Not for fearfull minds !!!

I Just wish you would all let go of your programmed Truths, Your beliefs enslave you. You only believe what you do because of your upbringing and your environment. Just let go of dying truths and doctrines, the doctrines of the quiet past will never suffice in the stormy present. Open you mind and soul and follow the only truth and destiny that matters, yourself and your inner path.

We look back and laugh at some of the beliefs regarding witchcraft in the Middle Ages. We look back at the witch trials and the powerful superstitions that have ruled our path and we think we have evolved beyond that. As a society our General consciousness and awareness gradually grows. Naturally there have always been from great Prophets to great scientist who have been ahead of there curve. Many of them have tried hard to lead the people, the masses, from publishing papers, to sacred texts and doctrines. I have no doubt that many of these have been divinely guided. Perhaps the higher light as well as the person in question sincerely created what they do to help evolve the thought processes. In most cases I believe that the powerful doctrines and religions played there part. Written sometimes by those whose awareness’s were so expanded that they could see greater ways and laws to guide there people. I believe that without a doubt many of these great prophets and scribes were directly guided by higher sources of light and love.

Why is that we believe the past to contain greater truths than now? Why is it that we believe god only guided and spoke to us thousands of years ago and then left us in confusion to dissect his words? Why do people never become suspicious that every single person believes that they are in the correct religion and truth, despite thousands of others existing around them? Why is everyone else wrong? Why when you except one religion, doctrine or truth to you reject all others? Why is god not sending us truth guidance , even prophets right now ?

Every single thing regarding society as well as nature constantly evolves each day with innate beauty. Medicine and its growth understanding grows each day, throwing large shadows over the beliefs of the past, Technology doubles every three years. Everything grows, everything evolves, everything breathes and moves and endless sea of possibility, gods amazing plan in action constantly turning around stones in the riverbed of mans free will and choice.

Like the martial arts student clinging to his instructors words learning techniques and ideas form thousands and of years ago in the belief of its superiority, we have become separated from spiritual growth. Why does he believe that the moves and strikes form thousands of years ago cannot be improved upon despite been proven wrong in the every day sporting world every day.

Why do you believe the past to be superior and filled with more wisdom truth and God guidance? Why are your minds backwards, why do you perpetuate the greatest lie of all time?

Why is it that you are so blind that you will only believe in greater love and guidance if it comes from centuries of old? Where the message has become so tainted and twisted by time and human hands and feeble minds .As the selfishness and fear of human nature has gradually twisted the doctrine that originally healed and freed there people to a point were today it is the very superstitious mambo jumbo that enslaves us. It divides all races and all souls, it causes most of our wars, It fills souls daily with guilt about not been able to follow their version of gods “sacred word” and judgment! It keeps souls clinging so tightly to the bottom of the riverbed as their ancestors did, so afraid to let go and allow the current to uplift them and sweep them up around the bend to new lands and pastures. And even as the currents strength speeds up and strengthens we hold tighter still. Let go and become part of gods amazing plan in action that never froze thousands of years ago. This is the greatest lie of our Millennium, the greatest evil of modern times is the very belief you hang onto to avoid the darkness.

Hundreds of years from now as we look back on our history we will laugh at our Ancient beliefs. Believing that in our magnificent journey with the greatest being imaginable that we only live for seventy years and then were judged to sit in one place and state of mind eternally! (one of my favorite superstitions)
We will smile at believing we were gods only conscious creatures and plan despite not only our planet , or solar system but Galaxy been 0.000000000000000000000000

0000001 % of the space he created!We will laugh when we know him in our hearts that we ever believe he wanted us to conform under one set of laws like sheep in the darkness , None thinking , none expressing stagnant mud pooled souls of fear , Haunted by gods words passed down for thousands of dark blurred years!

We will laugh that we ever allowed anyone else to tell us what God says!!!!

We will laugh that we believed he dropped sacred words and texts in valleys and mountains once off, thousands of years ago and then left us in a spiritual dessert for thousands of years to return one day. And that they would never be updated or improved upon

Hundreds of years from now as we look back on our history we will laugh at our Ancient beliefs, rules and superstitions. Love and freedom of expression will be the only truth that will exist.

Connected and expressing god will be as unique to each soul as every painter’s passionate expression of what he sees and feels will be. We will dance upon god’s canvas as we paint our ultimate destinies. God will smile as he moves through us , not as a distant being that once spoke to us and watches separate and from afar , but as the sea of pure energy and light that we are made up of , Although all separate , all of one .The closer we get to his heart and the more we explore our own beautiful unique map he provides us , the more , that instead of been further divided , the more we will all integrate into a one minded higher purpose
And as we become a unique puzzle piece we are no longer separate but become part of the picture. Each time you close your eyes and talk to him or ask him a question. He will open his heart to you happy to have you home in his bosom once more, the lies of his divisions and judgments and apparent rules merely a shadow of our dark past.

One day we will laugh that we thought that the answers were anywhere but within, and that there was any more sacred time but now

And that you doubted that he went anywhere at all !

Just some thoughts

Nathan Raaths