Ayahuasca Sacred Plant Ceremonies ( vision quests )


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Welcoming you on board this path that

you may be wishing on embarking with me.Looking forward to connecting

with you


Amongst other things, ayahuasca is about getting in touch with the

authentic aspects of ourselves in order to follow a path of truth, and

integrity. This brings balance and clarity into our beings, shedding

the unnecessary hooks that are holding us back in our life journey.


Start to think about what is going on for you in your life…what it

is youre looking to heal, and to change.Or what you need more clarity

with…be it on a physical, emotional, or spiritual level.By starting

to consider this, and giving attention to certain aspects, you bring


awareness to these parts of your life building up to the ceremony, and

in doing so, this generally becomes the main focus in the ceremony.


Generally the process that one undergoes in ceremony with the plant,

are processes that put you in alignment..the path to this is different

for every person…sometimes the road is beautiful, and profound.

Other times it can be quite difficult. Reason being is one may be

holding onto some difficult baggage, and in the process these

obstacles become evident, and sometimes it is very difficult to let

go. As long as you are going in with the intention of self

development, know that whatever you are shown is necessary to see, and

hopefully come to terms with in order to get closer to your own divine

essence. No matter what the ceremony brings up for you, remember that

the experience is there to help you, and ultimately will be

beneficial to your growth.






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