No I dont want to save your Kitten ….. or Pit bull thank you !!!

No! I don’t want to save your kitten… or your pitbull. Thank you.

This is why …

I wonder when people go on about animal cruelty, are they talking about all animals, or just ones they can keep as pets.

I can think of a few species that really need us right now.
The ones that are bred by the billions in the most disgusting appalling conditions you could ever imagine. The ones that live a terrified steroid filled industrialized life… in order to have their throats slit to make it to McDonald’s in time for our happy meal!

Entire species labelled as a slave race to such a point that we are absolutely blind to ANYTHING that is being done to cheapen and speed up this ‘bloody’ industry.
The screams and pain, the football fields of unhealthy tortured beings easily kept from human conscience by simple illusions of happy farm animals. A sense of unquestionable entitlement over the species that as far as we concerned exist for this reason and have no other use.

The industrialization of billions of Earthlings a year, without question, is the greatest shame in human history!

There is a reason why they keep the slaughterhouse images away from us, there is a reason why they put pictures of pretty happy farms on labels. We have always been kept from the truth that we don’t want anyway, as it would create an epic inconvenience. So we let them scream or suffer in silence no matter how bad it has become… after all our ancestors ate animals, why can’t we keep taking it up to the next notch in the spirit of efficiency. It’s just bacon!!!

Every species of animals has consciousness. From cows and pigs, to chickens and sheep. This is quite literally hell and we are the devils. They are trapped in cycle more terrifying than you can ever envisage. Terrifyingly it shows no signs of letting up as their human brothers are not even close to their stage of evolution to question the fabric of their society.

If you even suggest that someone needs to step in, that things have become disgusting… people treat you like you have a hippie dis-ease.

People say that its personal preference, how on earth does one species enforcing its will upon another convey preference?!?

I challenge anyone to go and spend a day at the slaughterhouse. I dare you to go and stand with a line of cows waiting to go into the room where they can hear their brothers and sisters scream out in their last breaths. I dare you to sit on the wall and watch their eyes as they desperately look around. I have never seen a more disturbing thing in my life… and I have seen people pass away and many corpses.

I saw one animal crushed up against the wall, as his beyond petrified brethren where trying to crush back away from the door… the door that they all knew would bring them a horrible end to their shitty lives!

This cow looked into my eyes and absolutely begged me. I still see it at night. I saw more consciousness and awareness in those eyes that day than I have seen in many beings in this robotic culture we have built.

Never mind the miserable life he had led up to that second, the same life his ancestors had led… Thank God not as bad as it will be for those that come after him.

I watched in terror as it was eventually his turn. He was shocked and prodded to force him to enter the room. If I had a weapon on me I think I would have shut the whole plant down and gotten myself in more trouble than I could imagine.

Of course I would have been painted like a hippie lunatic in the news and those around me would have openly mocked me.

“How far will we allow this to go?”, my broken heart asked me. We already breed chickens so fast in such disgusting conditions that they don’t even develop eyesight anymore. It’s getting worse by the day. This financially driven society is always looking for the next shortcut. No questions asked!

The best part is that so many people are going to be upset by this picture and this post. As though I am completely overstepping the line to suggest that we have become selectively evil in the deepest sense.

If I were to post a picture of a pit bull completely covered in blood, people would be shocked and they would be outraged and want to help.

Why? Because we have decided we have a connection to this species. We are so childish that if we can’t pat them and hug them and understand them… we condemn them. We are so brainwashed, reinforced by one of the biggest industries in the world… Meat. The marketing behind meat. Always keeping the happy farm image in our minds while the savagery behind the continuing development is incomprehensible.

I do think that humans beings are slaves themselves, and their suffering grows each day as well. I feel in my deepest heart that no God or Source of light and love will ever step in or help us as a species for one simple reason: If we can’t love and respect those that are in our care, if we can’t look after those under us, why should we be treated in any other way?

As above so below.

Those beings that are more advanced than us are allowed to have the same reign on us as we have on cattle. We are, through “instant karma”, paying for our actions without even realizing that the more we enslave these poor creatures the more trapped we become.

So I guess when it comes to where my thoughts are I do not want to save your pitbull or your kitten. The reason is I think there are at least an army of people fighting for them.

I love every single animal. I see the range of awareness and emotions that every single one has. I love pitbulls and I love kittens, I would never harm either of them.

Yet it is the calf and the piglet that keep me awake at night.

For it is them that showed me with a few desperate glances… what I really am!

I guess most of us are not willing to see truths that cause great inconveniences. It’s easier to sit and discuss animal cruelty over your eggs and bacon. After all, your pet is under the table and you saved him from the vet.

It’s easier to see ourselves that way. I know, I always have.

Now I sit wondering If I want to be human at all, at least not in the traditional sense. Perhaps it’s time that a whole new subspecies of humans begin to evolve. Those that can actually question the fabric of the truths handed down to them.

With a glint in my eye and a gentle smile I say… I have begun to meet them. They are already here!



  • Diana says:

    Nathan! Your sentiments are mine, exactly!

    I feel so much for animals, yet as a species we just don’t care. Mother’s have not taught generations of children to care for their bird and animal brother and sisters….bad adrenalin is being eaten each meal that animal flesh is consumed. No wonder humans are so freakishly fked up!

    Our fear originates in the hormones of animals we unconsciously consume. We live in ignorant un-bliss!

    Many nations have no animal ethic. All animals and birds are seen as food. We will be and already are seen as food for races that have no conscience of caring…. the more fear energy we consume, the more delicious we will taste to the extra-terrestrial races that live off human flesh and energy.

    The key is to vibrate at a higher frequency. To do this we have to detach from all fear energy. Eating fodder-farm animals lowers frequency and this set backs spiritual progression.

    Indiana. 19th Dec 2014.

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