One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen

One of my boxers once asked me a personal question after class. Something he had heard about me but was always to scared to ask .
I for some reason decided to tell him the story behind his question. I noticed near the end of the story that tears slowly welled up into his eyes and begun to express down this hardened athletes cheeks. He did not break eye contact me for a single moment and he just allowed the tears to gently find a path across his face and fall unencumbered to the earth .
He thanked me for sharing , shook my hand and walked away .

That was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Not once did he lift his hand to wipe away his tears in shame . He allowed his soul to openly express the pain he felt for what I shared.

I was walking through the mall today when I found my heart opening and I felt this great sadness escaping me. I realised that tears had begun to form.
I felt so sad I couldn’t hold it back, almost embarrassed to be there and suddenly I remembered my friend .
I allowed my heart to open and kept walking through the mall. I made no attempt to hide it. I just allowed the warm tears to flow quietly across my face. I walked past throngs of people wearing my pain .
I even smiled to a lady through my tears to assure her I was fine.
I was just feeling right now
And thats ok

Nathan Raaths