Sultry Rhythm

Whispers in the dead of night dancing in the wind, while gently swaying in the moonlights song. Creeping secrets of stories untold, a haunting tale to unfold ,while it drips through the cracks of our perfect mould. Dance with me in this midnight summers dream. If you listen closely, you can hear her scream. Shattering voices echo through my soul. Feeling empty, drifting away into the evening mist. I feel as though I’ve lost all control. This empty void of a lost song never sung, still sitting on the edge of my tongue. Dancing in the candlelight, spinning round and round to life’s twisted melody, chanting spells of solace sound. It is for you she sings her heart song, for it was you all along. Time was not kind, that fatal grip where she almost lost her mind. Lost in the sonorous moment. Back and forth we go, dancing to the endless paradox of this sultry rhythm. Relentlessly curious of what lies beneath it all in search of the cure to this insatiable unquenchable thirst for more.