So you speak for God ?


So you speak for God?

If there is a Prime Creating force behind all of limitless creation, I somehow doubt it picks sides in our man-made dispute, belief systems and different religions.
If this cosmic unifying intelligence had to make a judgment or an opinion at all, an opinion perhaps on one of the wars playing out upon this speck of creations eternity, on the squabbles in this corner of an endless universe…

What side would be taken?

I am pretty sure it would be denouncing all sides. I am pretty sure that the cosmic fabric would express sadness. Sadness that we have tried to convince ourselves and others that some are superior or chosen in any way.
I feel there would be great sadness expressed that we each think our understanding of the universal love is superior in any way.
In an endless sea, ”God” has allowed us to express and understand him, in our own unique way. Our very own secret relationship, whisper and handshake with the almighty presence within ourselves.
I think this intelligence would express sadness that we try and force our own universal dance of perception on others.
Like sunflowers marching against fields of daisies, telling them how to be…?

Sadness at the fact that we think any belief gives us any sense of entitlement over others.
From the smallest species to entire races…
None of creation is any less relevant or any less of a miracle.

These are not God’s words as each group likes to protectively proclaim
They are man’s words. In all his fear, separations and control.
His limited interpretation of eternity.
The unquantifiable expression translated by the human mind

True messages from the Prime Creating force never get lost in translation. They are never hidden. They are in every kiss, every tear, and every smile.
The messages are always the same. No matter your upbringing, your skin color or your education.
For those who will listen, the highest truth can be heard and seen at every moment.
It’s the message of unconditional love.

Love in all its uncomplicated glory.
Oneness beyond all boundaries.

All interpretations that contradict it in any way are man-made lies.
It’s time to unplug from the eons old control system of belief itself.

Let them argue over the ancient deceptions and arrogant truths.
Let them bicker and twist scraps and scrolls fallen off ancient tables.
We are the “Bringers of the Dawn”.
Open your heart and allow the only universal truth to emanate from you.


Silence your judgments and opinions so that eternal truth may flood from your being.

Live your highest calling.
Live a life of absolute love.

While they split hairs we will unite worlds.
While they compare differences, we will glorify similarities.
While they quote texts and preach beliefs, we will silently, powerfully emanate love.

The same love at the core of every teaching they now claim to represent.

We are the ”Bringers of the Dawn”.

Truth is beyond interpretation.

We live in Love … with all that is.
A life that sees no sides.
Just as I imagine this Prime Creating God source would do.

Nathan Raaths


  • Allison says:

    Thank you for writing this. Beautiful.

  • Lauren-Lee says:

    Amen – thank you xx

  • Caroline says:

    Thank you xx

  • Nathan, you are a true champion! Your sense of freedom (or freedom of sense) is highly contagious! Much love brother man!

  • Ayesha says:

    Love this!

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