Reality (message for a friend )

The mere awareness of the fact that there is multiple realities outplaying in any situation or moment ,frees us from our crippling need to be right all the time .It allows us to keep a loving place of non judgement as we watch all the processes and perfectly orchestrated lessons unfold for the beautiful individuals that surround us.

Many of what you perceive as your darkest moments are in actual fact your finest hours ,as it was with the wave of realization and understanding that birthed forth from what you perceive as a negative or dark experience that brought you to this moment…. this perfect moment . The person you are right now , is an amazing combination of events and experiences that all gently coax you towards that moment when you waken to self realization . And each and every journey is an absolute manifestation of perfection . And absolutely unique !

The lives of the people you see around you are each an entire universe and reality to their own , each slowly and uniquely working their own process of awakening .


Every single interaction you share with other beings involves an incredible collapse of realities into a single moment. Each person will always view a reality that most assumed is shared (but never is ) from a completely unique perspective.

When you look out into the world , honor and be kind in your thoughts and actions towards everything you see . It would be an absolutely fruitless exercise to ever try and judge or sum up another experiences from your point of view . Learn to honor the processes that they choose to go through in their perfect and very often difficult process of self realization. Just as you must learn to trust and honor your own process .

In an incredible journey where sometimes your darkest hour is your finest moment , and in a world where sometimes being totally lost is when we are about to be found . We realize that we can no longer measure our lives with our small measuring tape of our past doctrines . We have to take a deep breath and before you take your next step into the next approaching drama of your life . Whisper to the greater and higher aspects of yourself ” I will stop holding on so tight now . I will begin to trust the processes that you lead me to , if i look back I can see the perfection of all the moments leading me to become what I now am , why would my future be any different ?I walk with trust , that every moment , no matter how difficult will be exactly what I need to unfold my wings gradually towards ultimate awareness and perfect love.”
To all those whose realities overlap mine , to those that honor me by playing parts in my play , you have played your roles to perfection , I salute and honor you , no matter how negative your role seems to have been . Every great story needs protagonists and heroes. And all great actors play both at different times .

Thank you for being part of my journey. I stand in a crowed in awe of all the perfection i sense unfolding . Billions of moments of seeming chaos all around me . Gently pushing and prodding the masses to the moment of unconditional love . The wave will eventually wash us all away . And we will move on to other worlds excited to find new ways to grow and become self realized !

Until then I salute every single one of you , And i have no opinion or judgement on how you find your way . In my eyes you are perfection in action without exception

From seeming Chaos to perfect love
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