief and truth are always based on a juxtaposition of viewpoints. In other words if you imagine yourself a chess piece on a board… belief is always your perception based on your angle and correlation to the other pieces (the issue) in question. Regardless of how evolved you feel your perspective may be, it is still one that is anchored on the board, and therefore keeps you locked in the 3D mind. The highest truth is not a perspective, it is not a single square on the board. The highest truth is the entire board. The 5D mind operates above perspective. It holds the view of all juxtapositions simultaneously. It can see every single issue from every single angle simultaneously.  Can you see my friends how when you ascend in consciousness, when you begin to perceive the incredible fabric that runs between all things? You are starting to perceive the board as a whole. You are starting to move into 5D thinking. Then we can also understand how a strong belief or judgement, no matter the nature of it, brings our awareness from the aerial view of the eternal observer watching over the board crashing down. It brings our awareness back to a single point of view or perspective on the board. Essentially this is the best way I can explain how it is that our views, beliefs and opinions keep us trapped in our earth mind.

When asked what I believe I always answer, “Everything”.

The highest level of awareness, is pure observation… without labels or opinions. All are dancing in an incredible web, all beings pushing towards their own perfectly scripted path to self-realisation. The greatest stories of awakening involve some epic detours into the lands of the dark and lost. It could be no other way. It makes the opening of the heart and eyes  oh so much sweeter after an eon in the searching desert.

Some of my darkest moments where the ones that pushed me to the clarity and understandings that I am slowly nurturing today. I wouldn’t remove a single event, decision or any belief that I once held. Each one was perfect in my development. I have learnt to love and accept the path I chose. And I vow to never cast a single opinion over another beings process and belief-step system. I honor every choice they make, no matter how epic their detour.

To experience what we are not, is how we essentially learn to understand what we are.

Truth and belief are an ever evolving personal construct. Any perception you currently hold will completely transform in the future. Do you hold the same beliefs now as you did ten years ago, or has it evolved in some way?  If so why argue about the reality of a temporary state of impermanence? Why defend a temporary juxtaposition on perception, when you will soon change position anyway?

Belief and understanding are constructs of the 3D mind. Beings trying to explain infinity from within the organism. Knowledge and understanding can only bring you to the cliff of eternity. When you are ready you can leap into knowing without understanding. There is no language or labels for the realities of the higher mind.

Be gentle in your opinions of the way that others perceive the world and its variations on truth. They are all valid. No number can be removed from the spectrum. The proverbial stairs slowly raise us to a higher frequency and spectrum of truth. If we can suspend judgements, freeing ourselves of the bonds of right and wrong, we will soon see a magnificent overview of the perfect metropolis below us.

Pushing and pulling in a perfect dance.

Whispering us towards awakenings.

Bringing each newly required number to our door daily. 

Nathan Raaths