Perceptions of a mad man:House music in moonlight

I stood glued to the spot, high on top of the building last night. The world moved around me in a weird deep house induced montage, raised high above the dark city beneath the open bright sky. I watched as a thousand stories unfolded before me. As the song rose to a crescendo, timed to perfection, all the smiles kicked in with the bass ~ God! And as we worshiped with movement, each aware of the other, we all knew one thing… it was time to smile and dance.

Each smiling, bobbing movement told a story, all of the stories flooding at me almost became too much for my heart. As I stood glued to the spot they unfolded, the smile of sheer desperation, the smile of true happiness, the smile of pure love and right beside me, a lady stood whose light had long gone out behind her eyes … when I smiled at her, she merely moved her lips round in an expression she had once known, trying to mimic the warm behavior of old. We both knew in that moment that her soul was slowly dying … her eyes reached out to me for a second, yet just as quickly she looked away. We both knew that I couldn’t help her; the reality she had chosen was her own. Her smile was now merely a flickering shadow hitting her cave wall.

Many realities dancing in the night, heaven and hell rubbing shoulders with one another. As I touched shoulders with these beautiful beings I connected to, so many stories, so much pain. Hopeless addictions running rampant amongst the damaged yet boundless hearts of men, jumping from back to back like a crazed monkey long off his leash, answering to none!

A strange moon began to rise; my friend leaned over to me and said, “It’s a blood moon brother, which means this is the end.” I playfully replied, “Or this is just the beginning…” A second wave of happiness hit the crowd, the preacher behind the decks spinning his web. Trying to catch everyone in this moment of joy, the web held strong and pulled me in yet again.

It’s as though high up above the city everyone tried to forget the war that went on for them below. Only one tall building loomed above us, and in a strange twist of irony the ABSA sign loomed over the dancing souls, corporate control was never far behind, almost mockingly allowing that moment of reprieve … ‘we will let you think you are free tonight’ the sign mockingly glowed and flickered.

I walked to the edge of the roof as the people pulsed up and down. Moving like a single amoebic organism glued with a thousand unique smiles. I looked down and saw the city unfolding beneath me, the city that had once been my hell and now was my heaven. How many of those streets I had walked, how many lessons and worlds they had held for me in the past!

Here high above the city the organism danced, soaking up a rare opportunity to feel as one. For some it was the only time they were not alone.

And yet, even though the moonlight saw this scene, it couldn’t help but think about those far below in the dark corners fighting the battles of their existence in the cesspools of night. With darkness all around the building rose up into the shady sky. With a new song the flame of the people grew brighter and as they danced the twelve-story candle grew stronger still. It would illuminate the city for just one night.

All knew that soon the metal carriages below would have to transport them back to their own street, back to their own reality, back to their own wars. Yet for this moment in time we were free. I moved out of my mind and back into my body. I rejoined the organism and began to dance … worshipping in the moonlight!

And I whispered to myself between steps, “This planet truly is the greatest game ever played!”

Nathan Raaths