So Your Ex Is A Bitch Hey?

So your Ex is a bitch hey?
I can’t say that I can relate in any way to the tons of posts on Facebook that focus on belittling and ripping into our “Exes. ”
It’s amazing how many people jump on the bandwagon and the level of nastiness that gets expressed. I think we conveniently forget that at some stage of our lives these people were our best friends, our lovers and our confidants. And of course we are always just magically the ones that did nothing wrong.
I am blessed to say that I have no demonic “Exes.”
I just have a group of special ladies that I was able to share a part of my life with, and hence I learnt from them. I also accept that I wronged many of them in some way as I learned to grow and mature.
So… thank you to those wonderful people that joined your hearts to mine at some stage. Thank you for the lessons. You live in my memories now.
I recognize and salute you

Nathan Raaths