Our Inner Flames

Our souls can be can so inextricably linked with another, that a few mere meetings of connection and the experience of soul freedom can leave us craving that souls oxygen for decades.

Craving and longing to bring our fires back alive to once again rival the sun, in a world where we are taught to feel guilty to shine any brighter than a streetlamp, or where it is painted as madness to chase down your deepest souls desires and highest hearts joy.

As though your truest being could be anything but of that essence…

As if our very own souls pull would lead us in the wrong…

What is built between the heart and soul of two seemingly separate beings, knows no time.

It needs merely a few precious minutes of ecstatic bliss or joy with another, to construct a shrine, a sacred empire that will forever be held between those beings.

Beyond time and space.

Beyond reason and understanding .

Often this spontaneously erupted heart flame will stand like a towering jewel over an inner city that despite lifetimes of construction, not once ever seems to fall into the shadows.

Or ever lose its longing glow.

Nathan Raaths